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Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • KRS
    01-20 02:18 PM
    This was a surprise and nice one at that!! Hopefully future VB does the same :p

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  • saps
    01-08 07:40 PM
    Please help.

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  • ganguteli
    03-02 03:34 PM
    Its pathetic that nobody is looking at this thread. IV should not be wasting its time and effort on people who are ungrateful and do not value it. They are more happy picking up fights with each other and spending time on threads that do not do any help

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  • bandoayan
    12-21 11:50 PM
    Anyone please advice if I need to get verified the PIMS check before my h1 visa interview at Kolkata, I have an appointment on 1st week of Jan2011.

    Please share if anyone has any idea one this


    My H1 petition (3 yr extension after completion of 6 yrs) was approved on 10/4/2010 and I had my visa interview at the Kolkata Consulate on 10/29/2010. I was a little concerned because PIMS had mostly been an issue for newly approved petitions and in my case the approval was granted only 25 days before the interview. On the interview day, we were made to wait a little longer than the B1/B2 cases and the visa officer finally called us. We were asked some formal questions and visa was granted. Possibly the PIMS verification was done while we were waiting. Hope this helps!!


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  • pappu
    07-17 09:44 AM
    IF everyone contributes an average of $200, we will have $ 4 million and IV WILL have all the resources to resolve all of our problems.....

    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ???????????



    Wow I did not realize we are now 20K + strong. This is incredible. The stronger we are the better we can do with our advocacy efforts.

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  • hibworker
    03-21 11:29 AM
    First round of interviews went well - now have to send my details to their HR to make sure EB2 porting will work.

    However, does filing AC21 (same or similar) cause a conflict with EB2 filing in this case? Should they file and get I-140 approved and then only I should join them?

    However, does filing AC21 (same or similar) cause a conflict with EB2 filing in this case? : Interesting question - here is my take - if you switch job you'll have to invoke AC21 portability to keep existing application alive. You may choose not to inform USCIS about the change in employment - another grey area.

    Should they file and get I-140 approved and then only I should join them? : This may not be a viable option since filing for Labor takes 2 - 3 months (might be a lot quicker in your case as they are already doing the recruiting). Labor approval can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1+ years and then I-140 prep and filing even in premium processing may take at least a month. Your new employer may not be willing to wait that long.


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  • harsh
    01-05 02:14 PM
    To add to what logiclife said, even if you were to apply for a change of status, make sure your friend has been in the US for more than 60 days. If you apply for a change of status to H1B within 60 days of coming here, then it will deemed by USCIS that your intention to travel to US was to find a job and that you committed a fraud when you applied for a B2 which is a tourist visa. So if you apply within 60 days then USCIS will surely reject the application. It is true for almost all visas if you happen to apply for a change of status within 60 days of arriving in US.

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  • Nickjr
    10-10 12:35 PM
    Yes I have done recently ( Last week)

    I went to France consulate and all they wanted to see was my EAD so if you have Valid EAD u should be fine



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  • needhelp!
    12-05 04:07 PM
    at Saturday's Meet and Greet in Texas..
    Please bring a farewell poetry to share..

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  • krogot
    02-15 06:35 PM

    I currently have my PERM for EB3 approved and the company lawyers are about to file I-140. But the priority date for filing I-485 is still 2002, which is not very exciting :( So I'm thinking about switching to EB2.
    I have BS degree and 51 month of work experience prior joining the current company, so I'm short on 9 month for qualifying for "BS+5". I've been with company for 2 years now and recently was promoted from "Software Engineer" to "Software Architect". I've read that I can use my current employer experience if the new position is more than 50% different from the previous one.

    Does it make sense for me to ask my employer to restart my GC process and show that my current position is more than 50% different? Does it make sense for me to start looking for another job, because the experience I gained with the current company qualifies me for "BS+5"?

    I really like working in the company, so if it's possible I'd prefer to stay there, but waiting for 8 years to apply for I-485 really worries me...


