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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Black Swan Mila Kunis And Natalie Portman

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  • Natalie Portman Says Sex Scene

  • vedicman
    11-08 09:28 AM
    Anyone read the book? Plan on getting it for a good read on a long flight.

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  • glus
    05-11 06:51 AM
    I have a B1/B2 visa that I'm thinking about coverting into F1 visa when I get into the US I just have few questions:

    1- How long does it take to convert the B1/B2 visa into an F1 visa?
    2- If my visa gets converted into the F1 visa, does that mean my B1/B2 visa is cancelled and I have an F1 visa or what am I?
    2- Will it be possible to leave the country for few months(after the conversion of my B1/B2 visa into the F1) and then return back to the US with ease to continue my studies ?

    Thank you very much for answering!!!

    1. It takes 3-6 months to change STATUS from B-2 to F-1;
    2. Your visa does not get "converted". Your status changes to F-1 if approved. In your passport you will still have a B-2 visa.
    3. If you leave the country after changed status to F-1, you need to go for F-1 Visa stamp in order for you to comeback and continue studies. Risk of not getting F-1 stamp is high for those who changed status to F-1 while in U.S. I never left US after changing to F-1 because my attorney and my International Student advisor advised it was too risky to do so. This is because if US consulate denies issuing F-1 visa, the consulate my also cancel B-2 visa at the same time because both carry non-immigrant intent amongst other factors. You can't just leave for a "few months" and just comeback while studying on F-1. The F-1 visa and related I-20 documents specify how long the program of studies is and you should be attending every semester taking at least 12 credits each semester, with the exception of the last semester, in which you don't have to carry 12 credits as long as after the last semester your degree is granted.

    Hope this helps. It is based on my own experience. Speak to an International Student Advisor at the school which you have selected for more details. Good luck.

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  • Dhundhun
    06-05 07:41 PM
    I live in New jersey and send my EAD renewal to Nebraska based on my I-485. When i read the instructions, I found out that the application has to go to Texas based to the state where i am in now.

    I would appreciate if anyone had same experience and share it with us.

    Thank you

    Refer to

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  • ss_col
    04-18 01:04 PM
    I know but if it is implemented how would it affect my situation?


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  • Natalie Portman And Mila Kunis

  • eilsoe
    09-28 12:54 PM
    because digital drawing with the mouse is f****** hard...

    nless u have a toned down piece of lineart beneath.. i'd love to own a wacom... it'd make things alot easier...

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  • Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman

  • raysaikat
    11-13 09:55 AM
    I am working as a biomedical research fellow on a J1 visa for the last 3 years in a non-profit research institute but they cannot sponsor my H1B. I am planning to get a J1 waiver and apply for H1B as I plan to work in the private industry. I am not sure whether I can apply for H1B without an employment offer? I would appreciate any suggestions.

    You can never apply for H1-B. Your employer has to petition H1-B on your behalf. So obviously you need to find an employer first with an opening (i.e., you need to find a job first).


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  • Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman

  • jsb
    11-01 12:16 PM
    Hello i am running in to issues of how to get address changed. To give you guys previews. We were residing in Chicago till July ending. In August we moved to CT as my wife got a new job there. But since my work location is in IL , I requested my employer whether its possible to work remotely and its ok by law. He said u can change ur residential address and there is no need to amend LCa/H1b as there is no change in work location in my case. Fine for now.

    I recently visited CT DMV and requested for CT state license. They denied to me saying that i need a CT employer letter or My employer should issue letter to DMV stating my work location changed. Neither of these are going to happen. For now i have my license and Plate from IL itself. I can still continue to maintain but renewing Plates and Pollution test are pain being in CT any ideas please ?

    I think it is just a heavyhandedness by DMV guys. Perhaps talking to the manager will help. Tell him that you wife lives in CT and you consider this as your home. There is nothing that you HAVE to live within xxx miles of your work place. If you live in CT, fly every Monday morning to IL, stay in a hotel at your own expenses, and return back on Friday, will that be illegal.

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  • chanduv23
    09-17 01:58 PM
    way to go chandu.! We all will be there tomorrow.!

    great - see you there

    Everyone to DC


    Everyone to DC


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  • tanmoymuk
    03-02 02:09 PM
    I recently got my EB1 I-140 approved. Now my lawyer wants to apply for the I-485 but I am unemployed currently. What are my options in this case? Do I show I am self-employed and apply the I-485 or wait till I get a job.

    Just as a background I already have a EB2 Employer based I-485 in process and therefore have the EAD and AP in hand. The EB2 I-485 was applied in 2007 so it is past the 180 days period.

    Urgent help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • sweet23guyin
    02-14 03:22 PM
    Apologize to hijack the thread...

    Any (good!) reference to CPA's in and around New york city to advice tax info with respect to new corporation?

    New corp; obviously minimum work to do and so the pay.


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  • ss1026
    06-22 08:08 PM
    Two I140 in process with a difference of one years in the priority date (one original and one recently filled substitution with improved PD). Which I-140 should be used for I485. IF PD goes back to retrogration, the substitution would help with a risk of getting reject as well. The original I140 has less risk but if PD goes in retrogration, it might get years to get I-485 approve. Suggestions?

    I asked this question to my lawyer and he said he would including info about both I-140's and they USCIS will chose one. I am not sure what it would depend on but my lawyer is knowledge and he said I would not to pick on. I believe I would get the earlier PD if the pending I-140 is approved

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  • Leo07
    11-30 05:58 PM
    People at the airports( I assume the same for checkpoints) care more about what's the date on the stamp and if you have a valid H1-B to support.

