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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

lucky tattoo

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  • belmontboy
    08-15 04:17 PM
    Welcome to our troubles Mr SRK.

    Nobody cared for hapless NRI's all these days.
    One fine day, Mr SRK gets the treatment, and suddenly everybody starts jumping.

    Nice to see every Brown skinned being treated the same way.

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  • crazydesi
    05-29 03:55 PM
    Meaning of

    When asked about the potential cutoff dates for EB3 India, China, and Mexico, Mr. Oppenheim said that it would depend on the demand for these categories over the rest of FY2009.

    May be that he is waiting for more people to jump from eb3 ship to eb2 ship.

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  • eb3_nepa
    10-23 12:08 PM

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  • mbartosik
    02-13 10:56 PM
    you cannot sue for incompetence, or the courts would be full!


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  • sunny1000
    12-13 05:06 PM
    Good point. But point what we are discussing is whether the rules (per country based) made to process GC can be challenged in US Courts within its constitutional limits? If tomorrow US decides to shut down EB/FB we do not have problem. Certainly it has that right. But when US wishes to have those immigrants than do we (applicants - non -immigrants) have a right to challenge particular rule (here per country based limit) in Court?

    The U.S government absolutely has that discretion to make any rule/law under the Foreign Policy doctrine which no Court will interfere. The analogy for this would be the rule - wet/dry policy - they follow with the Cuban immigrants who get a GC just based on landing on the U.S soil. Nobody can challenge that rule (which favors only migrants from Cuba - when Mexicans do the same, it is considered illegal) but, a cuban immigrant can challenge what constitutes U.S soil which the courts can decide.

    In short, you cannot challenge the law itself but, can challenge how the law is interpreted.

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  • snram4
    01-15 08:40 PM
    USA was like that for past 100 years. Many times Protectionist bills were passed and many times they were relaxed in past. There will be impacts but it will not bring down the country just because they block a few thousand H1bs. If USA needs to go down there should be some other alternative country should come up relative to that level. India and china have a potential but nowhere near to that for now as they so much dependent on USA and dollar.

    Then USA become USSR and go down the toilet....


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  • old_hat
    05-03 01:33 AM
    wow so many people here have intolerance for a differing opinion/view point. very petty name calling on forum or as ratings on posts. people are not open to facts or difference of opinions. and whoever is posting fu's to my posts you are basically wasting your energy. i am not going to get riled on an internet forum discussion and i would suggest you do the same. take a chill pill.

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  • Marphad
    03-27 02:17 PM
    I cannot think of any one good leader left in india. not one who can rise above self-interest and narrow mentality. Can you imagine any one of the so called leaders that was mentioned in this list leading the nation, and not be a laughing stock? remember deva gowda at davos...made a mockery of India there. Mayawati/modi, etc. what kind of leadership qualities (international affairs/finance/etc) do they have? the only kind of experience they have is gundaism, and creating conflicts with caste, culture and religion.
    I wish most of the current class of leaders were erased, and a new class of leaders were brought in. Sadly that'll never happen with the kind of democratic setup we have. in the name of representation, we are debarring intellects, and people with broad vision from joining politics.

    Why do you forget Mulayam Singh? He has a great quality of pampering muslims and giving tickets to Gundas. He scored #1 in that.


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  • sumagiri
    07-23 02:23 PM
    I did some analysis on numbers used at thread
    (post 1 and 60)

    Used visa number is 120-130K (until July end including CP allocation for the year). If we assume there are 171k visa for this year (vldrao analysis) we are close to 40K visa pending.

    Again no one has enough data to predict accurately the numbers, but it should be between 15-45K for Aug/Sept. Since EB1 and EB2-ROW was current most of the time, i would guess a large portion of this number should rollover to EB2 India/China.

    There is an excellent analysis. Great job !. However , there is a little contradiction in the analysis. There are 171,000 visas (as said in the post) because there is a spill over from FB to EB. This spill over should also go to EB3. In that case EB3 should open up for its 28.6% share. If that happens, again there will be lot of recalculations. Got my point !.

    Any way, one thing that we all agree is that EB2 got excellent share this year and has very good chance to become current soon. Being in EB2, that is a good for you & me.

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  • gc_on_demand
    05-28 11:19 PM
    Titanic has already hit the ice berg.. Lets see how far we can survive in given economy.

    Didn't Nixtor ( From IV Core ) posted same or simmilar comment from Visa officer ( Again AC21 ) on Domor's Forum.

    Only hope if any little ... is VISA RECAPTURE.


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  • nozerd
    05-11 09:12 AM
    I just got back from Canada yesterday. I am a PR holder landed in 2005. I had gone for my 8-11 yrs H1 stamping. Needless to say this trip I was very vigilant and observant about Toronto. Here are some thoughts.

