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Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • raysaikat
    07-13 01:27 AM

    My wife is on H4 and is planning to convert to F1 before joining graduate school to get scholarship. At same time my PERM is filed and once approved i was planning to use cross chargebility to file under my wife country of birth quota (UAE). i wanted to know following

    a) if she applied for conversion for F1 today, can she get scholarship before she gets ssn or she has to wait till she gets ssn

    The school cannot pay her stipend unless she has SSN. They might still be able to waive tuition, though.

    B) If during her F1 processing time or grauate studies on F1, if my PERM gets approved, can i file for I-140 and I485 using cross chargebility with her being on F1 or i would have to wait for her to conert to H4? If there any risk to our green card processing

    You can file I-140/I-485 while your wife is in F1. There is no risk to the green card processing. However, applying I-485 for her might end her F1 and put her into AOS (you need to ask lawyers for this; it is a bit unclear and I have seen contradictory responses).

    C)If she continues on H4 visa, can she still get scholarship?

    If the scholarship requires her to "work" (for example, being a teaching assistant or research assistant), then most probably no since persons with H4 are not allowed to "work". However, if the scholarship requires no "work", then she may be able to do so while being on H4.

    I think the test is if she has to pay taxes for the scholarship money. If yes, then she cannot do so on H4, otherwise she may be able to do it.

    if not once she graduates would she be in special US master degree quota for H1B?

    Any help on these would be great


    Once she gets a master's from a US university, regardless of her status while she was in the university, after graduation she will be eligible for special H1-B quota (if it still existed that time).

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  • p_aluri
    11-09 03:13 PM
    Your Employer is wrong. USCIS won't send I-94 in separate mail.

    As per my knowledge, One should not start working unless there is I-94 attached to I-797 Approval Notice.

    Your wife need to go out of the US and get it stamped before start working.

    At POE, the Immigration Officer will issue the new I-94 with valid H1-B Status.

    Again I am not an attorney...

    Please talk to attorney for further clarifications.

    All The Best.........

    Hi All

    My wife received her H1 document approval notice yesterday, but her approval notice does not contain I 94.

    Employer says they will receive I 94 document seperately and they will mail it.

    My question is, Is Employer saying TRUTH
    Usually I94 is part of H1 Approval notice, ie bottom part, Do USCIS send out both these documents seperately.

    If my wife does not get her I 94 what are her Options

    your Response is truly appreciated

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  • mundada
    02-19 09:31 AM
    I am in similar situation as my parents are coming this year.

    Couple of years ago there was a "no question asked, including pre existing condition" insurance, though expensive but it covered everything. However, this time when I talked to insurance consultant, it appears few people misused the insurance to the extent that the company went bankrupt. This is what she said: let us say the patient needed bypass surgery. The patient would buy one month insurance and return ticket. This would cost him $2000. Upon arrival in the US, he would complain about chest pain. Then pay $1000 in deductible and get bypass done. The total cost $3000!

    However, because of this misuse geniune people do not have this option anymore.

    Here is what I am thinking:
    1. Buy Atlas America insurance. This covers pre existing condition upto $15,000. This also gives us negotiated rate with hospitals in the US.
    2. Addon foreign travel on Mediclaim or other insurance that they currently have in India. Opt for Rs. 7 lakh deductible. This should lower the insurance cost. Also, try to talk to the insurance company and see if it will reduce rate further because its is secondary insurance.

    Let me know if you guys see any hole in the logic or you have better alternative. I would rather pay more in insurance and enjoy my parents stay then worry throughout their stay.

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  • vban2007
    06-07 03:16 PM
    I had sent my 485 app to Nebraska. However, the receipt number starts with WAC.

    Should I send the EAD renewal to NSC or CSC??

    Please let me know.




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  • FredG
    June 25th, 2006, 08:40 PM
    If the bidding gets high enough, we'll work out the details.

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  • willwin
    08-11 11:29 AM
    Ok we have the poll, now can we start guessing when our dates will be current.

    possibly we need another poll with these options asking when do you think your PD will be current

    1) 10-12 years
    2) 12-15 years
    3) 15 - 20 years


    You are one optimistic dude in EB3 queue!!

    Not so early :-)


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  • yabadaba
    02-28 12:08 PM
    I am one of those that bounced around from CBSE (0-3rd) then GCSE O Level UK (4-7th) then ICSE (8th-10th) then finally back to CBSE (11-12) definitely hurts moving from board to board but kids are resilient and do bounce back.

    However, u might want to consider schools that follow the IB (International Bacclaurate) Program. From what I have heard there are a number of schools in india that follow the IB program.

    When they are in nursery/kindergarden, it definitely does not matter which "board" the school follows because they pretty much learn the same stuff anywhere in the world.

    for more options bout IB check out

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  • gaurav_sh2
    04-30 08:41 AM
    I feel I had taken the right decision. I moved back to India in Nov 09 itself. I had a PD of feb 08 and was in EB-2 but looking at all the mess,I had decided to move back.


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  • thomascannivady
    07-17 06:00 PM
    Please post their addresses on the Front page of IV so that all can send Thank you cards.

