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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • vikki76
    04-04 02:58 AM
    Hello All,
    I created a Twitter handle for IV @ImigrationVoice to lock down on twitter handle. Hopefully, I can contact some core member, and they can own this account going forward.
    IV admins can then post relevant updates to twitter as well.

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  • kevinkris
    03-06 12:34 AM
    Hi All,

    My friend got laid off on Dec 19th 2008. And he got another job, but the new employer is not providing him Group Health Insurance. They are asking to take him Individual Family plan and saying they will reimburse. But the problem is, he is in Albany, NY and he got to know that they are no individual plans in NY which is really odd.

    He wants to use COBRA but it's really expensive 1200$ per month. But luckily we saw that there is a 65% discount for people who laid off between 1st Sept 2008 and Dec 31st 2008.
    But want to know whether H1b employees are eligible for this discount or only American Citizens and Green Card holders?

    Please find IRS article regarding the same.,,id=204505,00.html

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Brightsider
    05-06 03:08 PM
    With a one-year residency requirement in Georgia, with an H-1 visa, you should qualify for in-state tuition.
    It worked in our case, but that was a couple of years ago.
    In all the big ones like GA Tech, UGA and GSU, the admissions counsellors and the registrar's office are pretty clued into this issue.

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  • kondur_007
    03-09 06:38 PM
    You need to speak to a very good lawyer before doing this.

    As far as I know, While you are on US soil on H1B visa: you can not work for anything else (not even during after hours, on holidays etc) for any company (not even an Indian company).

    Doing so will violet H1B status.

    So yes, you can establish a company in India when you go there for vacation, become a CEO of it and work for it (while you are there), but can not work as a "CEO of indian company" while you are on US soil.

    This is technical law...just so you know.

    Good Luck.

    PS: I like your idea and I admire your dream.


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  • i4u
    04-23 03:30 PM
    You will need:
    Form 134 affidavit of support (no notorization required)
    employment letter
    pay stubs
    letter from the bank regarding present balance and avg balance in previous years
    bank statements for the past six months
    income tax documents
    invitation letter - why they are coming here
    identifications - relationships (your original birth certificate); photocopy of your passport and your legal status proof

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  • sk.aggarwal
    04-04 04:07 PM
    As far as I know, there is no grace period. USCIS may choose to ignore a reasonable gap or may approve without I-94. Dont worry about that for now. Talk to friends/family and others and just find someone to sponsor. But if you are not able to find someone to sponsor even after few weeks, you will have to leave US. Sorry mate and Best of Luck.. just be quick and you will fine


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  • Deepadandamudi
    01-28 10:21 PM
    Since 7 years I was working on EAD and now I am thinking to convert into H1B , since I am planning to get separated from spouse.(my GC process is dependent on my spouse).

    I was not on H1B before.

    Q1: Once I get my H1B, will my EAD gets revoked or can I maintain both H1B as well as EAD?
    Q2: If I get divorced, will by EAD status becomes invalid from the day1 after divorce?

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  • ss1026
    06-22 08:08 PM
    Two I140 in process with a difference of one years in the priority date (one original and one recently filled substitution with improved PD). Which I-140 should be used for I485. IF PD goes back to retrogration, the substitution would help with a risk of getting reject as well. The original I140 has less risk but if PD goes in retrogration, it might get years to get I-485 approve. Suggestions?

    I asked this question to my lawyer and he said he would including info about both I-140's and they USCIS will chose one. I am not sure what it would depend on but my lawyer is knowledge and he said I would not to pick on. I believe I would get the earlier PD if the pending I-140 is approved


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  • sideeque
    05-24 01:51 AM
    I have already posted there.

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  • MiniCooperS123
    July 22nd, 2004, 03:19 PM
    I own a couple of lenses for a canon camera and would like to get a Nikon D70. Something that would greatly encourage me to do so would be if I could use my current lenses with the D70. I have found some adapters but I have no clue which one I would need. One lens is a Canon EF 28-80mm and the other is a Sigma 100-300mm if that helps. Hopefully somebody here knows. The staff at camera shops usually never respond to my emails, unless I have bought something or I tell them i am going to buy something from them soon. :rolleyes:


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  • neeidd
    07-31 05:42 PM
    There is a Thread already opened by VDLRAO we can use that to honour him for his predictions and analysis on the visa number availability and EB -visas movement.
    Can you tell us where that thread is?


