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Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • NIW
    02-24 12:46 PM
    Hey IAspire,

    Welcome aboard!
    Rest assured, you will be viewing this website/e-mailing questions/answering others' questions for at least a decade unless the middle east revolution spreads to the west.
    Even after spending tens of hours of reading, consulting with lawyers and scratching heads countless times, still the green card process is confusing to most of us on this site. Honestly, its a tedious, intricate process that demands lot of patience, hard work, luck and money.
    Hey! I'm not trying to scare you but if you were born in India, its been that way for quite some time. I guess you need to do some serious reading about the entire process and especially your scenario. Just google, you'll be inundated with ocean of information. Then you may have some idea about the time frames of getting the EAD or GC or Citizenship or whatever. Good luck!

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    10-30 03:55 PM
    Same aberration here!

    My last LUD was 10/03 and was saying something like: "in response to your inquiry we mailed you bla bla bla..."
    Today 10/30 I got a new LUD but the message has reversed to what it was before: "In October 18 2005, the results of your fingerprint review for your I485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status were received, and processing has resumed on your case. We will mail you a notice if further action is needed, or when a decision is made." and I just got confirmation ...with 5 e-mails!!!:confused: :confused: :confused:
    Anyone has any idea of what this means or is it just another "glitch" of their crazy software?

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  • sammyb
    05-02 09:54 AM
    Read this on recent news letter ...

    MurthyDotCom : I-485 Approvals Possible - Impact on Spouse / Children (

    seems same as your case ... you spouse needs to be back into US and filled AOS application before you AOS is approved and you loose your Non-immigrant status ... this is a bit tricky situation - specially to time everything so that no one loose the window of opportunity ... so would suggest you to plan accordingly ...

    Note: I have already posted this on the "Ask an attorney" forum, but I would also like some input from the experts here.

    Onto the issue:
    My wife(on H4, no 485 filed) is going to be out of the US for the next couple of months and I need to know the effect of my 485 PD becoming current (and approved) during this time. The following are the details of the situation.

    My 485 is pending with a PD of Dec 06 and I am on an H1B visa. The 485 was filed before I got married, so my wife is currently on an H4 and has not been able to file her I485. She will be traveling outside the US for the next couple of months. From the visa bulletins I have been seeing over the last couple of months, it looks like there is a slim chance that my PD will be current.

    One of the options as I understand is that she could travel back as soon as the PD's are announced and if we know that the PD will be current in the next month. At this point she could file her I485.

    My question is about what the options are if she is unable to make it back to the US in time. i.e. she is outside the US and my I485 is approved which means she cannot travel back on the H4 (as its not valid). What are the timelines we will have to deal with if she has to stay outside the US to have her I485 equivalent filed through a consulate? Is there anyway she can travel to the US once my 485 is approved?


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  • deecha
    07-16 09:45 PM
    deecha is looking for a deig!
    What's a deig ?


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  • desi3933
    07-10 09:29 PM
    Any inputs on what to provide to HR or atleast how to explain that visa is not required, is appreciated.

    Take printout of this page
    USCIS - Employment Authorization ( D&vgnextchannel=1847c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)


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  • theconfused
    03-18 05:08 AM
    Dear All,

    My history has be read at -

    Summary - I have a valid H1B visa till 31 August 2010. I went for visa interview (renewal of H1B) on 25th Feb 2010. I was given 221g form. It was mentioned to submit few documents in the form. Documents were CV, job description, last travels to US in 5 years etc. I submitted those on 26th Feb 2010.

    On 3rd March 2010, i returned back to US with my valid H1B visa and current I-797A. Got an I-94 at the Chicago port of entry with the expiration date of 30 September 2011 (same as expiration date of I-797A).

    On 16th March 2010, i got an email from New Delhi embassy asking me to submit the passport. I replied asking if they need it for visa stamping. Embassy just replied with the same message asking for the passport.

    The same day i called DOS (Department of State) and they mentioned that my case is still pending and they are not sure that why the embassy needs my passport?

    I emailed embassy asking that how soon should i travel back to India. The NIV unit mentioned as early as possible.

    Do you guys have any idea what is likely to happen when i submit my passport?


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  • GCwaitforever
    06-03 03:26 AM
    Indian Consulates will be conducting VISA camps at different places. Verify the schedule on the web site, stop by and get the passport renewed.

