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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • gcseeker2002
    02-12 05:14 PM
    If you have approved labor and 140, why you want to file EB2 perm?

    1. Are you jumping to another company? Yes you can do this as you are not substituting any labor. You are just porting YOUR PD.

    2. Are you thinking to apply ther PERM from the same company? It is possible only if you jump to different department. Yes, you can still port the PD.

    Substitution is the terminology used only when the beneficiary name changes. As long as the original labor is in your name, you can port the PD n number of times.
    Folks , for someone with March 2004 Eb3 India PD , is converting to Eb2 really going to help in any way at all ? Please suggest.

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  • Refugee_New
    08-02 12:47 PM
    I'm surprised u got a 2 yr extn despite the fact that ur case is current. When did u file and which date was it approved?

    i e-filed my ead on the last week of june. sent documents during the first week of july. July 17th, went for FP. Got the approval two days back

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  • yestogc
    05-31 05:05 PM
    Will Obama fool his foot steps ?

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  • Aah_GC
    06-19 08:37 AM
    Aah_GC: Lawyer might not have received it from USCIS otherwise irrational would not be writing it here :) Many who filed during July 07 fiasco have not received the 485 receipt notices (lost in mail) from USCIS.

    irrational: For EAD renewal, you can use your biometric notice as a proof of filing for I-485 to extend EAD and you make sure give correct A# on the form , with this USCIS should be able to pull your records. Also write a cover letter stating that you have not received the 485 receipt notice from USCIS, thats it. Nothing to worry, Go ahead and file without 485 receipt notice copy.

    Sure, guess I was a bit irrational :)!


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  • vish77
    08-01 08:57 PM
    My wife's federal loan got approved with expired I94 stamped as parole

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  • gclover
    01-09 01:18 PM
    Has anyone managed to withdraw money from TCS PF from Mumbai India?

    If so, pls advise on the procedure for the same?


    No forms would work because like a typical family owned blood sucker company, their PF is controlled by another TATA company and not the central govt. AND to get your hard earned money out of that another company, you need a clearance letter signed by some TCS HR personnel ..
    You could see if the amount is worth going through the agony of talking to all top brass in the company.. If it is, then make your heart of steel and go through it..
    they would keep some money as their tip.. (maybe 20%) but give the remaining back to you..


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  • looivy
    05-20 06:13 PM
    President Obama recently mentioned plans for holding a White House meeting to discuss proceeding with immigration reform legislation. And now he is keeping that promise by setting June 8th, just three weeks from now, to hold the meeting. According to Politico: "The meeting will be an opportunity to launch a policy conversation that we hope will be able to start a debate that will take place in Congress later in the year," the official, who asked not to be named, said. Asked if the session would be billed as a summit or a forum, like similar meetings on health care...

    More... (

    IV should have members of congress on our side appeal on our behalf.

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  • msyedy
    12-13 12:45 PM
    GCAMIGO was scaring him.. that is why he replied that If you do not know then dont answer


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  • rajuram
    04-04 07:55 PM
    here is the correct link:

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  • realizeit
    08-01 04:01 PM
    This movement by Menendez definitely will increse the likelihood of the passage of our bill.

    IV CORE: Probably, it's time for start mobilizing our resources in the direction of Senate aisle as well.


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  • CPUWiz
    12-14 11:30 AM
    There have been many issues with USCIS and three year degrees from Canada, India and the UK. If you want to fight this then you have to prove that your education is equivalent to a US bachelors which many of the degrees from some countries are. You cannot use experience towards adding credits to your degree when dealing with an I-140 like you can for a H1B visa. Two years equals an Associate degree - three year bachelors programs can be (and have been) proven to equal a US bachelors.

    This degree evaluation company has been the most successful in generating acceptable evaluations that complete a successfull case approval. It cost me a lot more than I expected but at least I was able to get my I-140 approved.

    Sheila Danzig, Director
    Career Consulting International
    1.800.771.4723 (toll free voice)
    1.866.585.1409 (toll free fax)
    1304 SW 160th Ave. #203, Sunrise FL 33326

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  • thomachan72
    03-28 03:17 PM
    I completely understand that nothing is ever going to happen in favor of legal immigrants. However, when I saw what really the dream act meant to do, I just thought we should get some senators involved and aware of the plight about the kids of the legal community too. One of my friend has 2 kids and he has been waiting now for over 6 years every single day of that in perfect legal status. what wrong did the kids do? why dont they compare equal to the ilegal kids who are going to be blessed by this bill if it is passed. I am sure IV might not have enough will for this since many of the leaders might not have kids but atleast look at others who have kids and always face the dreaded scenario of having to uproot them from their schools/friendships in case of immigration-related issues.


