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Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • Edison99
    06-02 08:40 AM
    Hi Edison99,
    I requested for interfiling by sending an email to


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  • wandmaker
    08-11 01:47 AM
    Thanks for this info.
    Well,I was given Green Form 221 g from NEw Delhi Consulate wherein they asked me to submit: Unemplotment Wage reports, Project description, Notarised list of Employee and W2.
    With regards to my personal info, they okayed it with my MBA degree and over 12 years experience behind.:cool:
    BTW, this is my first attempt in getting H1B Visa and I have B1/B2 Visa for10 yrs as also visited USA twice and came back within a fortnight.
    My background check is okay.
    The problem is with the Employer!!

    (1) Unemployment Wage Report: All employers who are liable for unemployment insurance (UI) must file a tax and wage report for each quarter they are in business. Active employers should receive a printed report by mail during the last week of each quarter. The report must be filed by the due date. Employers must report all wages paid to employees. Consulate will be in a position to determine the stablity of the employer based on quarterly reports, which will give detailed insight about how company is doing.

    (2) Project Description: Consulate is interested in what you will be doing with the company once you land the USA. This is a free form letter issued in a company letter head addressing to Consulate (Delhi in your case).

    (3) Notarised list of Employee: Consulate can verify whether the number of employees mentioned in your document is same or higher; this can be tied to (1).

    (4) W2: Consulate will require annual tax return filed by employer to see how the company has performed in the last year and current state can be determined by (1)

    In my opinion, (1) , (2) and (4) is mandatory and (3) information can be obtained from (1) - without which your visa will not be issued.

    If your employer is not co-operative then I suggest you start looking for new employer.

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  • jkays94
    03-31 02:13 AM
    He says in the talk, the job market in India is booming right now and it offers promotion opportunitieis etc ...

    In some places, depending on your experience and capabilities, you might as well get comparable salary to US. Given that cost of living is low in India, you might end up with same disposable income after taxes and expenses.

    Good to hear that Americans are getting an idea what it would be to live in a shell in a global economy. Germany, UK opened up their borders and more EU countries might follow suit like Netherlands, Belgium, lastly France.

    Not forgetting Canada in the mix, Canadian permanent residency is attainable in between 9 months to 24 months if one applies while residing in the US as a skilled worker and has work experience.

    And this just yesterday :

    ABOARD TP-01, NORTHERN MEXICO — Mexican President Vicente Fox has proposed that Canada open its doors to growing numbers of unskilled Mexican "guest workers" to deal with a looming labour shortage brought on by an aging Canadian population.

    At the end of the day the US stands to be the looser. It appears that congress has forgotten about the impending retirement of over 75 million baby boomers. I am aware of many friends stuck in the BEC's or endless H1B extensions who are applying for Canadian permanent residency which they attain in as little as 9 months (if the interview is waived and depending on the skill). It will be no wonder if Canada soon becomes a destination for many skilled workers from the US who abandon their quest to become GC holders in the face of excruciating backlogs and needless hoops and hurdles.

    Monday, October 31, 2005 Page A1 GLOBE AND MAIL

    Immigration Minister Joe Volpe, who will table his annual report to Parliament today, says Canada hopes to be taking in as many as 300,000 immigrants a year within five years, and will start by raising its target for next year to between 225,000 and 255,000. Canada is on track to accept 245,000 this year, the very high end of last year's target.

    "We have to start thinking about the Immigration Department as a recruiting vehicle for Canada's demographic and labour market needs . . . we are the lungs of the country," said Mr. Volpe in an interview with The Globe and Mail. "We are producing more jobs than the labour market has workers for. . . . We're desperate for immigration."

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  • dreamgc_real
    04-22 02:20 PM
    Please go and talk to Hispanic Caucus about it. Maybe they will listen to your desperate call for help and suffering.

    Tell them you want to buy bigger house, fancier car and get promoted to make more money. You cannot go to Europe vacations or on a Cruise without a greencard. Your wife cannot also make 100K+ money as much as you make and so your kids are starving. Tell them that you are very educated and have Ivy league degrees. Despite all your intelligence and smartness, your employer is exploiting you and not giving promotions.

    Then say your problems are more important than problems of undocumented. They are anyways subhuman and you do not care if they do not have food to eat, get exploited, do not get medical care or have a roof above their house. They should all be jailed and deported like animals. USA is a rich country and can easily round up 13 million people and deport them. Suggest some ways of deportation using your smart intelligence.