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  • Rajwaitingon140
    11-21 12:43 PM
    Yes mine processing date is 21st DEC and EB3 and also LUD is JAN'8'2007

    if I don't see any update on my case I will wait for one more processing time update and then I can ask my Attorney to proceed for SR.

    Thank you guys this is great help.

    Thank you


    SR can be opened by company HR or lawyer if the service center processing time exceeds your receipt date by more than 30 days.

    As sunny said, when NSC moves their processing time to more than 21st Jan 2007 ( I assume ur RD is 21st DEC and EB3)...your lawyer can call the normal 1800...number and raise a SR.

    it's a simple process and lawyer should be knowing how to handle this.

    I see people getting decisions within 30-45 days after SR.

    Mine came in about 27 days.

    let me know if you have any questions.



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  • raysaikat
    06-05 09:27 PM
    I think my question is: is it possible for USCIS to review the case and change the decision they made after approval? Thanks.

    Yes, it is possible.

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  • vban2007
    06-07 02:21 PM
    Where you filed I-485 is not a criteria to select where the EAD application should be submitted (renewal or first time). Just check the state and supporting service center and file it there. I filed my I-485 in Nebraska alongwith first time EAD and AP. But now (as written in I-765 instructions), I need to file it in the service center that processes my state (Georgia). Hope it helps.

    IF� THEN �
    Your petition
    receipt number
    begins with
    Send supporting documentation to:
    California Service Center
    Attn: E-Filed I-765
    P.O. Box 10 765
    Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-0765
    Your petition
    receipt number
    begins with �LIN�
    Send supporting documentation to:
    Nebraska Service Center
    Attn: E-Filed I-765
    PO Box 87373
    Lincoln, NE 68501-7373
    Your petition
    receipt number
    begins with �SRC�
    Send supporting documentation to:
    Texas Service Center
    Attn: E-Filed I-765
    P.O. Box 852401
    Mesquite, TX 75185-2401
    Your petition
    receipt number
    begins with �EAC�
    Send supporting documentation to:
    Vermont Service Center
    Attn: E-Filed I-765
    75 Lower Welden Street
    St. Albans, VT 054790001


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  • logiclife
    02-24 04:34 PM
    Welcome back pdakwala, you went kind of underground for a while :):)

    Glad to see you back in action.


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  • indyyy
    07-18 09:40 AM
    My labor is also pending with the Dallas BEC. My priority date is Nov 2001, non-RIR. The online system still shows that my case is in process.
    Sick and tired of waiting ...


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  • chanduv23
    09-17 03:01 PM
    Looks like no one is accepting my apologies :( maybe they will all come to DC and beat me up instead

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  • pcs
    07-17 01:22 PM
    Not a single contribution by anyone....

    I think CORE and all active members should shut this website down right now and let all the non paying members feel the misery without this site...


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  • uslegals
    11-11 07:07 PM
    I would appreciate any advice whether E-filing is eligible for folks have I-485 case pending.

    Thanks !

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  • puskeygadha
    01-13 03:29 PM

    I am live example..
    my perm was denied..and we filed MTR which has not gone through yet
    then my company filed another perm but for a different position and
    description..that got approved..

    i extened H1 with MTR but lost my priority date..which does not matter to me
    since i am EB2 and Rest of the world...just incase my MTR gets accepted
    i can use that PD


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-18 09:10 AM

    IV has FINALLY gotten most of us Through the door. Now we have a 20,000 membership. If everyone of us contributes $10 per month that is $200,000 a month. If we cannot even contribute $10 PER MONTH, that is really really cheap of us.

    Guys IV has done its job, now to ensure that we get to the finish line FAST, we need to dig into our pockets and not even very deep!

    Common people It is $10 a MONTH

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  • dressking
    10-13 12:18 PM
    Thanks sammy - I know it is difficult for u with kid etc... but thanks for helping us out.

    We have more people, it is a matter of time. Lets keep mobilizing

    Mark is from LI. I wonder why he does not show up any more. Has he quit IV?

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  • dan19
    02-20 11:53 AM
    I would really appreciate any comments on this.

    07-02 03:10 PM
    USCIS made my lazy paralegal work overtime for 2 weeks.

    USCIS used the famous 'SHOCK and AWE' stratefy on us.

    08-06 05:32 PM
    Now that most of the cases that have LUD on their I-140 got or getting approvals, I want to track how many of you guys have an LUD on 07/13/2008. If you have any other LUD on your I-140, please post them.

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