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  • Winner
    10-11 08:37 PM
    I am in H1B and more than five years. My employer is a mid size
    private Indian company. They start bringing more and more L1B
    people and post them in client location. Their LCA is for 55K and they
    are paid only 30K even though the billing is in three digit. All the
    accomodation, per diem are paid by the client. We are into one of
    the XXX product and there is no custom product from our company.

    Whats the best way to deal with this guys. Whom should send I the
    complaint about this. What they are doing is a complete violation
    of law.

    So please guide and share you experience.

    P.S. If you dont have any information, please stay away. Do not
    start the H1 vs L1, Anti-immis troll alert. Thanks for your
    understanding. This has nothing to do with the L1 employees.

    Just curious..if you can answer the below questions, I'll google my fingers off to get you information you need.

    Why not disclose your employers name?
    Does your company just pay low wages to others and pay you very well?
    If your company is violating US laws, why are you with them?

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  • lavanyamohan
    03-18 12:50 AM
    thanks everyone for their suggestions.I know the clock is ticking and I am gonna decide today itself. I have all documents prepared from last year and I missed the quota.

    Did any one used for their H1B filing.

    I am waiting for some reference from any of senior membere here who have used their service



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  • at0474
    12-14 02:03 PM
    Sorry to say this is gone case. Try exploring the option of filing another I-140with the other approved labor you have. Also, make sure that labor has provisions to make your new I-140 approvable. Otherwise, you will be hitting against the wall twice!!

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  • BECsufferer
    03-19 01:03 PM
    Hello Everyone;

    I recently posted a thread on our buying house expereince, while that was chapter in itself, there is another one that has recently opened up. Allow me to elaborate;

    When you buy a house ( as most know) lender sets up an arrangment with Title company. You actually pay for the expenses and title company carries out the work. So as part of the paper work, this title company was assigned to put together, they sent me a copy of the whole deal for my records. Now, the person who was handling the package at title company, sent it to the address on my driver license. Happens to be that right next day from the date of closing, I left this place an moved into my house. So when the package arrived via Fedex, their was no-one their to claim, so the Fedex guy left it on the door step. After more than a week, the title company contacted me via phone asking about why I haven't signed up those documents and sent back. Surprised I asked about when they sent and to what place? that's when we discovered that the package was delievered to wrong place. So I asked them to ask Fedex to go fetch the package and send it to my new address. So now Fedex reported, that the package is gone! ... I contacted apartment office and no-one turned in such package. I called back the title company and informed them about all this and complained about loss of personal information. I asked them to pay for identity protection program, which they have refused.

    So my question is what legal course do I have to ensure they pay for my ID protection. I am really furstrated with the way these people do work. Instead of accepting negligence they are refuting my greivance. I have never hired a lawyer nor has taken anyone to court, but feel cheated.


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  • bkarnik
    01-05 06:22 PM
    That is one option but given that I am not on H1 and nor with the same employer - it may not be the way to go. This is something I am going to look into and have an attorney weigh in on. Thanks!

    Since her H4 is tied to your being in status and not to which employer you are working for (she is your dependent) I would say she can safely travel on H4. I would recommend that she carry photocopies or originals of your 485 receipts, a photocopy of your passport with I94 (showing you are in the US) and a copy of your EAD card to show your status. I have never heard of dependents getting denied entry as long as they have a valid visa and can show that their spouse is in status. A change of status within the US is not considered as an impediment to your dependents who may travel on a dependent visa category that was last issued to the principal applicant.

    My 50 cents (2 cents with inflation added in) Do let us know how this thing ultimately resolves.

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  • number30
    10-22 04:47 AM
    Your wife can't change her status because she is not currently maintaining status if the H-1B was approved as a change of status. CIS will only approve a change of status with proof that the applicant has maintained status. She needs to leave the US and return in H-4 status to effect H-4 status. She has been out of status since October 2008.

    If the company has revoked the H1 prior to the start date does she still needs to apply for H1 to H4?

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  • xlr8r
    09-28 09:31 AM
    I had filed an FOIA for a copy of my COMPLETE ALIEN file. I found my I-140 approval as part of those documents.

    It might not be a bad idea to file FOIA again to request the entire Alien file and not just the I-485 file. That is likely to give you the results you're looking for.

    Recently I filed FOIA for the complete set of documents on my I-485, becaz my employer didnt share any documents with me.
    Now I got my I-140 application and Receipt Notice and all the documents submitted for I-485, but there is no I-140 approval notice, is anyone out there filed FOIA just to get the I-140 approval notice? or should I file I-824 to get the I-140 approval notice?

    Contributed $200 towards advocacy.

    01-15 09:55 AM
    Interesting article! It reminds me of 2001-2002 time when getting labor approved was extremely difficult. It was tough for companies to prove that there is no willing and qualified US citizen in IT field to do the job. We saw so many labors getting rejected that time. Well, it is all coming back to haunt us.

    06-01 09:07 AM
    Liaison International
    (Comprehensive Coverage Plan)

    All insurance or in same boat.

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