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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reese Witherspoon Jeans

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  • haisylu
    06-16 04:46 PM
    Do I need to provide any proof during the interview stating he is my step son? or the documents between the mother and the son will suffice?

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  • vishwak
    11-23 10:51 AM

    My employer has initiated my H1 B visa for our client which is a telecom giant. I was denied H1B with the reason that I am a Mechanical Engineer. The document says that as a mechanical engineer I need 6yrs exp. I already have more than 4yrs exp in IT. The thing which wonders me is that, 2 of my engineering classmates got their H1 approved. Is there any clause which says about this. Please help me.


    Get Education Evalutaion done as per job requirement.

    You need someone who can write nice Theory on your Experience and Education & showing you are qualified for it. You will get H1B. All the best.

    Keep updating thread.

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  • lostinbeta
    10-22 02:42 AM
    Ah... oldschool is the way to go sometimes.

    Just because it is oldschool doesn't mean it shouldn't be used :)

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  • rajuk_in
    07-02 04:23 PM

    I am planning to file my I-485 and for that I got my Birth Certificate from India and have a question related to it. The name provided for my Passport and all other documents is "Rajendra Upadhya Kumbhasi" but in my Birth Certificate they have included my father's name along with my name i.e. my Birth Certificate has "Rajendra Murlidhar Upadhya Kumbhasi". I would like to know if this could be a issue and if so will a affidavit help me resolve this issue.

    Please let me know.



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  • vfx
    07-09 11:52 AM
    Is the 3yr extension based on an approved 140 transferrable to another employer for the full duration of 3 yrs?

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  • uma001
    08-30 09:24 PM
    How about this? Just give Green card for all the current H1 holders without any stage grene card ..:)


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  • raysaikat
    05-20 09:23 AM
    Hello, I'm Hyoung and I'm graduate student at Purdue University.

    I handed in my paperworks to extend my I-20 before more than 2 weeks ago that is expired. But recommendation reason that my academic advisor wrote was not appropriate and that was "Keep studying Ph.D". I am planning to graduate my masters in August. And I-20 is expired on May/16.

    Actually, I was notified that issue 5 working days before from ISS in my school that the reason is not appropriate and handed in a new recommendation form one day after when my I-20 expired.

    At this case, do I need to follow applying procedure for a reinstatement with application fee $300?

    I'm so depressed because I did everything that I could do to prevent this problem. But whenever I email to ISS of the school, the answer was that I should finish my masters within May/16 that is impossible for me. And Finally, they emailed me that I need to apply reinstatement now.
    If there is some tips to resolve this issue that you can tell me, could you let me know?

    Thank you so much


    You need to follow what your school's ISS is asking you to do. If your concern is the $300, and if you believe that ISS was at fault for not notifying you earlier, etc., then you can bring that up with someone at ISS and ask them to waive the fee.

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  • vinabath
    10-06 08:24 AM
    Sorry if this is already posted.

    on CNN politics section with title

    "Bush tries to shift focus from war, Foley scandal"

    Homeland security bill signed
    After his remarks, Bush stepped outside on a patio with a view of Camelback Mountain to sign a $34.8 billion bill to fund homeland security. The bill includes $1.2 billion for about 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, along with vehicle barriers, lighting and infrared cameras to help catch people sneaking across.

    But Bush has been saying for months that the country's immigration problems cannot be solved just by tightening border security. U.S. employers need cheap foreign labor, and immigrants will continue to sneak in to take the jobs, Bush said, so Congress should authorize temporary work permits to match those workers with low-paying jobs that other Americans don't want. He also wanted to give citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States.

    But Republicans in Congress took a tougher stance against immigration and have refused to give Bush the more comprehensive legislation he wanted.

    "We'll continue to work with Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that secures this border, upholds the laws and honors our nation's proud heritage as a land of immigrants," Bush said just before putting his pen to the bill's paper.


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  • zico123
    06-18 02:32 PM
    :confused: my receipt number starts from EAC... does that mean my service center is vermont? after i got the below status online i have not recevied any response and my lawyer says he has not received anything.. shall i go ahead and take appointment in August/Sept or should i wait ?
    congratulations! Looks like your application for H1 is approved. But wait till you get your I-797 approval notice to schedule your Consulate interview. Best of luck!

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  • yagw
    08-17 10:55 AM
    My PD is Nov 24th 2005. EB2- India. Filed @NSC
    Dates are current for my priority date. Havent heard anything USCIS on the primary or derivative case.

    I opened a SR on 08/6th because the case should have been picked up based on their processing times. Haven't yet received any response on this.

    I want to schedule an infopass appointment however looks like we need to wait for 30 days from the date of opening an SR, before scheduling this appointment.

    Has anyone got slapped on the hand for not following this?

    I have also sought help from my senator, however no useful information has come out of it.

    Are their any other options available?

    If you select the option "you need information" on a case, then you don't have to wait for 30 days. But no one can assure if the infopass will be helpful (irrespective of, wait or not wait for 30 days).
    Try asking specific questions (when you call or go in person) like, is my name check cleared? background check cleared? pre-adjudicated? assigned to a io? etc. You might have to try more than once depending on the rep you talk to (talk to level 2 officers when you call). Good luck!!!