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  • saps
    01-20 02:16 PM
    Great effort but its awfully slow. Was never so slow before..Is it just my machine?

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  • goldbuckle
    March 14th, 2006, 10:32 PM
    Here are examples. Others file sizes to large to upload.


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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-26 04:11 PM
    Just contributed $ 100

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  • willwin
    08-11 10:41 AM
    i dont see a poll :) Are you expecting every one to post on this thread ?

    Check now!


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  • arnab221
    04-27 11:00 AM
    Yeah ,

    Look like closed door discussions are in full swing .The below articles say so .

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  • andhrawala
    08-23 09:20 PM
    Hi overseas,

    Thanks for your reply. I also wasted 2 weeks and finally sent my EAD application on Sat'day on Nebraska service as my state OH falls under it's jurisdiction.

    At least, we can say that we followed the uscis instructions if we get any query.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-05 06:11 PM
    i filed my labor 7 years ago as a programmer, today i am a project manager. I have changed job using ac21 twice, did not inform uscis even once (as its not reqd by law). I am in eb3 india and I have no hopes that uscis will ever get to my application, and even if they did after 5 years from now, I dont care if they issue an RFE and deny my 485 all together. Point I am trying to say is , you cannot spoil your career waiting for this. I changed my job exactly on 6 months and one day after i filed 485. past 2 years i am a PM. I am pretty confident that I would have had atleast 5 years PM experience by the time they reach my application or even more time. After all I want to go back to my home country pretty soon and so did not want to care about all this job title, description etc crap..this is just me..use your own instincts.

    Wow!!!! well said and very encouraging. That's the spirit with which everyone of us should move forward, i guess. :)
    Life is too short to worry too much on things (like GC, AC21)...Make the best use of each and every day!!!

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  • whoever
    09-29 03:42 PM
    Anyone have a clue?

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  • senthil1
    07-05 10:44 PM
    Whatever the conditions put for immigration number of people to work in USA is increasing. Yearly there is 20 to 30% increase in F1 Visa for past 3 years . And 130k H1b applications also tells the story. Still USA is topmost market for India and China. USA depends on India and China. But opposite also true(India and China dependent on USA). The change of equation unlikely for many decades. Many European countries and Gulf countries are giving temporary visa and no green card. Still huge demand for working in those countries. Immigration is USA is for mutual benefit not just for country but also for immigrants. If dollar value goes down 20 rupees then outsourced jobs will come back to USA and Indian economy also will crash. So ,for developing countries welfare USA economy should be stable

    Folks in Alipac are enjoying this news - they say such a thing is good for the country because Indians and Chinese won't come here anymore

    They seem to be a bunch of chaotic confused folks and don't know what they want.

    12-03 12:29 PM
    I did H1 stamping out of Mumbai in May 2010, not as recent as you would like. The 221G threat level was high as usual. Same jobs for 8 years and its full time position, probably aided smooth sailing. No documents were asked, just couple of questions about designation and pay. The consulate network had gone down that day so was advised by the CO there would be delay in visa printing on PP. Got the PP after 10 days instead of usual 3 days. This was 4th H1 stamping in same consulate.

    03-02 07:55 PM
    Thought this is a good study and makes some valid points. I am not sure how receptive the US legislators and audience are to articles like this. At this time, there is actually no doubt in my mind that more liberal immigration policies will help the domestic economy, by boosting everything from home and car purchases, to savings rates, entrepreneurship, raise the bar on hard work, and many more intangibles. However at this time much of this seems counter intuitive to joe public, and hence won't happen.
    I really worry for this country over the next decade if they can't set this right in the next 12-18 months. We just might be witnessing a fall in US economic credibility. Absent improvement and continuation of current spending and borrowing policies, we will see a US Sovereign debt downgrade by S&P/Moodys/Fitch and then all hell could break lose. Hey if we see this as possible with GE, why not the US Gov't in 18mths. I still think it unlikely, but no longer can count it out.

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