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Friday, July 1, 2011

Black And White Pokemon Game

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  • jimithing
    02-19 05:02 PM
    Hi folks. My wife is petitioning for my green card and we are kind of stuck on a few questions. Hope someone can help us with some or all of these queries we have.

    1. Part C q#10 - I arrived in the US in 2004 on an F1 visa. Now, I'm on H1B status. I don't believe I have ever been given an alien registration number. Am I wrong?
    2. Part C q#14 - Do I say I arrived as a student even though I am currently on H1-B? If so, I don't have that I-94 anymore. It was taken by the airline when I left to get my H1-B stamped. Also, I have travelled extensively for work ever since I started my job. Consequently, I have two I94's. This is because I recently renewed my passport and when I went to Canada for business, upon returning they gave me a new I-94 (the previous I-94 is still in my old passport). So, what do i say i arrived as? And which I-94 number should I provide? Also, the format of the I-94 number on the top of the card seems to be different from that on the application ie. xxx-xxxxxxxx???
    3. Part C q#19 and 20 - I don't really have any relatives in my home country anymore. Do I still have to give an address? Also, I can't write my name in my native language either. What do i do?
    4. Part C q#22 - The instructions for I-485 say that if I am filing concurrently then I should mail everything to their lockbox address in Chicago. So, do I enter Chicago, IL here? or my current city, state of residence?

    1. Part 3 - Non Immigrant visa number? I don't see this particular number anywhere on my H1-B visa. Can anyone help me locate this??

    Thank you in advance for your help.



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  • needhelp!
    09-12 02:52 PM

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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-01 07:15 PM
    We had some plans till december, then we ran out of members:p . There are only 2 members now.

    Count me in for, SoCal we have any plans to meet our congressmen or senators..

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-20 08:10 AM
    I previously reported on changes to the H2B visa ( This is a notice on the identification of foreign countries whose nationals are eligible to participate in the H-2A and the H-2B nonimmigrant worker programs. The notice becomes effective when it is published in the Federal Register on 1/18/11.

    Under Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may approve petitions for H-2A and H-2B nonimmigrant status only for nationals of countries that the Secretary of Homeland Security, with the concurrence of the Secretary of State, has designated by notice published in the Federal Register. That notice must be renewed each year. This notice announces that the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of State, is identifying 53 countries whose nationals are eligible to participate in the H-2A and H-2B programs for the coming year.

    Nationals from the following countries are eligible to participate in the H-2A and H-2B nonimmigrant worker programs:

    Costa Rica
    Dominican Republic
    El Salvador
    The Netherlands
    New Zealand
    Papua New Guinea
    Solomon Islands
    South Africa
    South Korea
    United Kingdom

    This notice does not affect the status of aliens who currently hold valid H-2A ( or H-2B nonimmigrant status.

    Read the Notice here Download file (

    More... (


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  • praneet
    08-19 10:12 PM
    Hi there,

    I am working for a small Indian consulting company with 60-70 employes. My H1b expires on Sep 30 2009 and initial extension for next 3 years was filed on a regular processing on May 13th and moved to premium processing on Jul 27th. I was working with an insurance client at the time it was filed and expedited thru premium processing. I also mentioned the client name and address at the time of filing extn.
    Now I got below RFE asking for a supervisor name from the client (they also mentioned client's name in RFE)
    1)The project name the beneficiary is assigned to
    2)Whether there is a vendor through whom the beneficiary's services are provided;
    3)The name of the vendor appilicable;
    4)Whether the end client or the vendor supervises the beneficiary;
    5)The name, title, contact information of the person who primarily supervises or will supervise the beneficiary at the worksite;
    6)Whether the worksite has the ability to assign the beneficiary to a different employer.

    The day I received RFE the contract between my company and end client came to surprise end(FATE!!).