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  • sparuthi
    08-21 05:58 PM
    So guys just off the phone with a very decent IO at NSC . talked to her 30 mins, yes you are right 30 mins..which is unheard off..

    the questions that I asked were very simple

    Q1. Hello Maam, i would like to know the status of my I485
    A1. This is not the place to ask for status

    Q2: But, Maam, I wanted to know where my case stands as people with PDs and RDs later than mine (mine is March 2006 and July 26 2007) are being adjudicated
    A2: Well, we cannot disclose anybody else's case, but each case is different, so we dont know

    Q3: Okay, but can u tell me if my namecheck has been cleared (although i checked a week back and another IO told me it was cleared)
    A3: No, for privacy purposes we cannot disclose this info

    Q4: Okay then can you tell me why there was a LUD on my approved I40 on 7/13. (guess there were lots of us who had this)
    A4: Yes, I can tell you that, what is your Receipt number

    Q5. Here is my recpt number
    A5: Okay it looks like your I140 was filed at Texas and they sent the file over to us. we consolidated that with your I485

    Q6: Does that mean that my case is being worked upon
    A6: No it does not mean that. This step is one of many many steps that are required for 485 processing. so this will not tell you anything

    Q7: Is my case assigned to a IO
    A7: No we cannot give this info, and even if you have this info, it is useless info as the center is going towards Backlog.

    Q8: Then what is the meaning of processing dates as issued by USCIS
    A8: They dont mean much,. they are just a gestimation of where things stand, and as off now the centers are facing backlog. there is lot of restructuring going on within the centers. The place to check is on the website., any change will be reflected there and it is upto date.

    This was the gist of my call with the IO today.. w

    What is the bottom line?

    Sit tight and things will move only when USCIS wants.. nothing will happen otherwise..

    so guys good luck to all of us.....


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  • LondonTown
    05-21 01:04 PM
    Hello All,

    My first I-140 (EB3) got denied and is pending in appeals office for more than 1-1/2 years. Since 140 was denied my 485 was also denied.

    Later we filed new labor (in 2009) and 140 (EB-2) and got approval after 8 months.

    My questions are:

    1. Can I file 'motion to reopen' for 485s based on new 140 approval and use the previous priority date (which is 2004)?

    2. If not, can I file motion to reopen 485 based on old 140 (which is pending in appeals office) and later if they are open, can we link these 485s with new 140?

    Please advise.


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  • ravicmv
    05-20 11:05 PM
    Helllo Experts,

    Here is my Case:

    Have 4 yrs of work experience and changed 3 employers in the past.

    1 st employer: Worked as a Programmer Analyst for 6 months
    2nd employer: Worked as Sr.Software Engineer for1.6 years
    3rd Employer: Worked as Sr.Software Engineer for 2 years

    Under unexpected circumstances, 2nd employer filed my H1 for a senior level even when I have only 2.5 yrs of experience.

    I am trying to change job and look for a prospective employer who would file my labor/GC immediately.

    The 4rth employer is willing to my GC but the Job designation will be Software Engineer.

    Can you please advise if there would be any negative impact on my GC process if I take a step down in my title.

    I liked the organization, work environment and all I am concerned now is about any RFC's for the different Job Titles I had so far.

    I am in a very confused state and Please advise me as I need to respond for the Job offer.

    I sincerely appreciate your help.


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  • validIV
    03-24 10:49 AM
    In summary, the immigration system remains broken. Pls fix k thx.


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  • bbhargava
    10-16 08:10 PM
    Here's the situation
    EAD valid till sept. 2009,
    797 valid till Dec. 2010
    MBA program finishes end 2011
    Has anyone been in the same situation where applying for a private student loan has been denied since the 797/EAD expires before the course is complete.
    Working full time right now. What are the options?

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  • lj_rr
    07-23 05:46 PM
    My lawyer explicity told "NOT" to flipflop even without me asking.

    My attorney has asked for the I-485 to be printed:

    double sided with Flip to Top option.

    Did anyone else do the same?


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  • martinvisalaw
    01-28 12:44 PM
    I agree with Kanshul. You don't need AP just to remain in the US, however I strongly recommend getting it even if you don't plan to travel. You will need it if there is an emergency and it is difficult to get at short notice. There are many messages on this board from people who had to travel unexpectedly before AP was approved and wonder if they can return to the US.

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  • augustus
    06-17 06:36 PM
    Dear All,

    1. Can someone please let me know what I should take with me when I meet the USCIS civil surgeon? Who gives the Form - I-693? My lawyer has not attached that form in her mails to me? Does the hospital provide or should I take one with me myself?

    2. How is the procedure usually with the USCIS civil Surgeon? What does the surgeon do and how is the examination like?

    Please help me understand this process better. I am aware of the vaccinations I should take but I am not aware of the procedure with the surgeons.

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

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  • Lasantha
    11-06 01:48 PM

    Can someone tell me about the final interview for the EB based GC process.

    1) Does everyone get called for an interview or is it done on selected cases based on individual factors?

    2) When is it generally done? Prior to approval of your 485 or prior to the issue of your visa(GC).

    3) Why is it done and what kind of questions can one expect during the interview?



    11-08 03:21 PM
    Yes, this is very sad. I did receive the same email. Monthly $10 wouldn't be much. May be you can get rid of one pay channel or the munchies from grocery store. That's the only sacrifice you had to do !

    It is really pity ! May be its fun to be on Illegal side:)

    10-13 11:57 AM
    The Nov bulletin is out
    Visa Bulletin November 2009 (

    No change

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