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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Stridder44
    Sep 6, 07:05 PM
    A Netflix subscription and a spindle of DVD-R discs is cheaper then one new movie from Apple.

    Sorry, not interested.

    HA I like your style. Think I'll adopt it too.

    Honestly though, am I the only one who thinks they should change/add/replace iTunes and just keep it for music, and make a separate app for videos & films (or something)? The "iTunes Movie Store"? That sounds like the "Home Depot Car Dealership & Laser Tag Center". I understand Apples' all about simplicity, but buying movies from the music store to play in iTunes...then again it does make it simpler for the iPod...meh. I just think some form of change should be made here.

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 10, 01:59 PM
    Although in sports cars, sequential gearboxes are best.

    When I move to the US though, I will probably be driving an Automatic, it will be simply something to get me from A to B. Rather than over here when I drive around lovely B (country) roads to get to places and a manual gearboxes are just more fun on twisty roads.
    Yes in terms of quick shifting a sequential gearbox is it.

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  • archer75
    May 3, 04:37 PM
    Well, you got what you wanted on the 2GB 6970m! At least as a BTO option.

    Yep, I am pleasantly surprised. I ordered one.

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  • jettredmont
    Apr 12, 10:16 PM
    Fine. You all go and apply to work at a post house and put "iMovie" on your resume. See how long it takes for them to laugh you out the door.

    I haven't really used iMovie since HD, so to be honest I don't really care what they do to it. It's "Super quick to capture and edit DV" time has come and gone.

    Ummm ... if you are wanting to build your pro resume, obviously you wouldn't put a consumer app on it. I'm a software engineer, and I wouldn't put Automator as a skill on my resume either.

    iMovie is a great consumer video editing app, far more capable than iMovie HD ever was, and still much easier for "everyday" people to understand. No, it's not Final Cut. That's why Apple makes Final Cut Pro.

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  • OllyW
    Apr 10, 11:20 AM
    I do and have been the last 10 years

    Helped learning to ride a motorcycle also

    I remember getting into an auto and mistook the brake for the clutch one time

    I used to get confused riding old British motorbikes. I'd often knock it down a gear or two instead of finding the rear brake. :o

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  • jav6454
    Mar 24, 02:02 PM
    But the GPU still has to decode what was sent and put it on the screen, which is why I asked if the TB itself can do the encoding. If it can how much overhead will that add (again as it has to happen over the PCIe side)?

    Or can you send graphics information over DP that still needs to be processed, ie raw frames?

    The GPU can do that, no need for CPU. The CPU is just there to tell the GPU what to crunch assuming no FLAGS were thrown regarding a particular DRM-protected data.

    Thunderbolt is just the transmission protocol, there is no actual decode or encode besides what is hard wired at the ports.

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  • medazinol
    Nov 29, 04:36 PM
    Like everyone else, I've seen the pictures of the back of the iTV (no video in ports) but I'd really like to able to record on this puppy.

    I'll still buy one because I have tons of video I'd rather watch on my plasma pulled from my iMac rather than wasting CDs and DVDs. Sorry but my XBOX 360 limitation to WMV streaming via Conenect360 just doesn't cut it...

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  • Zadillo
    Sep 6, 08:48 AM
    Hmm... the Mini still has no Core 2 Duo? That does not sound too promising for MacBook (Pro) updates... unless Apple only wants to use the Core 2 Duo for the high end laptops (MacBook Pro) of course... Or are they waiting untill Leopard has been released?

    I wouldn't say that the lack of Core 2 Duo in the Mac mini would say much about what Apple will do with the MBP. I could agree that it makes it slightly plausible that the MB might stick to the regular Core Duo though.

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  • MacMan86
    Apr 21, 04:05 PM
    But it doesn't need to be as persistent and as precise as it is for that to work. My history of last year is not relevent. The file should be flushed/cleaned out after a certain time. After a point, the data isn't useful to the phone.

    The data is nearly always useful to the phone. Cell towers don't move very often, cached data would very rarely be out of date. If you go back to a city you visited several months back but have no data connection, the cached cell tower data could still be used to find your rough location.

    It also shouldn't be backed-up. The device starts with a new DB when its new, no reason it shouldn't start over when you restore. That would alleviate some of the privacy concerns at least.

    I would agree, but there's a hell of a lot of other information in an iTunes backup (geotagged photos, passwords in clear text in plist files stored by 3rd party apps who don't bother to use the Keychain, SMS messages, call logs etc) and if you're worried about privacy you should already have ticked the 'Encrypt backups' box - that's all it takes. I'd say all the other data in an unencrypted backup is just as, if not more, valuable.

    And if this same file isn't what is being sent to Apple, and you have information indicating this, then the summary of the article that makes it sound like it is should be fixed.

    It says so quite clearly at the top of Levinson's article which this MR article links to (

    1) Apple is not collecting this data.

    And to suggest otherwise is completely misrepresenting Apple. I quote:

    Apple is gathering this data, but it�s clearly intentional, as the database is being restored across backups, and even device migrations.

    Apple is not harvesting this data from your device. This is data on the device that you as the customer purchased and unless they can show concrete evidence supporting this claim � network traffic analysis of connections to Apple servers � I rebut this claim in full. Through my research in this field and all traffic analysis I have performed, not once have I seen this data traverse a network.

    If the phone sends Apple a cell tower ID and gets back a lat/lon of that tower (this is being done anonymously according to T&C's), what is the benefit to Apple of sending this log back to them? They've already got the information from the calls to their servers, no need to get it twice.

