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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

windows 95 wallpaper

windows 95 wallpaper. Windows 95, Windows 98,
  • Windows 95, Windows 98,

  • MarcelV
    Sep 7, 02:19 AM
    Apple was offering 14.50 wholesale for the 14.99 movies and the studio's don't agree. That's more than they receive wholesale from Wal-Mart and Best Buy. Also, collectively it looks like they are not agreeing with those prices. Looks to me as price fixing. The studio's want to set the individual prices for movies to consumers, and to me it looks like they are forcing same prices on Amazon, MovieLink, CinemaNow and iTunes. That's dangerous waters for them......

    As for picture quality and HD, the market doesn't seem to be there at all. VOD on cable and satellite has become a huge market, and those aren't HD either. In addition DirecTV and DishNetwork use 'HD-Lite' (1080x1280 in stead of 1080x1920) on most if not all of their HD channels. And SD channels are heavily compressed in the digital line-up on both cable and satellite. Most consumers just don't care....

    And every single person asking for 1080p, you maybe out of touch with reality. Official HD standard does not even include 1080p. 720p and 1080i are the only official HD recognized resolutions within the broadcast standards. Broadcasters don't even distribute their signal that high!

    Would I love it in HD, of course :D Do I see it happen, nope.

    And an additional thought just occured. Currently FrontRow already allows you to watch trailers. What if you have the same interface but you can purchase the movies that way and it will add the purchased movie into Itunes for iPod sync. (Of course, you will be able to buy it dircetly thru iTunes if you like). It would be a very nice integration, with a high degree of simplicity.... Just a thought.

    windows 95 wallpaper. A Windows / A Landscape
  • A Windows / A Landscape

  • Zargot
    Aug 25, 09:00 AM
    Has Dell or any other PC manufacturer started shipping Merom notebooks or Conroe PC's?

    I haven't seen any Merom notebooks but the Conroe desktops have been shipping for a couple of weeks now.

    windows 95 wallpaper. NT 4 and Windows 95/98
  • NT 4 and Windows 95/98

  • Raska
    Mar 31, 08:03 AM
    3. Still buggy. For example - I just had to restart Safari to type in this field.

    It does feel very slick though, app launch times, the smoothness of the animations and scrolling all make the machine feel MUCH faster than it does in Snow Leopard.

    I've had that problem in both developer previews as well. At first I didn't mind it, but the more it happens the more annoying it gets.

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that really likes the look of the new ical

    I actually like it too.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Animated Desktop Wallpaper
  • Animated Desktop Wallpaper

  • twoodcc
    Mar 5, 11:23 PM
    Wirelessly posted (nokia e63: Mozilla/5.0 (SymbianOS/9.2; U; Series60/3.1 NokiaE63-1/100.21.110; Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 ) AppleWebKit/413 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/413)

    I've got it all running and installed, but it won't start computing! Really annoying Grr ill figure it out eventually.

    post what's going on. just make a new thread, so if anyone else encounters the same issue it may help them

    windows 95 wallpaper. Windows 95 ran poorly on
  • Windows 95 ran poorly on

  • treichert
    Apr 13, 04:05 AM
    I read about the new iCal before updating, and actually saved the old iCal from DP1 and copied it over after updating to DP2. It worked just fine, though it's interesting to note that the 'ugly' DP2 version was much smaller in size than the original DP1 version. DP1 iCal was over 40mb, while the new & ugly iCal was only around 13mb.

    Oh well, I still happily sacrificed the extra space for a more usable interface.

    How exactly was it more usable?

    The only thing that changed is the color, the layout is exactly the same.

    windows 95 wallpaper. for Windows 95/98 (Created
  • for Windows 95/98 (Created

  • JimmyB248
    Sep 6, 06:51 PM
    Can people please stop with the whole, I want 1080p resolution download files!

    It's insane, it would never ever work, Apple would sell far more movies at the current resolution than if they did HD. Sure, you guys would probably buy, if you had the patience to wait for 2 and a half days to download the film, and then be able to fit maybe 2 or 3 onto your hard drive, and that's it! Not going to happen. The majority of the world is not as obsessed with quality, they'll choose convenience. Nobody thinks "I fancy watching a film, maybe I'll go buy it off iTunes so I can watch it in 3 days time". The idea is convenience people, if it takes longer than 4 hours to download it will never fly.

    HD would be awesome, when the hard drives are big enough and the internet speeds are up to it. But that is a good 4 or 5 years off.

    My thoughts are, DVD quality, quite possibly 720p if we're very lucky and Apple have a form of compression that no one is expecting up their sleeves.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Windows 95/98
  • Windows 95/98

  • roland.g
    Apr 19, 11:10 AM
    Free upgrade to Lion when it releases?

    Doubt it. Not unless you are talking about the 14 day or announcement window. Probably along the lines of all machines purchased after WWDC Lion announcement and prior to release have option to get upgrade disc for $9.99 shipping. Unless at WWDC they say that Lion will be out in October.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Windows 95, Windows 98,
  • Windows 95, Windows 98,

  • Surely
    Jan 12, 10:09 AM
    I think that "Air" is a good name and it really could be the name, think of the iPhone, no one thought that would be the actual name, but it is was and is! So we shall see in a few days...

