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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • GCaspirations
    10-18 11:38 PM
    I am one of the July 2 filers. I need to go to India on 1st November. I was hoping that AP will come by that time. But there has been no progress on that. Just spoke to my Attorney. She said that USCIS does not have any facility to issue AP for an emergency.
    Then I called USCIS. I was told the same thing. The Customer Service representative said - I should go wherever I need to go. On arrival contact the local US Embassy and tell them that you need AP to travel back. They will "guide you".
    On this forum I have read about INFOPASS many times. I was hoping to use that facility if I did not get AP in time. I am trying to find out if anybody actually used INFOPASS to meet a local Immigration Officer and got AP on an emergency basis.
    No theoretical guesses please.

    Local US Embassy cannot process or give you advance parole.
    ". . . Aliens applying for advance parole on the basis of a pending application for adjustment of status must be approved for advance parole prior to leaving the United States in order to avoid the termination of their pending application for adjustment." D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • abimanyu
    08-19 09:20 AM
    What impact does premium processing have on your application, if your file is stuck in Dallas BEC for over 3 1/2 years? Does this mean the application will be processed faster now?! Or is this only for new applicants?:(

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  • nonimmi
    06-11 04:20 PM
    Does anyone out there knows when is the next visa bulletin,I mean with the date the bulletin will be released?


    Visit this....

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  • nixstor
    09-18 02:37 PM
    I dont see any thing related to scientits/researchers on the link you provided. Has it moved? The page I see talks about WU not making double digit profits.


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  • memyselfandus
    06-03 08:59 AM
    Since i had to spend US $ 70 on passportport photos during july 2007 filing, i wrote my own app to format passport photos. some of my my friends and i used it for filing AP the last couple years. i can email it to any of you if you want it. just PM me.
    you would need .NET framework(minimum version 2.0) to run it.
    it supports indian passport photos too (3.5 cm by 4.5 cm) :)

    I have used this site to generate several times.

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  • speddi
    10-15 01:17 PM
    this is the response I got from our company attorney..

    If you use your EAD to work part time for another employer, then you would no longer be in H-1B status. However, the H-1B petition would remain valid but you would not be in H-1B status (your stay in the US would be as an applicant for adjustment).


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  • shadowbuddy
    03-17 12:56 AM
    I am sorry to hear that they lost your papers. The same thing happened to me when we were filing our 485 papers in '05. This was just before the EB -2 retrogression....we had to mail in all papers including medicals before sept 30th.

    My lawyer sent all the papers but USCIS had a huge volume of applications come in before the pending retrogression and they lost my papers. We had the delivery confirmation, but they wouldnt accept the 485 papers, they only accepted the I-140 papers and I had to wait until the July fiasco to apply for AOS.

    I would suggest that you fight and get them to accept the papers, in hindsight I feel I should've fought a little harder and pushed my attornies a little more to get justice. Oh well hindsight is always 20-20!


    Thanks, we are really going to give it a go. I'll fight as long and as hard as I have to. It sad to think that someone else could make a simple mistake that could result in my wife and I having to leave the country. We love it here. It's our home.

    I will keep you all posted as to how it goes over the next couple of weeks.

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  • sgX05
    02-12 01:53 AM
    Another interesting thing is that the status on both 485s went from Request For Evidence to Initial Review. Had got and responded to RFEs on the 485s back in 2008.


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  • jaggu
    08-16 02:56 AM

    I am currently holding L1 and B1 visa from a company A. Now some company B has applied for my H1 Visa. If I get H1b visa, does both L1 and B1 get cancelled.


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  • logiclife
    03-08 02:37 AM

    We are planning an organized way to raise our membership to a level of 10,000 plus members.

    I would like to invite motivated - "Fire in the belly" volunteers :) to help us with this effort. If you are one of the willing members please email me at so that I can send you what you need to organize this. Just send a blank email with subject line: "Membership Drive".