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  • !� V �!
    Apr 26, 03:03 PM
    does apple compare themselves with other brand using the term "apps"

    If they do I'd think you'd have to say it's a generic term since apple is calling the stuff run on other devices apps as well.

    I remember the abbreviation "App" being used long before :apple: related it to its "App Store." Nothing new to see here, just :apple: trying to brand something that was used generically in the 90's.

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  • carve
    Feb 5, 01:05 PM
    Soon to be my first car...2001 Volvo S60 :)

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  • SplinterCell
    Nov 28, 11:50 AM
    Microsoft lost billions on the Xbox and likely to lose hundreds of millions on their Zune attempt. iPod sales have been profitable for Apple since their introduction. How one measures success in this industry can't always be marketshare.

    Do you have anything to support that MS lost billions on the xbox, I heard it was more like they broke even...

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  • eenu
    Aug 16, 11:52 AM
    Also, I think this may iimpact one of the features I use most, Lib sharing at home.

    there is a destinct difference between 'sharing' and 'synching'.

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  • cooljoe349
    Jan 23, 11:56 AM
    My Baby

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  • Vegasman
    May 2, 07:29 PM
    Dialogs are not read top-to-bottom, left-to-right. You read the buttons first, then the title bar (if easily visible), then you'll scan the text, then if you absolutely must you'll waste seconds of your valuable life actually reading the whole text in sentence form. Since the "Delete file" text is nearly invisible in that screenshot, that dialog will be read like this:

    Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Recycle Bin?
    Bla bla bla bla bla
    Bla bla bla bla bla
    Bla bla bla bla bla

    Which is fine if you meant to bring up the dialog, but what if you brought it up accidentally? Many users get in the habit of always clicking Yes and OK. Buttons that will have destructive actions should be labeled clearly with what will happen.

    I'll buy that. :)

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 12, 10:14 PM
    You realize that you'll be on Aperture 5 before you spend more money than just buying 3 outright. The upgrade from 2 to 3 cost more than just buying 3 on the app store.

    Why do you want to spend more money?

    If I buy Aperture 3, 4, and 5 on the app store I'll have spent $240.

    Didn't it used to be $300 for 1 version? What did the upgrades cost? I feel like I'll be way past 5 before I break even.

    Available on the App Store?!?

    Seriously, this better come in a box.

    I can't get this approved for use without probably buying it myself first, let alone using my own iTunes account, which brings up a whole lot of licensing issues at work. And before you say "create a iTunes account for work."... Tying the corporate credit card to a shared iTunes account? I'd have a better chance of having our CEO give me one of his Jaguars than that. Not to mention, IT would slaughter me for the amount of bandwidth I'd use in downloading it.

    Yeah, our editing machines aren't even allowed to be on the internet.

    Hopefully there's a way around this.

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  • Kreamy
    Oct 23, 07:15 PM about the fact that I've been enjoying my MBP for months now while you've been waiting and replying on this board for those same months on whatever ancient machine you currently own? I dunno about you, but I've enjoyed these months of screaming performance while on the road. But hopefully for you, the months of checking this website on a daily basis wishing you had a MBP pays off this week.

    If there wasn't some truth to his comment, you wouldn't even gander at this thread.

    Resistance is futile.

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  • GregA
    Dec 29, 04:02 AM
    Why doesn't Apple just team up with Nintendo and release an iTV/iTunes channel for the Wii?

    The Wii already has internal WiFi built in capable of streaming. What's is a channel for the Wii? I don't know much about the setup.

    Does the Wii do everything the iTV is supposed to do? I had thought the Wii was a pure games machine (unlike PS3/XBox360), and thus would be good in partnership with an iTV... but I really haven't looked into it and sounds like I may be wrong.

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  • PODshady
    Oct 23, 08:27 PM
    I believe that there is a very good chance that the entire Intel line of Macs will get upgraded to 64-bit processors since Leopard has extended 64-bit support beyond the UNIX level

    Sep 1, 01:23 PM
    knowing Apple they may put a $1,999 price on it at intro, since they know there will be a mad rush of faithful. Then after a month or two when sales settle, drop the price to $1,899 for the holiday season. Both those prices could be $100 lower, depending on what the base config offers.

    Has apple done this before? I'm not trying to make it sound like i'm rude, I really just dont know. I know that when the first MBP's came out they did that silent upgrade in power but I didnt think it was price.

    Mar 20, 01:19 PM
    I just want to add that Apple would sell more computers if one was cheaper.....

    yes, this is true. but apple is not in the business to sell more computers. apple is in the business to turn profits.

    tiffany's would sell more diamond rings if they cut the price in half.
    BMW would sell more cars if they cut the price by 30%.

    ...but so what?

    Apr 19, 03:34 PM
    i wish they could wait and roll out the new imacs w/ Lion in June. im trying to hold out...its

    Mar 20, 08:21 PM
    apple doesnt aim their market at people who shop for those computers, simple as that.


    Nov 8, 07:00 PM
    Originally Posted by SciFrog
    Got #7 spot on the team!

    Now it gets much harder, a month and a half at least.

    The team is doing great with 230k PPD 
    we should maintain our rank at least, but I have a feeling many windows teams have not discovered the bigadv units yet. Rumor is if GPU3 is stable, it might make it to Linux.

    The higher you get the lonelier you are :p I'll be there soon enough...

    I was thinking bigadv units weren't available on windows, just Mac and linux, maybe I misread that.

    congrats. i sure hope GPU3 makes it linux. that would really get us some more points

    If gpu3 runs well on linux a lot of people will start getting more points I suspect - like me - I just haven't had time to mess with gpu2 for a while so I hope they get it out soon!!

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