    Here are my Questions:
    1) One of the major Indian software company is ready to give me offer and take me as their employee in US. Can I withdraw my petition thru my employer and ask Indian company to apply for a transfer before Sep 30th?

    2) what will be the success rate of transfer after withdrawal? and consequences in my future GC processing ?

    3) What if my employer withdraws petition and files new petition mentioning that I am working on in-house project. We have some work at in house too.

    4) My employer also looking for other clients and hopefully I will get one soon. a) In this case Can I withdraw the petition and apply a new one with a new client information? b) or Respond the current RFE with new client details and explnation. (I heard that USCIS don't entertain this.)

    5) what is the better option to get the extension approved out of above all? New suggestions also welcome

    Thanks in advance.

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  • deardar
    06-18 09:57 AM
    I asked the same question yesterday at POE Boston.
    He said I have to renew the AP before it expires. The Parole stamp is valid until an year from yesterday.


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  • satishku_2000
    05-27 05:02 PM
    Bumping up

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  • fatboysam
    02-12 08:33 PM
    Thanks for replying, i have some more questions related to this

    Lets say my current employer is A and next employer is B

    1. Do employers normally revoke I140 when employee leaves ?

    2. If my first PERM and I140 was under EB3 category, then can i switch to EB2 category with the next company ?

    3. Suppose i leave A and Join B, and after 2-3 months i join another company C, in this case will C be able to port my I140 from A ?


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  • chinna2003
    05-15 10:15 AM
    I realize the miscommunication on my part so I apologize to my previous post that i didnt understand the reply.
    I meant to ask if the primary applicant my spouse can take the extended leave on child care that is sanctioned by the employer .As a dependent I am aware that I can be without a job.
    EB3 PD is Feb 2005
    I 140 approved filed 02/2006
    I485 07/2007
    RFE for EVL April 2009 submitted

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  • gparr
    April 22nd, 2004, 10:35 PM
    i think you needed two light sources for this, one coming in from the left to lessen or remove the shadows. Some more DOF? Yes and No depends on what you're after. Flwoers of this colour are so hard to photo IMHO. Reds and flowers always give me grief. I like this rendition of the colour.. Were you happy?

    Yes, I'm happy with the shot in general. I don't like using flash, but didn't have a choice on this one. I was battling heavy clouds and a building wind. I think I'll go back and shoot it again if the blooms are still in decent shape and try a bit more DOF. I also wish I'd noticed that little leaf on the bottom left. I hate when you think you've studied the entire field of view and then miss one little thing.

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

    How to find previous h1b applications made by a company? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : How to find previous h1b applications made by a company?


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  • supu
    10-20 11:27 PM
    Can u just work part time in EAD without H1B.
    Can u please guide me as i plan to do MBA part time.
    I heard your salary leave should be very similar and job close to the one on H1b.
    If its different ( salary or profile) , USICS can reject the EAD application.
    Can u please guide me

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  • pvadduri
    01-25 11:17 AM
    I am one of the unfortunate few who could not cash in on the July/Aug 2007 opportunity to file I-485 due to my Law Firm's mistake. Here are the details of my case:

    - My labor was approved June 28 2007 (EB3, Traditional, Priority date March 2005)
    - I-140/I-485/EAD/AP were all filed concurrently on Aug 7, 2007 (before the Aug 17th deadline)
    - My Lawfirm missed the signature on the check for the I-140 application, resulting in everything being returned
    - By the time the package came back, signatures were corrected and sent back , it was well after Aug 17th.
    - CIS accepted the I-140 application but rejected my I-485/EAD/AP saying that there are no Visa numbers available since it was after Aug 17th.
    - My Lawfirm refiled with covering letter explaining the issue,using the Fedex receipts from the original Aug 7th filing etc..but the CIS has not accepted it.
    - My Employer tried a Congressional inquiry with the CIS explaining my specific case - but that came back with same response: No visa number avialability

    My Lawfirm and Employer are saying - Sorry - nothing else can be done now...
    I am the one suffering because of my Law firm's mistake. Is there anything else that I can do to come out of this distress?. I would very much appreciate any inputs from people who have knowledge of similar scenarios!