    Trust me, this is one of the most interesting ways you can help immigration voice. Also the most critical one. And it wont take much time from each of you during the day. Just a few minutes per day of your time can make a huge huge difference.

    Let's organize and team up...


    Update: 09-MARCH 11:39 PST :O


    This is as important as the fund raising. The same group of contributors cannot contribute all the time, please join the effort to bring more people in by signing up in the Membership drive. Just email me at so that I can send you a 5 page pdf document to get your started.



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  • lazycis
    01-04 01:06 PM
    Here is what I usually submit:
    1. A formal invtation letter addressed to American consulate.
    2. I-485 receipts for me and my spouse.
    3. Latest paycheck.
    4. An employment letter from my company.

    It never failed so far (3 different parents visiting 6 or 7 times), but again, it's just my personal experience.

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  • wandmaker
    11-22 12:28 PM
    She should enter in the US on H4, for which you will need to keep your H1 valid at least until the time of her entry.

    Correction: He has to maintain the H1 even after his wife enters the USA in H4 status. If he looses H1B status by any means, his wife's H4 is invalid and she will be out of status. So, he has to maintain H1B status until his wife files AOS/485.


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  • feedfront
    10-16 03:03 PM
    I used AP first time to enter. I had to go thru 2nd inspection where I was instructed to sit and after 15-20 mins, I got my AP back with stamped. I had applied for H1B visa also in India and it got stuck into 'administrative processing'. After extending my stay by 1 week, my employer/attorney suggested to use AP to enter. I did not had any issue @SFO POE even though my visa application is still under 'administrative processing'.

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  • jthomas
    07-05 05:52 PM
    Most of the active members would have done their calls to lawmakers and the list of provided. What's next. Can somebody keep it moving.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    01-08 01:55 PM
    As far as i know PF is controlled by the central government, TCS will not have any say in you withdrawing your money. Generally there is an upto 15% match from the company in your account, and that is yours the moment it is deposited in your account. You should not have any problems withdrawing your money. Your money is yours. Some companies deposit PF monies quarterly, small companies deposit it annually, in those cases you might be screwed if you company did not deposit the money in your account.

    Has anyone managed to withdraw money from TCS PF from Mumbai India?

    If so, pls advise on the procedure for the same?


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  • vina92
    12-11 08:44 PM
    I am in MN and would like to join in.


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  • techbuyer77
    06-12 08:21 PM
    my lawyer said it was ok as long as I go back to work for them uon approval. GC is for future job, not current, according to USCIS Director memo.
    The problem is my previous employer is not doing well due to economy :(
    so I might not have a job upon approval
    Please do not imply I am doing something illegal, because it is not that way.

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  • GotGoose?
    04-28 10:41 PM
    Added another stamp based on my other stamp's gradient theme.

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  • YesWeWillGet
    09-13 06:45 AM
    I'll be graduating from med school next year. Per student counsel/student affair office, my seniors are qualified med professionals and are eligible for eb2 category.

    Does immi law allow a person to file H-1B when he/she is a derivative 485 applicant / AOS pending status?

    Just trying to explore the possibilities to apply 485 under EB2 category and my current status is 485 EB3 AOS, primary applicant is my spouse. I would really appreciate the valuable suggestions and thoughts.


    01-23 12:49 PM
    Have you used AC21?

    What are the implications if for some wierd reason your I-485 gets denied and you dont have an H1-B to fall back upon?

    Say you have an H1-B which is extended for 3 yrs( based on approved I-140) from now till 2011, in the year 2011 your I-485 file is opned and its not approved for some reason so will you get another 3 yr extension for H1-B ie till year 2014?

    When you are switching employer with AC21 using H1B you can get a transfer to the new company for 3 years and get extensions from the new employer when that 3 year expires. So no worries... Enjoy

    02-06 11:00 AM
    I am talking to my lawyer about that. They are pondering over it. I will let u guys know what they come up with.

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