    1) When you enter Canada they will ask you to fill a customs/immigration form. On the form one question that is asked is " When were you last in Canada" also the form asks for your "current permanant address". So in my case I was last in Canada in May 2005 and I entered last week it aroused suspision. The officer asked me if I was within 2 to 5 yr room. I told him I was and I was using this trip to plan for our move. So after some questioning he let me in. I guess if that date was March 2007 instead of 2005 he may not have questioned me as much.

    2) As far as lifestyle and products there is no products not available there. Every food item and consumer good is available in Canada. The grocery stores and their shelves look the same. Since the population is low most iotems are made in US and imported. Only way to know its a Canadian market is because by law all products need to be marked in English and French.

    3) Malls etc are the same as US. Eaton Center or Vaughn Mills is no different then The Galleria or Katy Mills in Houston.

    4) Housing is what you pay for it. It is definitely more expensive than Texas and Southern US but cheaper than California or NY. Rents are cheaper in run down areas and expensive in good areas ( duh !). In a major commercial area in a middle class building I was quoted $ 1000 for a bachelor and $ 1,200 for a 1 bedroom apt but this was all bills paid.

    5) Jobs are fewer than US. Best thing to do is take a transfer with your company if they have offices there ( I know of 4 ppl who have done that). Basically if you have a US, Canadian or UK education you will be fine but iof your education is purely from India you may have a tougher time. A good option is to find a job in a border city and commute daily ( Windsor/Detroit or Foret Erie/Buffalo). I think this is a very good option if you can get a job in Detroit or Buffalo.

    6) Taxes are high. I was told by many that whatever taxes you pay in US double them. Sales tax is 15% in ON where it is 8% in TX. Income tax is also higher. Higher taxes are a fact of life in Canada (no ifs ands or buts). In return you have a country where there is no fiscal or budgetary deficit and a very well funded social security system ( unlike US). You also have benefits like 9 months paid maternity leave, a pmt every month for every child you have and medical benefits.

    7) Awesome public transport system. Gas is $ 1.04 or so a litrer when I was there. Insurance is expensivbe but not topo bad if you have a US license and good solid 5 yr US driving record. However its ridiculously high for non US or European immigrants.

    So bottom line Canada is not US and comparing it to US is not fair. However its the closesnt to the US you will get in any other country. Its everyones personal decision and no one forces anyone to apply or mopve there. One could always takje a vacation/leave of absense and go try for a job there. Or else work in detroit/buffalo. Now detroit/buffalo is in US can you find job there ??????? or are they doomed too because of proximity to Canada:rolleyes:

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  • snathan
    03-30 04:03 PM
    Nathan, it is not about MMS, it is about congress. MMS is just a puppet as he was during Narasimha Rao's govt.

    Can you tell us with 100% surety that MMS will not get replaced by Rahul Gandhi after 2 years?

    Yes...only that puupet brought those changes and reforms. I dont have any issues for Mr. Advani, but please show me some track record as he was part of the ruling party for five years.


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  • logiclife
    02-12 01:17 PM
    I have seen this dog and pony show one too many times. Every year, people think that next year's quota of 140,000 will cause the dates for India and China to go forward in the October Bulletin. October will be the end of misery.

    Each year, in October bulletin, for India/China EB3, the dates are either stagnant or they go back to 1998 or 1999.

    The thing is, as long as there is this per-country quota rationing of green cards, ROW folks will keep moving to the HOV lane and each year, in Oct to Dec timeframe their dates will get current and they will get GCs.

    And each year, the dates for India and China will keep yo-yoing between 1998 and 2002, will never move forward, because if per-country limits are applied to 140,000 greencards, then there is very very little leftover that flows to India/China.

    So without an increase in Quota or without removal of per-country discrimination, nothing is going to happen either in Oct 2008 or Oct 2009 or Oct 2010. It will keep fluctuating between 1998 and 2002. That is the bracket for India and China.

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  • ita
    04-15 04:01 PM
    All those guys advocating war post Mumbai attacks,all those folks who thought most of the responsibility of the attacks was of the forces outside India, did you guys do what you can in talking to your folks asking them to go out vote and vote to the right candidate?

    A.P is going to vote tomorrow.

    As I was talking to some folks I found out this interesting information.

    Apparently some time back around koti area in Hyd local Hindu temple were erased under the pretext of road widening project without issuing advance notice.

    May be ..may be, if it is road widening then anything... be it temple or any other religious/non religious place have to erased but not may be without advance notice and not just religious places belonging to one particular religion.None of the other religious places were even touched though they happen to be in the area. Coincidence or not A.P CM is non Hindu.

    Aparently most of the LTTE forces were erased in Srilanka by Indian forces sent there on the orders of Defense Minister Antony.Looks like fate of Prabhakaran depends on what is beneficial tradeoff to some forces.

