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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • skumar9
    09-30 10:27 AM
    Do they provide Visa to Mexico?...or do we need to do it much these people charge( is this inc of Bank Draft+Hotel+Mexico Visa), Please advice..

    Thanks in Adv...

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    09-03 10:45 AM
    Well..I was just saying my friend is a devotee and it worked for him..i did not mean to imply positive or negative ideas about anyone's religious beliefs in whatever form..

    Some one mentioned how lawyer screwed up and he landed in EB3... I am EB3 bcos my company does not do EB2s for developers...infact, I have never met anyone who they did an EB2 for. I guess its one of the banes of being in a big consulting firm, where they have to follow the letter of the rule to the T and cannot doctor the requirements of the job to the qualifications of the applicant. I infact managed 4 contractors, all EB2. Its both ironical and sad that how this system is mis-used.
    Anyway..well, no worries - I believe if you believe in yourself and your abilities and God, everything will come to just fruition!

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  • logiclife
    07-21 02:57 PM
    The name of the lawyer we have talked to before is Joe Hohenstein.

    See more details here:

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  • anandrajesh
    12-13 12:32 PM

    I'm in the US working on L1 visa, though I have an expired visa, I have I94 valid until Jun 2008 which makes me legal to work here until Jun 2008. Now, I'm planning to travel to India, Do I need transit visa in France if I travel via france.

    Thanks in advance,


    YES. French & British Airport needs a Transit Visa if your Visa Stamping on your passport is expired. If you have a valid 797 approval German airports let you in without a transit visa.


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  • sanjuatl
    06-08 11:39 AM
    how about contributing to IV? When ppl here dont pay $10 for IV...will they $1 or $2 Million for Saturn....Do you think so????

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  • Prashanthi
    08-27 03:02 PM
    I was with with Company A and my H1B approval notice was until 2011 and my wife H4 approval notice was also until 2011.
    Recently I changed to Company B, where this company applied only H1B transfer and received a receipt number for that and it is in pending status. And they are saying H4 transfer also applied at the same time but we didn't received the receipt notice yet.
    In this H1B transfer process I got query on that petition, now Company B is saying I will not submit any documents for above query.

    I have an EAD when I was with Company A and it is still valid. I am planning to move onto EAD.....

    Can my wife change her status to F1 (Student) even her H4 transfer receipt is not available?
    And the old H4 approval notice is still in approved status when I check in USCIS website.

    Please help me in this situation, let me know all your opinion about this case.

    ~Thanks in advance.

    Before your H-1 gets denied and before you move to EAD, it is important to change her status to F1, you can do this as long as her H-4 I-94 has not expired. You will need your latest Paystubs and H-1 approval to do this.


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  • Aah_GC
    06-14 12:29 AM
    Hi Guys,

    For those who applied for EAD using eFile, please post information on supporting documents you sent.

    Any other info on post-eFile of EAD is welcome.



    Prepared the following documents today along with a cover letter -

    Copy of the Confirmation Receipt notice
    Copy of Current EAD (Front & Back)
    Copy of I-485 receipt
    Copies of I485 Case Transfer notices if any
    Copy of Cut out mailer of previous EAD Approval.
    Copy of I-94
    Copy of Passport (which has Bio-graphic data)
    Copy of Drivers License


    I intend to send mine and my spouse's documents seperately.

    Update: Got my receipt (and my spouse's) from TSC today. (Exactly after a week).

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  • lord_labaku
    08-14 06:19 PM
    I am sure people from 2001-2006 EB2/EB3 who are still waiting are jealous of your situation even though you feel like you are in a big mess ( might have contributed to a red dot)


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  • naveenarjun
    09-08 10:45 AM
    Has anyone applied FAFSA or Stafford loan with Parolee status ? , I am planning to apply for my online degree. I have H1B ,but using AP to reenter.

    I had applied for my wife when on parolee status.I guess you would have to been paroled for atleast a year before you can apply.

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  • agt
    05-23 08:12 PM
    Thanks for your reply.


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  • morchu
    04-22 09:41 AM
    Since your H4 COS is not approved yet, you are not YET in H4 status.

    So you need to prove your current status based on pending H4 petition as well as your H1 paystubs. That is why you need to submit the pay stubs.

    Your COS may get rejected (even the H4 COS), and in that case you need to travel outside get an H1 stamp and come back.

    This is a typical situation where you should file for Premium Processing (of H1 COS).

    Thank you for the quick response. I see that you are in Center City Philly. My prospective employer is also located in the same area and he does not have an immigration attorney, may be I can retain your services.

    I understand the 'Yes' to the first question.
    For the second - I do not have the most recent paystubs as I have not been employed for the past 2 months. In addition, I cannot provide paystubs for any period in 2009, that I was employed as I was not paid by my employer.

    The last paystubs I have are for Sep 2008. I also have W2 for 2006, 2007 and 2008 (though 2008 one is deficient for 3 months).

    Is it possible that I do not submit my paystubs and W2 and only submit my earlier H1 approval notice, valid I-94, and Pending H4 COS Receipt Notice? With this documentation, can we expect an H1 approval and in the worst case expect COS denial?