    I certainly would like to send both of them cards.

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  • tabletpc
    09-02 04:45 PM
    I will be taking up a new job and I have been told by the new employer that, benifits will start after 30 days.

    I presently have insurence through my employer. My understnading is that, insurence stops the day I leave the present employer. Now how do i handle the stop gap in insurence to be on safer side...??

    Any help is appreciated...


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  • nfinity
    06-11 06:09 PM
    Another one clicked the link thinking it was out!


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  • abc
    09-07 06:51 PM
    Put the year also to get an idea.


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  • xlr8r
    09-28 10:48 AM
    Yes. You can file another FOIA to get the I-140 approval notice.

    You want to specify that you're looking for a copy of I-797 of the I-140 approval for receipt number LINXXXXXXXXXX. That should get you the approval notice.

    A friend filed the FOIA with this verbiage and it worked for him. Of-course, he had to reference his Alien number etc... in the G-639 form.

    I hope this helps.

    I can see Approval stamp and date on my I-140 application. I just dont see I-140 approval notice(like the I-140 receipt they sent out). If I want to use AC-21 or use porting to EB-2 is my I140 application with approval stamp is good enough ??

    Again my original question can I submit another FOIA just to get the I-140 approval notice???

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  • akilaakka
    03-09 11:15 AM
    Stuck no longer in the muck,

    i AM eb -2 India and NIW and was wondering what Catergory of EB-1 you got upragded to.

    I will PM you with my contact info.



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  • Jaime
    09-06 06:51 PM
    Lou Dobbs is criticizing against the STRIVE act and saying that doubling the Employment based immigration will flood the market and will effect the middle class in america.Guys, this is another great reason of why to change your mind and ATTEND THE RALLY! Let's force CNN to put us on their screens and laugh in Lou Dobbs' face! We can at least reply to his lies in a forceful yet peaceful and educated way (something he isn't!)

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  • raminmd
    08-14 06:04 PM
    Hi guys, thanks for the replies...that is a touch reassuring

    I spoke to my lawyer. She said she was re-sending the app in today with a cover letter explaining the wrongful rejections. She said that if they still reject it, she will go through the liaison and try to get them to accept it. Is this standard procedure?

    Secondly, on a different note, I am not sure who did it or why, someone gave me a red dot.


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  • surabhi
    04-14 01:41 PM
    As per suggestion by members of the forum, I am planning on using a good attorney to file my appeal.

    The new attorney for my company is 'Law Offices of Slowik & Robinson LLC' ( based in Columbus, OH and is supposedly very reputable and well known.

    If you guys have heard of them or know about them, please drop a few lines here. This will help me make a decision as to stay with the new company attorney or go to much bigger firms like Murthy LLC.


    Regardless of the attorney you employ, it is important to ensure you are completely clued in and has visibility into the process. Its even more important in the situation you are in.

    You should be completely versed with your case, options available, reperucssions.. everything. Only then you can have meaningful conversation with attorney about your concerns.

    It is very difficult with para legals not providing timely information, neverthless you should look for firm that treats clilents with respect.

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  • honeyB
    01-23 02:23 PM
    How can we findout whether we got soft luds or not?

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  • angelfire76
    05-31 06:10 PM
    If I remember my Uncle's word correctly, it was Ted Kennedy who was instrumental in relaxing (changing) the rules for future immigrants in 60 or 70's. Only then, we saw a huge increase in immigrants from India especially doctor's and engineers in 60's & 70's.

    Obtaining Green cards (or permanent resident stamps in the passport) at the port of entry if you had a degree in medicine or engineering and a job offer from an American company. Of course the total population of Indians in the US even until the late 80s was about 900 thousand. Only when the tech boom started in 1993-94 did immigration especially from India go up rapidly.
    Also unlike now, a H1B was strictly for 6 years, no extensions until you spent 1 year outside the country and came in on a fresh petition.

    08-15 01:57 AM
    Greencard fever -why take so much pain with your gc when you plan to rellocate to india/currently its even hard to predict when can one receive the gc. One can always visit US on tourist visa which is the most easy part. My opinion is only if one does not want to settle in US -

    11-16 01:19 PM
    Hi All

    I have a query, Maybe some of the experts here can help me out.

    1. I came to the US in 2003 on a L-1 via company A.(I have the original petition)
    2. I switched to H-1 via company B in 2005 .(I have the copy of I-797A)
    3. In 2006 I switched to company C. (I have the original for I-797A)

    All this while I was here(U.S) only . I am going for a vacation (much needed :-) to India next month. I need to get a VISA stamped to come back.

    Question 1. - The I-94 I have stapled in my passport is when I entered US. There have been 2 I-94's after that (from I-797A from company B and company C) ... Which one of those I need to submit when I go to India ? If its from A,B and C ...Does it have to be from the original since I don't have the original I-797A from company B ?)

    Question 2. - As far as docs required for VISA stamping interview are concerned I have read various websites and posts and most of them say that I need the original I-797A only for the current (company C) H-1 petition.The copies of I-797A from the old employers will suffice too. Is that correct ?


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