    These incidents alone may or may not matter much but forces behind these incidents which are very much internal elements of the country do matter for long term peace and prosperity of the country.

    Also NDTV (like it was said during the Kargil war) was reporting the location of the army on TV which helped the terrorists leading to the death of many Indian soldiers apparently did it again during Mumbai attacks.Burkha Dutt got Padmashri for her acts.You decide if you want to celebrate her victory.

    Watch out and analyse the news reported by:
    NDTV,CNN-IBN(belongs to Macaulian Indian Rajdeep SarDesai),Times Now,Hindustan Times,Indian Express(shekhar Gupta),Hindu.
    Don't know what is the truth but apparently it is popularly believed in India that Arab and church money flows into these media houses.

    Disclaimer:All the facts on this post are not my personal views but have been raised by politicians,journalists,officials which I found them on the internet while surfing.


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  • Abhinaym
    01-13 01:45 PM
    Just more ways to perpetuate their buereaucracy and make the lives of legal immigrants (and non-immigrants) tougher.

    Almost every rule these stupid agencies make is against small businesses.

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  • STAmisha
    10-04 04:51 PM
    thanks amisha..any idea about the identity card number is it the ssn number we have in US. i can fill in that number and make a copy and get it notarized.

    Are you talking about column 19 (Identity card no.) in IMM8-Application Form ?
    I put N/A. You dont need to put SSN or anything.



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  • tradahoo
    10-25 02:54 PM

    I want to know if it's permissible to pursue full time education immediately after getting an employer sponsored green card. And if not, how long should I work for the sponsored employer before getting to full time study?

    Thank you.

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  • CADude
    02-13 01:15 AM
    it's classic problem of supply demand and least resistance path.

    USCIS provides 3K/each category Visa# per country. What ever USCIS will do you can't fit 200K application in 9K/annum visa#.

    Last 3 years(since dec 2005) - EB3 India PD is beyond May 08 2001 only for three months and EB2 is enjoying the benefits of GC. Anyone noticed. NONE. So what happened, many EB3 choosen for convert to EB2 path. Now EB2 India is U so many guys degree with PhD, etc trying for EB1. It human nature and nothing wrong with it. Everyone wants GC ASAP.

    So bottomline, Demand is very high compare to Supply. unless USCIS get significant visa# nothing will change.

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  • longq
    02-19 05:32 PM
    What you are talking here is the Eb1-EA category.. and not the general EB1 category..

    The EB1 Category is primarily meant for inter company transfers. Most of the people who qualify to get GC under this category come to US through the inter company transfer route and are primarily on L1-A work visa. Folks under L1-A do not require a labor certification and directly file I-140 /485 unlike people who come on L1-b visa which is also inter company transfer and requires a person to file a labor certification in US and then file GC under Eb2 or Eb3 as the case may be.

    It�s surprising that Eb1 is current for India. Going by the facts.. the top 3 IT companies had shipped most of their project folks infact every other person to US under L1-A in the last few years when H1-b was under scrutiny for these companies. Most of these people who came under L1-A should have applied for GC under Eb1 which should have retrogressed the dates for EB1 also. The only logical reason for this that these companies are being very selective in doing GC now unlike in the past when a lot of people had got GC under this category.. and the date for EB1 for India had retrogressed in beginning of 2006..

    That apart the other reason why this category is current is that most of the staffing companies aka.. body shoppers cannot use this route to get people to US.. because they need to have full-fledged profitable operations overseas�. and the person being sponsored should have atleast worked for 365 days outside US for the company. The consulates do a complete check before giving an authorization under L1-A or L1-B category..

    EB1-Multinational executives also mostly abused catagory. Due to this, the demand for EB1 is very much higer than EB2. See the statisctics 2005, DOS issed 66000 EB1 in 2005 compare to 44000 EB2. If any one things multinational executives are MBA or highly skilled, it is completly wrong. EB1-Mexico is much much higher than EB2-Mexico. Top IT companies in India will not sponser any GC except one or two guys. Like L1 be a short cut for H1, EB1 is shortcut for EB3 & EB2 and to avoid LC. There may be restarunt managers got GC thro EB1. I know one guy got GC thro EB1-Multinational manager thro a small consulting firm having less employees in both India and USA.

    04-01 11:02 PM
    Are you 'high skilled'?
    Your logic suggests otherwise!

    There is no word as high-skilled in the law. We all are in the skilled category. High is probably added by the media. Maybe because most people are computer programmers and it seems tough to an average Joe.

    02-14 12:24 PM
    I understand the mood among fellow Indians , due to substantial dates movement for ROW but it dint move enough for India. Lets take the high road and stop bickering among ourselves and lets get back to the Action Item which needs to be done.

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