    In my case, I had a company A's H1-B Visa stamping(Still valid at that time) and Company B's H1B papers.
    Very rarely do they pull-over(it happened for me on a different occassion) and quiz you.

    I believe when you say you are abandoning H1-B you are abandoning the petetion and not the Visa.


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  • mhkumar
    07-14 03:58 PM
    It used to be required only for Mumbai Consulate. But I think Hyderabad has also started. Please check

    I think it is only for Mumbai Consulate(as mentioned in VFS (

    "For Mumbai consular district applicants only: Drop off your required documents three working days prior to your appointment at a VFS Application Centre in Mumbai, Pune or Ahmedabad."

    No where it is mentioned that HYD consulate has started. Where did you find it?

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  • frostrated
    08-11 02:24 PM
    My friend will come from India on H1B first time to Atlanta Air port this weekend. His H1B was approved for year 2008 and his stamping was done in early 2009. His H1B is from small desi consulting company. What kind of questions he may face? Any inputs will highly appreciated.

    One of the most common questions for situation your friend is in is why he waited this long to come to the US after approval of H1B visa. Another question is to show proof of job availability. It is 2 years since a petition was applied for him and a year since he got his visa. Unless he has some very solid answers, there is a possibility that they might deny his entry.
    If you say that another position has opened up for which he is coming, then the next question would be if a new LCA was applied for the new position, which would then open up a totally new ball game. I would suggest that you have your friend contact his company lawyer for suggetions, rather than listen to advice given by people here who have not been in such situations.


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  • kodey7
    12-10 02:52 AM

    I am a resident of the Chennai Consular District and I made an emergency appointment (returning US worker-H visa) for my H-1 renewal visa at New Delhi through the vfs website. I was not able to find any appointments at the Chennai consulate. I happened to know today through the New Delhi Embassy website that their emergency appointments are reserved only for residents of the New Delhi Consular District. I'm confused as to how/why the vfs website allowed me to make an appointment without providing this information. I am now unable to find any regular appointments available at New Delhi or emergency appointments at Chennai.

    Also, the vfs website has a news update from Dec.4th stating that anyone (fluent in english) can now apply at New Delhi, Chennai or Mumbai. I do not know if this precludes the emergency appointment requirement at New Delhi as stated above or if this is a more up to date info.

    If anyone here has any information/experience about this, I would appreciate a response.

    Thank you.

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  • justAnotherFile
    03-21 01:04 PM
    Looking at the responses from admins and core group on the Frist Bill threads it appears that the strategy for IV is to
    (i) Send mass faxes to senators to establish IV as a significant org
    (ii) Use the above leverage and QGA contacts to try and include additional favourable clauses in the bill while still supporting the bill as is.

    The 2 main broad clauses that everyone seems to have consensus on is

    (A) Re-instatement of AC-21 (paragraph 5) in full so that oversubscribed countries are eligible to use left-over visas from the rest of the world.
    (B) Ability to file I-485 while the visa number is retrogressed.

    This thread is to discuss alternatives for these 2 main clauses so that various options can be discussed with Senators if they are not willing to put these clauses as is:

    For example:

    (A) AC-21 clause alternatives
    1. Put in the clause for a limited time period like 5 years, this will relieve the curretn backlog as well as make sure that the immigration per country numbers are not skewed for ever.
    2. Increase the per-country limits to 25% so it may be skewed but not that much
    3. Increase the per-country to 25% for a limited period of time ( 5 years)
    4. Have per country limit 10% on current year only. But for recapture from previous years do not impose per country limit.

    (B) Filing I-485 when priority dates not curretn
    1. allow for filing if I-140 approved and priority dates stilll not curretn
    2. allow for filing of 6 months has passed since I-140 approved and priority dates curretn
    3. USCIS favourite :-) allow filing if 45 days has passed since I-140 has been filed and priority dates not curretn.

    Pleas pitch in with alternative ideas on these 2 main clauses.


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  • neeidd
    07-31 05:42 PM
    There is a Thread already opened by VDLRAO we can use that to honour him for his predictions and analysis on the visa number availability and EB -visas movement.
    Can you tell us where that thread is?


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  • indianabacklog
    10-19 01:59 PM

    You can request assistance from the airline. My elderly mother travels alone twice a year to visit me and the respective airline are always more than helpful, meeting her off the plane and making sure she knows which gate to go to etc.

    On a funny note she was most offended that they felt a wheelchair was appropriate and insisted that is only for old people. She is 77.

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  • cdeneo
    04-01 12:29 AM
    Gap in employment and porting priority date:

    What if there is a gap of employment between leaving the previous employer who made the initial green card application under EB3 and joining the new employer who is willing to make a new application under EB2.

    I-140 is approved, I-485 was pending for more than six months when the employee left the first company and has had a gap in employment for a few months. The employee has joined the new company using EAD. I-140 has not been revoked.

    Would applying for the green card under EB-2 and trying to port the EB-3 priority date cause any complications given the gap in employment. The new job satisfies the same or similar job requirement with a 50% bump in salary and meets the EB-2 requirements. Would really appreciate your insight on the risks to be aware of if any due to the gap in employment. Thanks!

    04-09 03:47 AM
    and yes i separated it...

    i got this idea from the ipod chicken sandwhich thread

    01-15 09:57 PM
    Thanks Anurakt. I will try to join in.

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