    I am thinking, if H1 gets approved, I will travel abroad and obtain a new I-94 at POE.

    Please recommend a safe approach. The new employer wants me to begin in 3 weeks, and I am wondering what is the best approach.

    Thank you in advance for your time and recommendations.

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  • STAmisha
    11-17 12:51 PM
    My lawyer thinks they have not even started looking at TR applications.
    He told me that he will file RIR conversion. What exactly is the procedure?


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  • vivaforever
    08-10 10:47 PM

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  • rkotamurthy
    09-16 02:03 AM
    If you ask " Why Am I responsible for low media attention?" My answer is each and every Legal Skilled Immigrant is responsible for this. We are a tribe who do not believe in shouting on the roads. We think this is cheap!

    Trust me, this is not being done in any cheap manner. It is not cheap to ask what you deserve. It is not cheap to express one's opinion in a diginified manner not offending anyone. It is not cheap to explain your problems to your lawmaker.

    If you think that participating in this rally is cheap and only uneducated would shout on the roads, then come to DC to witness PhDs, MBAs, PMPs, CPAs, Attorneys and some of the brightest and the best minds shout at the top of their voice to fix the broken immigration system.

    Sounds unbelievable, come, witness it for yourself on Sept 18th at Washington Monument.


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  • readblack
    10-25 01:57 PM
    I am in similar boat and have some additional comments/questions.
    My Labor PERM filed July08, I140 Approved Aug09. PD for EB2 not available. H1B 6yr expire in sep2010.
    1. If H1B is transferred to another employer before March2010, does it mean my current exployer holdmy destiny, as he can revoke my I140 and I cannot apply for 3 year renewal? I can get copy of I140 approval.
    2. What exactly 'revoke I140' means? does it mean current employer calls USCIS and asks to do something to my petition?
    3. Incase current employer doesnot revoke I140,Is it possible that my PD would always be july2008 even if
    -a. I switch employers and they file H1B?
    -b. I go outside country for 6-11months for job or study and come back and work on H1B extension of 3 yrs?
    -c. I am unemployed and on H4 in between for sometime?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • bsbawa10
    09-06 03:30 PM
    Many thanks Americandesi, a very nice list. I want this to keep building up. If we can have specific instances with dates and individual experiences, it can help a lot. Please post


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  • nuke
    07-29 11:39 AM
    How do I start a new thread?

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  • AK01
    02-13 12:38 AM
    No, experience from current company does not count.

    That is not true. It CAN count... according to PERM guidelines (from

    "On-the-job experience with same employer is allowed for positions that are not "substantially comparable," meaning more then 50%, different from the original employment position."

    So if you are a Software Engineer and get promoted to Sr. Software Engineer or Product Manager then as long as you can prove that your job duties are 50%+ different than the old position, you can use that experience provided it helps you meet job requirements for the senior level position.

    Also see this:

    "Experience Gained on the Job

    PERM did not eliminate the ability of the foreign national beneficiary of the labor certification to qualify using experience gained with the same employer as long as the prior job was not �substantially comparable� to the labor certification position. A job will be considered �substantially comparable� if it �requires performance of the same job duties more than 50 percent of the time.�

    Apparently, experience gained with an overseas parent company, U.S. affiliate, or predecessor company will not be considered experience gained with the same employer. This is based on the definition of �employer� as an entity with a particular Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). This means that experience gained with an overseas parent, affiliate, etc. may now be used to satisfy the experience component of a PERM labor certification application."

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  • Joey Foley
    November 21st, 2005, 08:03 PM
    Heck no I don't mind! By the way Steve these were taken at The Patio.
    I still wish I would of got that a little bit better in focus.

    Anyway, I'm not very good with Photoshop (I own Photoshop CS2), but I usually use Corel Paint Shop Pro X. But lately I've been using Picasa2.
    It just seems a lot faster the way the program is set up.

    I need to learn Photoshop (badly). I just hadn't had time.

    Thanks for the help guys, it is VERY much appreciated.

    08-25 06:07 PM
    Hi everyone:

    I'd appreciate if someone could give me an advice here. I am currently on the 6th year of H1B. It is expiring on Jan 31, 2008. Technically I will need a 7th year extension. My Labor Certification for Green Card (EB2, PD: Dec, 2002) was approved back in July, 07 and I filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently in the end of July. So far I have not received a receipt or anything back from them.

    What shall I do in this situation -- can I apply for H1B extension now? Any advice will be appreciated.

    07-16 02:38 PM
    Wondering whether you would take a decision just based on what we amateurs have to say. At least ask this question on the "free question to attorney thread" if you are looking for an answer you can trust.

    Ultimately I guess "same and similar" is a totally gray area. I donot know whether there are some guidelines for the adjudicators but that phrase can be as broadly or narrowly interpreted as the IO wants it to be.

    I am currently working as a Programmer Analyst on EB3 and Using my EAD through 485.

    I plan to convert to a new postition that of Senior Applications Developer where the job duties will be atleast 50% different from my existing position

    But here is the problem If i am using my EAd obtained from Eb3 program Analyst position then can I work on another position which is 50% different from my existing position as per AC21 rules

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