    And the reason its not "Lite" or "Light" is because they have been used a million times, and Apple thinks different :)

    Really? I guess they've never heard of Nike before then.

    People thought the iPhone would be called the iPhone for years.

    I think that they should go with 'MacBook Pump' instead. The Reebok Pumps were so cool. Pump it up!

    windows 95 wallpaper. Extract photos as wallpaper.
  • Extract photos as wallpaper.

  • mduser63
    Sep 1, 12:17 PM
    AppleInsider is also now reporting ( there will be a 23" iMac released.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Windows 95, Windows 98,
  • Windows 95, Windows 98,

  • Doraemon
    Mar 19, 07:59 AM
    In Australia (where Im from), the market is dead ! Most Apple Stores are large and if you ive in the Country - they don't exist. The rest of Asia is like that.

    Like you can expect to have a Mac store in the middle of nowhere. That's BS. It's not profitable to run a Mac store in the (Australian) desert.

    And have you ever been to China? You'll find lots of Apple stores there. And if you are in Japan, go to Akihabara, man and take a look around. There are like 14 Mac stores within three blocks.

    I am outside the US. And there are iPod ads where ever I go.

    And no, Apple is not dying. The markets where Apple is dominant will remain like that, since Apple is "attack[ing]" (to quote you) in the pro music and pro video markets. And in these markets Apple is making lots of money.

    windows 95 wallpaper. systems from Windows 95 to
  • systems from Windows 95 to

  • jsm4182
    Feb 27, 01:49 AM
    The rule is actually very simple as far as the LCD ones go:
    LCD <20" = Studio Display (15" and 17")
    Any LCD 20" or larger = Cinema Display (Watch the G4 Sawtooth intro on youtube, and you see the very first 22" DVI-D (Pre ADC) Cinema Display which was a BTO option on the 450 and 500Mhz PowerMac G4s in 1999. That was the first gen. The Aluminium ones are about the 4th I believe (22" DVI-D, 22" ADC, 20 and 23" ADC/Acryllic, then the 20" Aluminium ones).

    I thought all the plastic ones were called studio displays, didn't realize the bigger ones were called cinema. My mistake.

    I used to use them in College, the video lab had MDD PowerMac G4s, each with a 22 and 17.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Windows XP Pro blue wallpaper
  • Windows XP Pro blue wallpaper

  • albusseverus
    Jun 23, 08:25 AM
    Lay the iMac on it's back, and it all becomes clear. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to touch your computer screen. A wedge shaped iMac is the best of both worlds�touch screen for moving stuff around and an optional keyboard for bulk text entry and keyboard shortcut commands.

    Then the whole Apple line becomes different sized "tablets". 3.5", 10", 13", 15", 17", 22", 27", 30" Didn't Apple take control of the Tablet Mac trademark ( recently? Optional keyboard. The bigger the machine, the more full featured the Mac OS you get.

    I just hope the rumour is confused and we get a proper Touch Mac OS, not either or. I suppose you could stand it up and use a keyboard and mouse, but who'd bother if they have a nice 22" touch screen to work with?

    Problem is, Apple can't even manage to get Finder or iTunes to be full-Cocoa, so what are the chances they've figured out how to do a proper Touch Mac OS UI given their fascination with the 'new markets' of iPad and iPhone?
    (maybe this is why, don't waste effort on mouse OS X when a touch OS is so close � if only�)

    I'd dearly love to see Apple 'test the water' with a Touch iMac, but it had better be a well thought-out MacOS, not a printerless, fontless, filesystemless iOS botched job.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/

  • Waterboy4
    Apr 19, 01:05 PM
    The iMac update is likely to be a spec bump, Sandy Bridge, better Graphics, Thunderbolt. I plan to hang on to my current model for now.

    I am more excited about a potential Mac Mini Update, because I need one of those.

    +1 for the mac mini update. My G4 is getting long in the tooth (ancient by computer standards), but still chuggin' away. I want a MM and Lion upgrade.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Windows Vista 95 Wallpaper
  • Windows Vista 95 Wallpaper

  • JoshH
    Sep 6, 09:43 PM
    I'm in consensus with everyone else... the quality has to be there. 480p minimum, and even then, that can look questionable on a high res monitor.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Anyone using Windows 95/98
  • Anyone using Windows 95/98

  • Bonfire
    Apr 3, 03:16 AM
    Mine did too. Returned it to Apple, got a new one in 10 days. No bleeding.:D

    As does mine. Great device otherwise, but unfortunately it will be going back to the Apple store on monday.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Windows 95, Windows 98,
  • Windows 95, Windows 98,

  • adam1185
    Aug 7, 01:33 AM
    Here's the best "Hasta La Vista, Vista." picture so far from MacNN

    windows 95 wallpaper. Even with Windows 95 I could
  • Even with Windows 95 I could