    I'm sure Hispanic Caucus and for that matter any Congress member will definitely listen to you without forming a negative opinion about the arrogance of the entire H1Bkind..

    We need Immigration Reform. Period.

    We want our agenda passed before theirs. They want their agenda passed before ours......... can't you see, they are the two sides of the same coin. So stop bickering about legal and illegal immigration.


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  • msyedy
    04-18 01:12 PM
    Look how desperate we have become, someone is ready to shell 10k per family member to get GC.

    I agree and disagree with you guys.

    I disagree because, we all are legal immigrants, we have to be given priority as the American economy needs people like us. H1-B not only means growth in tech but also economy. All the H1-B personnel spend a good amount of money here on (Rent, car, insurance, food, travel) with all this new jobs and much more will be benificial to this country.

    We should not be charged such amount to get what we deserve.

    On the other hand- I agree to pay 10k per familiy member because, we are stuck at one place with lots of problems without GC.
    Most of us are not sure whether they will be staying at one place to do an investments like buying a house. Wife cant work etc.

    Keeping all the above in mind even If we loose 10k per member we will make that in less then 6 months when compared to waiting for a GC for years.

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  • GreenMe
    12-03 11:25 AM
    Hello All,

    I heard from my employer that many people who are visiting India for H1B Stamping are getting stuck with 221G query. My company lawyers have suggested us to cancel or postpone all the travel plans to India.

    Did any of you have any recent stamping experience at Mumbai Consulate? I would appreciate if you can share it on this forum.



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  • kartikiran
    06-17 05:13 PM
    paulkurni, please join your state chapter. Even before Obama's mention in the Cairo speech, IV Core has been trying to do whatever you have mentioned.

    We need members to collectively participate in their state chapters which can provide the thrust needed to perform a collective action country-wide as mentioned by you.

    I heard this from a Chinese friend once and believe its true to its extent. I think most of us, including me, come to this forum and either read the stuff about immigration or take out our frustration one way or another and the anger and frustration dies down there. I am sure IV core team is working day and night for the cause but they are limited with options. I believe the best way to create some gain is to do a collective non-violent rally throughout the nation. The way I see it if you dont make noise nothing gets done in this world. I have been here for almost 9+ years surviving f1,h1b and with very vague future ahead. Satyagraha was started by Gandhiji, and was followed by leaders throughout the world under Non-violence movements. As matter of fact even Obama advised it in the Cairo speech.

    I understand that the cause is not as dire as in the other movements but we are here fighting for our freedom. This nation is built upon liberty and yet we are under agreed slavery for employers, which is somehow supported by the government. My point is if we really want to make a difference then we need to be collectively heard. What the worst could happen?

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  • baleraosreedhar
    11-09 05:20 PM
    Hi all,
    Thanks a lot for ur responses
    I got the courtesy copy ,i will contact my wifes employer again to send me the copy of i797 the attorney received.


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  • malibuguy007
    10-01 08:57 PM
    Come on everyone, I know ;) you have not spent it all just yet - it is still the 1st of the month. Loosen those purse strings a little and contribute to the community which is always there to help you when you have questions and need suggestions.

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  • quizzer
    01-09 12:27 PM
    not to trivialize the issue at discussion.......... I am sure this is important to you.

    However, what does this have anything to do with Non Immigrant visas?

    reason is i want expert opinion from members of this esteem forum (most of them belong to IT industry and some of them would have similar experience like me)

    Also i didnt know which forum to raise this question and i thought this particular forum was more related than GC forums.


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  • GCnightmare
    08-28 05:33 AM
    I have an apporved I/140 and RD of I/485 in May 2007 under EB3. The PD is april 01 which is unavailable per current VB. My H1 is expiring in Jan 08 (9th yr extn.) Should I get my H1 extended and also can I do it myself? Kindly advise if I go for premium processing for H1 extn., can I get it extended for 3 yrs? Any related link for extn. be appreciated. Thanks

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  • sweet_jungle
    12-12 10:51 PM
    Wife's EAD changed to "card production ordered", after a tiresome wait of almost 4 months. This was after 2 expedite faxes and 1 infopass.

    My wife went for her biometrics today and what a surprise, her date of birth on the system was wrong.
    She only had DL on her and no passport. So, the ASC staff took her biometrics but refused to correct her DOB, claiming that passport was needed.
    So, we called up USCIS and upon description of the problem,were immediately transferred to level 2. Level 2 looked at the cases and confirmed that DOB was wrong on I-485. It was correct in I-765 and I-131. She said that the only way to correct it was to take infopass and present passport and DL.

