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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • angelina jolie movies all

  • motulist
    Aug 7, 03:29 AM
    An image of the new iPhone just came out! I can't reveal the source I got it from, but you have to trust me, this is the real deal!

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  • Jolie,Gia

  • jakeDude
    Nov 15, 02:11 PM
    Programmers should make the effort to accommodate upcoming multi-core designs into their software development cycle. Once a new system is released, it should be a minimal effort to test and tweak the software for the new system and quickly release an update, thus making their customers only wait a week or two from when the systems first ship as opposed to several weeks/months .

    This is not true at all. Multi-threading often introduces more problems such as race conditions, deadlocks, pipeline starvations, memory leaks, cache coherency problems. Further more, multithreaded apps are harder and take longer to debug. Also, using threads without good reason too is not efficient (context swtiching) and can cause problems (thread priorities) with other apps running. This is because threads can not yield to other threads and block if such an undesirable condition like a deadlock exists.. Like on Windows when one app has a non responsive thread and the whole system hangs.. Or like when Finder sucks and locks everything..

    Also, multithreading behaves differently on different platforms with different language environments. Java threading might behave differently than p-threads (C-based) on the same system (OS X).. I am a prfessional developer etc..

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  • angelina-jolie-pic-11

  • copykris
    Nov 25, 03:00 PM
    A new case for my iPhone:


    late entry to post of the year

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  • Angelina Jolie dons a black

  • cube
    Mar 24, 02:10 PM
    It outperforms the 320M under OS X. It certainly doesn't "suck" as much as you make it out to be.

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  • Angelina Jolie Movie #39;The

  • PBF
    Mar 30, 09:18 PM
    Full screens apps now have a transition-drop down menubar rather than one that covers up the top of the application now.
    Care to upload a screenshot? (only and only if you feel comfortable)

    P.S. Are we allowed to ask questions in this thread?

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  • Movies by Angelina Jolie

  • SciFrog
    Feb 13, 04:14 PM
    Looks like there is a problem with 6.29 client (at least for mac) where if you get an a1 unit after an a3 one, something goes wrong.

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  • When asked if Angelina Jolie

  • WildCowboy
    Nov 27, 01:17 PM
    meh - does this matter? Isn't 17" is getting to be a bit skimpy by any consumer standards.

    I don't think so. Many people (myself included) who use notebooks as their primary computers without an external monitor. 17" widescreen is a great size.

    Entry-level mini buyers don't want to spend more on their monitor than they do on their computer.

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  • angelina jolie movie

  • lifeinhd
    Feb 22, 03:22 PM
    I bought an 08 MacBook Aluminum. So No i'm not concerned or care about the upcoming refresh.

    Even so, you could have probably had the 08 Al MB for another $100 off post-refresh.

    It's finally all finished. Put the Craftsman tool chest in this weekend. It mostly hold cable and repair tools for guitars.

    Those toolboxes are quite expensive. Any reason you chose one of those over, say, a plastic rolling cart from Ikea?

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  • Angelina Jolie,

  • SactoGuy18
    Apr 16, 09:41 PM
    While I know how to drive a car with a manual shifter, here's a BIG problem nowadays: the quality of the shifter has really gone downhill in recent years.

    Unless you're driving a BMW, Honda or Porsche, gear shifters on modern cars either are too "notchy" or overly-vague in terms of finding a gear, and the result is not very pleasant, especially in city driving.

    Besides, automatics and dual-clutch gearboxes--thanks to modern computer controls--have gotten really good in recent years. This is especially true with automatics that sport six to eight forward gears, which allows for a lot smoother automatic shifts between gears during acceleration. I've test-driven a 2011 US-market Hyundai Elantra saloon with Hyundai's own six-speed automatic and note how smooth the shifts are even during hard acceleration.

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  • Angelina Jolie Movies – Films

  • Peace
    Jul 19, 05:39 PM
    I'm about ready to buy a 20" iMac but I want the new OS. How long do I have to wait?

    not as long as Vista customers will have to wait :D

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  • Posted in Angelina Jolie

  • davidia
    Jan 11, 09:32 PM
    This Air theme is very plausible. We have AirPort, AirTunes etc. Now we will have more products that will come together via AirPort. Any new products will now have the Air connections. This could be a combination of 802.11x or Bluetooth protocols depending on the level of connectivity required. iPods, iPhones and eventually MacBooks and Macs and even monitors will have no physical connections. We probably won't see this in the laptops or desktops until 802.11 gets up towards USB2.0 speeds. However iPhones and iPods can go without dock connectors sooner as we only sync smaller amounts of data. The size of these devices can then continue to get smaller and look better without the connector which is looking too big on iPod nanos.