  • twoodcc
    Aug 6, 08:41 PM
    wow, that's some bold statements by Apple. i'm sure that they'll back them up though

    windows 95 wallpaper. Even with Windows 95 I could
  • Even with Windows 95 I could

  • Music_Producer
    Sep 7, 12:54 AM
    I hope hope hope that iTMovieStore becomes a super success.... and I hope that Steve will force them into a $9.99-Only model and not that stupid $14.99 hierachy..... they'll have to "submit" after it becomes super successful. haha.

    now seriously, movies here in new york are a blasted $10.50-10.75!!! ridiculous. I remember like "2 weeks ago" when movies were at most 8.75, but then when Star Wars Episode 1 came out and then Episode II, AMC 25 in manhattan suddenly bumped their prices up.....each time. "Oh, cause Star Wars, we must raise prices".

    And, they've kept it ever since. Movies are making huge returns, and yet we have to pay a boat-load of money.. Soon it'll be $15. And you know what, Hollywood is going to pay and so will the theater chains. I hope the online model takes over at high quality. I can see it now, I'll pay $50 for a "rental" ...i won't mind........ when i have a 54" iTunes-DRM-signed code for mass-viewing (This is the future, i think) and i'll have 10 friends over.... it'll be Theater-replacement baby!! Like boxing on PPV.... pay $50 and have 10 friends over. I'd pay.... i am talking about current releases. And, when they are 3 months old... $9.99 to buy. THank you Apple. Now, Do it!

    no more distribution costs. no more manufacturing costs. lower prices. right? Not if Hollywood has their way with ridiculous $19.99 prices... HELLO!! Hello!! that's DVD prices.... for a packaged DVD......!! HELLO!!! McFly!!

    This is why I'm getting into Hollywood myself. I plan to be part of the revolution. Sure I like money just like any other schmoe. But, there is something wrong with everythign right now. Especially since all movies are crap these days.... formulaic and tired. And they want to keep raising the prices!

    Rant over:confused:

    Dude, stop ranting. Do you even work in the movie industry? God damn price of milk is going up too.. why don't you rant about that as well? I hate it when people complain about rising prices.. sheesh.. do you know that the cost of producing a movie or a music album has gone up?

    If I don't like the price of a DVD, I don't buy it. If its a movie I really, really like.. then sure, I find the $19 price tag more than acceptable, because I know I will be watching the movie a couple of times. Nobody's asking you to buy a DVD of every single movie that comes out.

    windows 95 wallpaper. Even with Windows 95 I could
  • Even with Windows 95 I could

  • aswitcher
    Jan 12, 04:39 AM
    Maybe its MacBook Heir...

    Sep 1, 12:43 PM
    i don't think this rumor will come out to be true because this might take a lot of people from getting Mac Pro, unless this iMac comes out to be north of $2500, at which point nobody will buy this.

    I don't think an iMac with a larger Display is a competition for a Mac Pro. The biggest advantages of the Mac Pro are the expandability and the CPUs, which both put it into a completely different class than any iMac.

    Jan 5, 09:58 AM
    I saw the January 5, 2007 multipage flyer ad for Fry's Electronics and noticed that there are no ads for any Apple iPod model. This is VERY strange considering that previous Friday multipage flyer ads prominently include iPod models.

    Makes you wonder is Apple going to do a "mid-cycle" refresh of the 5.5G iPod and 2G iPod nano, along with introducing the new "true" video iPod.

    Oct 16, 02:18 PM
    well guys, i might be cutting back even more for right now. heat is becoming an issue. i made a thread about it here ( at my current rate, i think i'll have the air on in my apartment in the dead of winter!

    I know what you mean, my small house keeps toasty just from the computers running. The problem is getting the heat moved from the computer room... thus a box fan in the door pushing in cool air at the bottom.

    Mar 24, 03:39 PM
    Can anyone explain the nVidia hate?

    Because they suck, and have put up subpar product offerings. Also, those products need a NUCLEAR REACTOR to power and burn houses quicker than gas does.

    Nov 28, 01:40 PM
    Just got back from Mexico and during my time there had a run in with the local police. This is common as hire cars have different colour number plates so the police can easily pick you out of a crowd. Apparently we were 'speeding'. It's all fun and games though. I got the fine down from about $400 US to 1000 pesos. We were warned this would happen when we arrived and should just look at it as an extra 'toll'. I could have probably got it down lower but it was hot and we had a long way to go still.

    At the end of the negotiation you get a form to sign with how much you paid and then you have to sign your name. The document is cleary made in something like Word and it's in no way official....I signed it Ben T Copper! :p

    Thats awesome.....They attempted to give me a ticket for doing about 100mph in a residential zone a few years ago...was actually doing it too.. When they tried to speak to me I pretended to not know english( handed him a PA license) I kept speaking to him in pig latin and pretending I didn't understand...meanwhile he was ready haul us off to the Klink...LOL He eventually got so pissed off he got in his cruiser and left. What I didn't know was they filed a complaint with the rental car agency and we where banned from renting from them again...oooohhhh whoptie do da:D:D:D The things a bottle of good tequila will make you do.

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