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  • ImmiUser
    11-26 07:25 PM
    Please call USCIS or better yet, take an infopass appointment.

    I can not take infopass appointment as I don't have receipt number. Alos, I called up USCIS and they informed me that it is taking longer time for entry and so far they don't see my EAD and AP entries in their system. Although they have received I-485 which was sent along EAD/AP. I just wondering if anyone come across similar sitaution, also does it make sense to file EAD/AP again without any further waiting ?

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  • supers789
    06-26 05:31 PM
    question about i-20. do u need to submit only 1 i-20 that you received when entered the school or u need to submit the travel i-20 u get whenever u travel outside usa while on f1 visa?


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  • uma001
    04-22 10:08 AM
    1 . Where is the donor forum? I could not find it
    Donor Forum is visible only to the donors in the forum page.
    2. I am a donor (two times). But I do not have access to it.
    Donor forum access is provided to verified current donors only. Past donors cannot subscribe to this forum - it does not work like yearly/lifetime membership. To have continuous access to the donor forum, you will have to be a recurring donor.
    However, if you have donated recently and cannot access donor forum, please contact me and I will be glad to help. Thanks.

    So IV do not provide the important news to the members who are not donors. That is unfair. Even though I have not filed my green card I have donated some amount in the past.

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  • dealsnet
    08-05 12:50 PM
    Why you take lawyer's help for this simple thing. ?
    Almost everybody renewed EAD/AP by themselves.
    EAD/AP filings must go to your I-485 processing center.
    I think, if the lawyer send to wrong center, it will redirect to the correct center, there will be a time delay for this.

    My lawyer sent my wife EAD renewal papers to VSC.

    Our cases at at TSC presently. I asked him to sent it to TSC but he said since the original EAD / AP were approved by VSC the renewal has to also go to VSC.

    I am not sure what is going to happen. I have not seen my cheques cashed nor have received the package back?

    FedEx trackinh number says it was received at VSC on July 10.

    Can anybody shed some light whats going to happen next ?????


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  • waitin_toolong
    07-18 07:25 PM
    you are correct .

    You can file AOS for her mention both her current H4 status and also inxclude a copy of H1 notice just in case

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  • kate123
    08-22 04:59 PM

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  • Biking
    06-08 04:45 PM
    I am July filer got 485 RFE
    seems like my prev attorney made a mistake and answered yes to "Have you ever before applied for permanent resident status in the U.S"
    - well this is going to cost me

    My question(s)
    i changed job(and company) do i need to send AC21 along with RFE response.
    and also can i send my medical records along with RFE (medical records i submitted are incomplete and says chickenpox vaccination needed now i am vaccinated and got the records of it).
    if yes do i still need USCIS doctor to submit these medical records.

    First of all, how do you know that RFE is for that mistake?
    If you knew that your prev attorney made a mistake, you could have send a note to USCIS about this error at that time itself. Since you kept this quite, now you have to pay principal + interest.
    All the best.

    03-25 06:04 PM
    I will be going to Civil Surgeon Next week for my Medical Exam Report (I-693). I saw lots of people got RFE (Query) from USCIS for Incomplete I-693. most of the time i heard its a Surgeon Mistake - either missing chest X-Ray Report or missing signatures or not standard X Ray Report and so on.

    1. Could somebody Recommend me any Precautions which i need to take
    while visitng civil surgeon office to minimize mistakes.???
    2. Do i need Chest X-Ray Report from civil surgeon ??
    3. what else i need from civil surgeon ??

    P.S : Mine is a Family Based AOS

    Student with no hopes
    11-01 11:45 AM
    I heard that only applicants who are current are considered as backlogged - is this true?

    Applicants who are not current - which statistical group do they belong to?

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