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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • KnightWRX
    May 2, 04:26 PM
    Perhaps, though I suspect for some people, the MAS will be the only way they interact with apps on the Mac.

    Let's hope it doesn't give Apple any ideas. You know... lowest common denominator ideas... :(

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  • moobookpro
    Oct 23, 09:24 PM

    i'm trying to put all of this core 2 duo hype into perspective. there have been rumors about new pro's for the last 2 months. at this rate, no one will ever purchase a new mac notebook.

    prove to me how a core 2 duo chip will make my EVERYDAY computing that more productive compared to a core duo.

    I stand by my point that you will be only shaving seconds of waiting for your stuff to run. a real wank...

    if you are gonna wait - macworld 07 will be the big update.

    I'll grant you some slack on a lot of the points you've made, but I simply can't sit here and read your smug comments about people waiting for the C2D without pointing out at least one thing you are missing. Just exactly how do you expect your Core Duo MBP to support 64-bit instructions when Leopard comes out? Oh, that's right. It won't. You're severely misguided if you think that won't make a difference.

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  • iGav
    Feb 25, 07:51 AM
    looking at the very current and very genius Fiat Twin Air engines i have to say that very refined turbocharged small displacement/ few cylinder engines are actually the next step over the overly complicated hybrid systems

    The Twin Air is conceptually brilliant... but its real world numbers haven't anywhere near matched up to Fiat's official figures (68.9mpg official - 35.7mpg real world, neither of which are particularly brilliant to begin with) and there lies one of the problems with small capacity engines, in anything other than ideal test conditions (i.e. rolling road), it is extraordinarily difficult to even approach the officials figures in everyday conditions, because put simply, they have to be razzed.

    Like what you've said though, there's a compelling argument to be made that a diesel-electric hybrid (like VW's XL1 Concept), with energy recovery would probably be the best arrangement (particularly for an urban car), in this instance the diesel engine is isolated from the actually drivetrain (reducing NVH etc) and the electric motors counter the age old argument of petrol>diesel refinement.

    I do think that smaller capacity, fewer cylinder engines are the way to go, but only if the absolutely most important factor is addressed first, and that is one of weight, until then...

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  • Unspeaked
    Sep 1, 01:56 PM
    i don't think this rumor will come out to be true because this might take a lot of people from getting Mac Pro, unless this iMac comes out to be north of $2500, at which point nobody will buy this.

    Yeah, wouldn't that be terrible if Apple lost sales to - Apple!!!

    Come on, people who need a Mac Pro are going to buy a Mac Pro.

    People who need an iMac will buy an iMac.

    The small overlap between these users isn't enough to justify or kill off a product. It's still going to be a duo (not quad), lack PCI, lack the number of RAM slots, etc, etc.

    They're different markets.

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  • daneoni
    Mar 24, 01:08 PM
    Bye bye Nvidia. Twas interesting whilst it lasted.

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  • MagicBoy
    Feb 24, 06:49 PM
    The diesel is an Italian (VM Motori) design, and on paper the numbers are pretty good: 150hp and 240 ft-lbs from a 2L I4. It's a common rail direct injection motor, but not turbocharged.

    It's got to be turbocharged for that amount of power and torque. There hasn't been a common rail non-turbo diesel made that I'm aware of. The last non-Turbo cars I recall being sold over here were the venerable VAG SDI which was rough as anything but lasted forever, and the PSA XUD. Both disappeared from new cars about 5 years ago.

    Turbo Diesels are cleaner and more fuel efficient even with significantly more power.

    I'll be sticking with my TDI PD engined Skoda. Thumping performance, 65mpg on a run and none of the electronics and emissions kit to go wrong. Plus I can make soot on demand to annoy BMW drivers :D

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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 02:52 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    True dat ... This is going to be my first iMac ... I have never owned an apple computer before .. Bought my first iPhone last year
    ... iPhone 4 ... That was such a wonderful day ... Can't wait


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  • NorCalLights
    Nov 27, 11:09 PM
    I'll be shocked if it doesn't have an Apple remote IR receiver and an iSight. Seems pretty logical to me.

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  • Mac'nCheese
    Apr 10, 09:55 AM
    I had to learn how to drive a stick about a decade ago when we planned a trip to Ireland and found out that most, if not all, of the rental cars would be stick shifts. So, my first big stick shift experience was also on the other side of the road.

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  • SciFrog
    Feb 13, 04:14 PM
    Looks like there is a problem with 6.29 client (at least for mac) where if you get an a1 unit after an a3 one, something goes wrong.