    So I think something in the air could be this new direction towards complete wirelessness in Apple products. We may see the sub notebook or tablet be the first to have very limited or no non-wireless connectivity. You may need to have an AirPort to sync and transfer data from your desktop.

    The idea of a new "DuoDock" with an iMac form factor does appeal to me, but I think what we will see is that the new sub or tablet can sit beside your Desktop or remain in its pouch on a shelf and still sync and be ready with all the data you need for when you next hit the road. No need to plug anything in.

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  • Angelina Jolie Movies

  • axu539
    Mar 31, 10:21 PM
    Google Maps looks fine, so do dragging images. There is something strange I noticed trying to refresh a page. The best is to just post the pictures to show the bug.
    The first is the popover that slide into view when I tried to refresh the page.
    The second is the address bar glitching once the popover is dismissed.

    It seems that once the address bar starts glitching, spaces starts acting up too.

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  • Angelina Jolie 1 1

  • rezenclowd3
    Jan 4, 11:38 PM
    ^^^ Nice!

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  • Angelina Jolie

  • shawnce
    Jul 19, 10:36 PM
    ...but it sucks compared to Tiger and Leopard.

    I don't fully agree with that ... and as I said I use it often.

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  • Angelina Jolie talked

  • twoodcc
    Mar 24, 09:13 PM
    I decided I don't need to right now so it's back to bigadv units now.

    good, cuz that's where the points are at!

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  • angelina jolie and rad pitt

  • MattG
    Nov 28, 12:05 PM

    Suck it, Microsoft :cool:

    Do you have anything to support that MS lost billions on the xbox, I heard it was more like they broke even...

    I watched a television show on the history of video games a couple of weeks ago. I forget what channel it was on...History or Discovery or something like that, but I specifically remember them saying that Microsoft lost a lot of money on the xbox, but that they didn't care...they just wanted to get their foot in the door.

    I think it was this show:

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  • replace Angelina Jolie as

  • cube
    Mar 24, 04:26 PM
    Which is not even out yet. Brazos/Zacate and Ontario are the ones I'm referring. Let me edit that out.

    Brazos is the platform. Zacate/Ontario are the chips. Bobcat is the core.

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 12, 01:26 PM
    Maybe they are rare where you live. In the UK and the rest of Europe they are more common that automatics.

    Wow, here in New Zealand you never see new manual cars (unless they're some sort of heavy duty utility vehicle or a utility van). Regular road cars are all automatic now...

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  • Angelina Jolie Movies 2010.

  • Biff...
    Feb 21, 04:11 PM
    Gotta stop looking at this thread, its giving me to many ideas that will cost me dearly. :eek:

    Jul 18, 06:55 PM
    Why do some people think Steve Jobs doesn't want a movie rental model? Traditionally, music is sold, not rented. Traditionally, movies are rented, not sold. I see jobs pushing this for iTunes. I'm guessing Apple will offer both rental and sales of movies, just like Blockbuster does, but they'll push the rental model, because:

    - People don't watch movies over and over like they do songs
    - Movies take up a lot of disk space
    - People don't want to spend money buying back up drives
    - People don't want to spend time burning DVDs
    - Renting is cheaper than buying

    Feb 23, 02:01 PM
    snip, imac

    This is my first Mac computer so nothing special but I love it.
    welcome! great choice for a first mac, the imac's are beautiful!

    May 3, 09:44 AM
    THE KILLER FEATURE! :rolleyes:

    Seriously, clicking and holding, pressing an x and then confirming sounds a hell of a lot harder than dragging to the trash. This is change for iOS's sake.

    I'm not so sure that is true. I was teaching an elderly person how to drag and drop a file into a folder and the whole drag and drop concept did not seem all that easy to her. She kept releasing the mouse button too early, not dropping it in the right place, and not waiting long enough to release the button once she did hover over it. Dragging from a folder to a trash icon in a different location (which may even be set to autohide) seems quite a bit more difficult to do than just staying where you are and holding down on it until it wiggles and then clicking on the "X". Unless of course you have already mastered the concept.

    Oct 23, 08:34 AM
    Am I alone in wishing there was more effort in getting universal binaries of MS Office, photoshop and all the other stuff that slows even the fastest Mac down rather than all the effort spent in playing the Speculation Game?

    Yeah, probably I am.

    (I love my MBPro)

    Mar 28, 03:12 PM
    The iPod Classic is the best iPod ever released, period. I love it since day 1. Only downside is you can�t use it for sports, due to its sensitive hard drive. The device does look awesome, goes well with my aluminum book. an ipod that is just about music and nothing else. and yeah the sound quality of the classic thats out right now does suck...i'd like to see improved battery life, higher quality chips (DAC, amps,...), digital output, maybe airplay - and all of that in a sexy, indestructable metal case with a click wheel and a small non touch display...

    Sounds like an awesome idea for a new Classic.

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