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  • bindas74
    01-24 03:46 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I filed my 485 in June 07 ad hd my FP on 7th September, 07. I read on some of the threads that we would be geting notices for additional finger printing after 15 months or so. I havent received any yet. Should I be proactive an request for one? Will my EAD finger printng count towards the requirement? ( I had given my biometrics formy EAD last April i.e 08 April ). Is this the reason why I did not get the FP notice? Any one in my boat?
    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance

    Anyone please share ur opinion.



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  • GCHope2011
    11-04 11:16 PM
    Hi All,

    I sent h1b extension application to california center on june 22nd and my application is still not approved. My current visa was valid until July 30th. I need to travel to India on Dec 10th due to urgent reasons . Please suggest what should I do

    1. Can I travel while my extension is pending?
    2. Can I raise a service request to speed up the processing?
    2. or Upgrading to PP is the only option?

    I do have EAD and advance parole through my husband's GC application. If I use parole for travel what happens to my H1b visa and GC application filed through my employer. My visa will still be valid or not?

    Please help...

    Thanks in advance
    1. There is nothing/ no one who can stop you from travelling if you want. The question to worry about is can you come back ;) (I know it is a smart alec answer, but couldn't resist it - and that is indeed the bottom line).

    2. SR to speed up processing might not be of much help

    3. PP will certainly make it time bound - however, even in case of PP, they can send the application for administrative process, which can still take more than the time you have

    Now, what happens in case you travel while the application is still pending? Your application for extension will be considered abandoned, and for re-entry, you will necessarily need to use AP. And since your extension is considered abandoned, you will necessarily need to use EAD to work, even for your current employer (that had filed the extension).

    Hope it helps.

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  • anilsal
    03-13 10:59 PM
    that is available to applicants in research (such as doctoral students). has information here:
    MurthyDotCom : Employment-Based Immigration (

    Additionally, you can always apply in EB1 Extraordinary Ability if you have outstanding qualifications (almost matching that of a Nobel Prize Winner or you are the top of your industry).

    EB1-EA tips ( (<= Look here for tips)

    Just a mere Doctoral degree does not get you qualified for EB1. You need the publications as well as recommendation letters from industry experts. :)


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  • eilsoe
    10-20 03:01 PM
    vts: It's that simple yes! :) I just made 2 cameras and placed them just like two eyes, then rendered each camera view...

    Really simple... :)

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  • masti_Gai
    01-10 03:28 PM
    I mean the PD dates moving...;)
    Let the PD dates move and give us some relief;)


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  • Akia
    03-01 12:14 PM
    I guess your H4 is not approved yet and continuing your employment on H1B. Your best course of action would be to have your employer file an extension (beyond 6 years) for H1B and get a 3-year approval (with approved I-140). You can change jobs after this but if you don't want to take this path you can still find a new employer before end of march and apply for H1B to get a 3-Year H1B. You will need to restart your PERM and go through the whole process with your new employer ASAP.

    So I am not able to apply for a new H1B while on H4? Thanks!

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  • ragool25
    08-30 05:36 PM
    Thanks mhathi for your response.

    How long ( no of days) does the USCIS California center takes to decide the case for Fresh H1( F1- H1) RFE after requested documents were submitted before deadline under premium processing category.

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  • Lisap
    09-27 04:37 PM
    So those that filed before the 30th of July will have to pay 340/ year until we receive our green card??

    08-18 03:54 PM
    how do i post a new thread?

    03-03 09:03 PM
    For tax purposes you are resident of state where you reside. For best opinion you can check with the international students center at your school. It is not illegal to attend classes online if your school allows you the option. .

    It is illegal to have all online classes on F1. On F1, you can take upto 3 credit online per semester, rest need to be in class.
    If you are on H1/H4 etc., you can take all online class.

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