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  • Nameci
    Feb 27, 07:04 PM
    now not to start a ppc vs intel flame war. but if it serves his purposes just fine why would he switch? for example my MDD works amazingly well and if it had a better graphics card it would be my main machine; why? because when you run software that is optimized for ppc (and most pro apps still are) they are blazing fast. as far as i can recall i could run fcp at a speed that rivaled my 13 mbp (before its gfx card died). anyway don't take this personally :P just pointing out a fact.

    (if this starts a flame war i will seriously smack myself XD :p)

    No offense taken anyway... I am more mature, I am not into Intel Mac stuff yet. Still find the challenge to keep this old machines working. And they worked fine with minimum upkeep.

    If ever apple will decide to switch to another processor I might find the interest to take on Intel Macs and collect... :D

    And it is not the only PPC machine that I have...

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  • Dave K
    Aug 27, 08:51 PM
    Could the deciding factor be the noise?

    Not arguing about whether a Conroe would fit in the iMacIntel case - but wondering whether the extra heat would result in extra noise from the cooling fans.

    The iMacIntel doesn't have to as fast as it possibly can, especially since the New Form-Factor Conroe Mini-Tower/Home-Theatre Mac® will be there for people who want a bit more power without the size and cost of the maxi-tower ProMacIntel.I know Maximum PC was playing around with the Core 2 Duo Extreme and, with an aftermarket heatsink + fan, were able to keep it at ~50 degrees C running at 100% U. on both cores. For fun, they unplugged the fan, made it recode an entire DVD to DivX and couldn't get it to a) go over 75 C, b) report a cut in processor speed, or c) shut off in protest.

    So, with a well designed cooling system, i suspect they shouldn't have any problem fitting that in a iMac and keeping it quiet.

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  • Lurchdubious
    Nov 25, 09:49 AM
    Ordered a 26" white Vizio LED LCD for the wifey from Target. $209 shipped!

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 31, 04:00 PM
    I just hope Apple doesn't make a habit of this "stealth" upgrade ********. I'm ready to buy now, but I'll wait a bit for an update. If I hear about people receiving core duos when core solo is written on the box, then I think my head will explode.

    Acording the story in the link I posted above, it's happened to at least one person so far. That may be what they're going for with the Mini's. Would they do the same thing with C2D and MBP's, MB's, etc.?

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  • vand0576
    Sep 1, 01:20 PM
    Dammit, I just spent $3200 on a MacBook Pro 3 months ago! Apple is going to drive me into the poor house if they don't stop making stuff I want to buy.

    Get some goddamned control man!

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  • vand0576
    Sep 1, 01:29 PM
    What is this chin on the iMac that everybody is talking about?

    You. Have. Never. Seen. An. iMac. Have you?

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 9, 11:19 PM
    Yes I can, it took me only a weekend to learn.

    Overall, it's far more enjoyable to drive stick as opposed to an auto.

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  • gugy
    Nov 15, 10:35 AM
    it's coming soon to a mac near you!

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  • bellman
    Apr 20, 06:02 AM
    So what are we looking at? 1-2 weeks?:cool:

    Nov 23, 05:49 PM
    Hmm. Do you know the total on all of the posts? :p

    What do you think of it? If it seems good, and if they release one for the iPT, then I might get one.

    ASK and you shall receive!!

    28,530 posts!! see original post!!

    Apr 21, 11:34 AM
    They are blowing it out of proportion.

    What about Google? Why don't they go after them for tracking every little thing you do with their services. If you want to talk about a company that violates & then documents our privacy go after Google.

    What about Apple? Why don't they go after them for tracking every little thing you do with their services. If you want to talk about a company that violates & then documents our privacy go after Apple.

    Don't be a fool.

    Oct 23, 09:32 AM who?

    Mar 24, 01:32 AM
    But Apple's market is shrinking.....
    Acer and Sony and Toshiba, etc, etc are all part of a larger market - The IBM one. Apple is the only player in the Apple league.

    Apple needs to get the mums and dads, the people who have never touched a mac or a computer.

    The Switch campaign failed because they focused on the wrong people. Just like in the early 80's - Steve and Co thought that IBM was the devil, but we all know who really was the devil.

    They need to focus on the every day person who cares about email, web surfing and word processing. A cheap machine would do the job.

    Sep 1, 12:17 PM
    Getting rid of the chin would require an external power supply like the ACDs unless you want a power supply sized blank space on the screen :pI don't have any problem with a power supply lurking out of sight on the floor. Why have one heating up the inside of the computer?

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