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Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • frost_oni
    04-08 03:37 PM
    no, the thing is that if you want the text to look good, you're gonna have to draw it yourself. or get some pixel fonts. or use verdana 9pt, and don't forget to alias the text.

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  • sagittarian
    12-17 03:36 PM

    My wife is waiting on her H-1B approval. She is on a H-4 currently. The company that sponsored her H-1B is an american fortune 500. This will be her first H-1B and she is in the USA for 11 months now. I have a few questions:

    1. To apply for the SSN she would need the original I-797 and the I-94, correct?
    2. After she applies at the SSN office, will she be able to see the number immediately (and wait for the card) ?
    3. How long does it normally take them for issuing a SSN for a person like her? (H-4 to first time H-1B)?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • anandrajesh
    07-18 10:33 AM
    If you havent contributed anything and still hesitating to contribute, now is the time. You have seen the results as form as the revised bulletin and this relief is temporary. If you want a permanent relief(Green Card) from all this you need to contribute.

    Trust IV CORE. Please start contributing.

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  • pathmaker
    09-18 11:16 PM
    What if a person has active TB and is currently being treated? Doctors are saying it will take 9 months to complete the medication.

    Q1. Do we need to wait till 9 months to apply for I140 and 485?
    Q2. When will the medical records be opened and monitored? is it when my 485 is being processed or before giving EAD?
    Q3. If doctor says we have TB on the form, will i be queried by govt to get it checked again, or will i be rejected?"

    You should have no issues and your case should not be denied based on Medical grounds read more on the following 0e2

    contact your attorny



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  • Saralayar
    05-21 07:59 PM
    Inspite of telling my lawyer she did the mistake of sending my EAD and AP before 120 day period. EAD filed 121 days prior and AP filed 148 days prior. I have gotten the receipts of both but AP status says that they have requested more information/evidence. I am wondering what additional information they need. Anyone else in this situation ?
    Is it 120 business days or just week days?

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  • atlgc
    06-01 11:15 AM
    when you say
    "If old priority date is not ported then send an email to " means new 140 not showing the old PD correct?

    once it shows up then send a interfile request correct or send eitherway


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  • mhtanim
    03-18 12:13 AM
    Hi lavanyamohan and mhtahim,
    Many of my friends utilized Mr.Gowda for H1B and GC. All my friends & hundreds in the same firm got GC'S without any querries.
    Frankly speaking I do not have any personal relations with the company.
    I used his services and felt exactly what mhtahim mentioned about Gowda. He is reasonable and professional.

    All the best

    Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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  • freakin_gc
    03-12 05:46 PM
    If you are looking for career change PT MBA is not a good option,you can do PT MBA if you are typically further along in career, often on track for advancement to senior management and you need to balance heavy course load in addition to work and family. I'll be graduating this May from Wharton (Executive MBA) I'm already started getting lucrative offers from consulting firms but unfortuately my I-140 is still pending


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  • mars
    08-17 02:49 PM

    When we apply for H1 Extension we need to get an approval from DOL before posting( Earlier it used be online and from july 1 2009 this cannot be approved online).

    It seems as per the new DOL Requirements two notices has to be posted at two locations ( One at Employers office and one at the client location. U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)
    regulations requires that a Posting Notice be posted within your organization in two conspicuous locations for 10 consecutive business days)

    As this H1-B posting info might contain the salary details etc. What happens if the client policies doesn't allow posting such notices ?? so what other options are available in such a case..

    could some one please provide more details reg this...


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  • gapala
    03-02 05:18 PM
    Here is the abstract of the paper....

    These returnees contributed to the tech boom in those countries and arguably spurred the growth of outsourcing of back-office processes as well as of research and development.

    This hits right on the bulls eye. This actually truned disastrous in the long run and may very well continue to pull down the objectives of 21st century american competitiveness, unless they do something drastically different to attract and retain the talent.

    Given the tax payer stimulus, which is only going to create 3 million blue collar workers and may be a state of the art infrastructure, which already is, will add fuel to fire and the bubble/boom will be visible only in different side of the earth. Its unfortunate, but highly possible as many trend analysts like Celente predicts.


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  • supers789
    09-01 08:40 AM
    I am in the process of changing job. The new employer is saying that I can start working with them from the very next day, after they file H1B transfer application. ie I don't have to wait for the receipt. Is this true? They are asking me to give 2 weeks notice immediately so that by the time they file H1B, 2 weeks will get over, and I can start there immediately.
    Please reply its kind of urgent for me.


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    06-07 03:56 PM
    AP has a news which says this bill has been voted out at senate.

    so guys relax now!!!!! enjoi!!!

    I think you are referring to test cloture vote which happened 2 hours ago


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  • Pallavi79
    02-24 12:23 PM
    The saga is Live Suspense Movie. :)

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  • radhay
    04-09 02:27 PM
    looking at your handle you might be working for IBM. Not sure if they are still using Fragomen law firm.
    You don't need to get H1 stamping done if you have Advance Parole. Some firms may be suggesting their clients to renew H1B so they can charge bunch of fees. Since it is no cost for you it works in your favor as having H1B and EAD as backup doesn't hurt.


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  • sdrblr
    09-11 01:53 PM
    I dont know what is your educational and experience background but please understand that it is very hard to get EB2 labor certified. It is not as easy as telling "I will start EB2 LC application"

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  • cygent
    12-08 07:31 PM
    Thank you very much.

    You are very welcome Pappu. Now let us put it to much good use!! C'mon everybody lets do this!! It is time to turn things around this holiday season.


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  • eb3retro
    02-15 11:25 PM

    Can someone please clarify with AC21 can I take up a job Position as "IT PROJECT MANAGER 11-3021.00" whereas my EB3 Labor is filed as "Computer Programmers - 15-1021.00" ?

    My I-485 is still pending past 180 days and I-140 is approved.

    Thanks so much in advance for replying.

    could you please update your profile? thanks.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-12 02:25 PM
    Thanks all for your replies.
    Is it correct to assume that immigration officer at port of entry will be able to grant a stay for upto 6 months in I-94 even if the visa is expiring in a few days?

    Yes. Its up to the VO to grant the period of stay. You could enter US even with one day left on the visa. Once you are on US soil, its I-94 that determines the duration of your stay (which has expiry date).

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  • snathan
    02-21 02:37 PM
    I am from India.

    Not a good place for GC.....:eek:

    March 14th, 2006, 10:32 PM
    Here are examples. Others file sizes to large to upload.

    03-02 05:09 PM
    ok, here is the story:

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