    It is now more or less clear that DOB mismatch has caused her EAD to be stalled for so long.I have already got my EAD.

    Moral of the story : take passport for FP, infopass, etc. all the time.

    Our EADs and APs were filed separately with I-485 courier receipt. What a mess !!

    lets see what happens at infopass.


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  • jliechty
    November 17th, 2004, 08:17 PM
    Bounce flash is a good idea, but you need 1) a powerful flash, and 2) to keep a good distance from the subject. If you get too close, as I painfully learned from a few rolls of slide film shot over recent trips to visit family, the flash goes up to the ceiling, and comes straight down again, leaving eyes in soft but ugly shadow (fortunately, the rest of the photo was well exposed, so I think it can be rescued in PS).

    Flash photography is a lot of complexity for a beginner (I feel like a total newbie at flash, and I think I'm not doing too badly on basic exposure of ambient light with a few years' practice), and even modern ?-TTL flash can screw up if used without the photographer's thought or intervention, though probably not as much as the old-style auto flash that I'm using. Of course, there's an almost foolproof way to do flash - using guide numbers - but who wants to spend ten minutes digging for the calculator to figure out flash exposure for each shot, and then being stuck with one aperture dictated by flash power and subject distance?

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  • jediknight
    02-08 07:02 PM
    We need to work with everyone and fix the legal immigration mess.

    Once that is fixed, there would be no reason for people to break the immigration law. That problem will automatically go away.

    "What line?" is a good question to ask all the anti-immigration groups. I hate it when they have names like "Americans for Legal Immigration." They should publish a list of their accomplishments for legal immigrants :-)

    - JZ


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  • wildvoice
    02-06 06:33 PM
    Hi Amulchandra,

    I am on the same boat with you. I am on H4 and is continuously exploring all possibilities that would enable me to work. I wonder how volunteering for work in one's field would be illegal. You will not be paid hence there will not be papertrails, taxes or any documents that can be traced to you working (illegally?). Besides, how will they know it, if there's no additional income in your bank accounts coming from your wages or salary? Isn't it? If the illegals could work in the shadows w/o getting penalized, hell, they even would have a chance to get a blue card in the future enabling their spouses to work. There's a very little chance that the USCIS or ICE would penalize you. Don't know even if they would bother give time to it.

    Even if they would bother, you are highly educated, could hire a lawyer and easily explain it to court. Your current immigration lawyer is just too paranoid and is unreasonable.

    Go for it man!

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    04-26 11:03 AM
    You definitely need an attorney's representation. Dont waste time mulling over it as more time you waste, bigger the problem.


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    03-25 01:43 PM
    my and my current visa status
    I140 application was approved on may 2008 and the reciept no lin0718352165

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  • kartikiran
    08-17 05:24 PM
    Recently(July 12th 2009) travelled from Hyd to JFK via Dubai on AP. No problems with the airlines. Had to clear the secondary inspection at JFK airport ala Shahrukh Khan...;)

    Note, was using my AP for the 2nd time within an year travelling from India.

    I just came back this afternoon (1:30 PM EST) via Dubai...Atlanta..from Chennai.. Just showed AP document and passport.. no questions asked...

    Airline just verified AP at Chennai and Dubai to ensure I travel with valid documentation to USA.

    sanjay02: Dependents may need to produce Primary Applicant's 485 receipt just incase they ask.. Not sure if it really matters as there is no primary or dependent on AP document mentioned.

    Hope this helps!

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  • masti_Gai
    01-05 02:54 PM
    Oh i didn't know about this. Good I can tell my buddies who keep pestering me to help them in their intention of changing their status when ever they come here on Business visit.:)

    01-24 11:07 AM
    Get a second opinion from another attorney. Pay a consult fee if you need to. I've had several experiences with attorneys giving me suspicious answers, answers that don't match up with what I've researched, and just plain wrong advice.

    If your attorney continues to give you bad / wrong advice, don't be afraid to fire them and get a new one, even if you've paid your fees up front. Avoiding trouble with a bad attorney will be more than worth the price paid for getting a new attorney.

    - gs

    (not bitter at all, hehe ;-) )

    07-14 10:04 AM
    I have my I 140 approved and No I 485 has been filled yet. My brother became US citizen so I would like to file for I 130.

    As there is no guarantee in Employment based immigration journey ( layoff , denial etc.. ) I strongly prefer to have I 130 filled. Is there any risk of filling both ?

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