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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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  • thefunkymunky
    Apr 14, 02:17 PM
    Hi, I've just bought a Verbatim 2TB external desktop hard drive that came pre-formatted as NTFS. For some reason, I cannot format it as HFS+ using Disk Utility or any other disk management software for Mac. I can format it as exFAT via DU and exFAT and NTFS in Windows 7. Any idea why it won't work with HFS+?:confused:

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  • waynep
    May 1, 10:40 PM
    It works. There are a lot of site explaining how to set it up.

    I am also using Sparrow Lite and am getting to like it. I may get the full version of Sparrow.

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  • russed
    Oct 17, 03:45 AM
    i am looking to upgrade from the jbl creature speakers that i have hooked up to my mac. so far i like the cambridge soundworks megaworks 211 computer speaker system. does anyone have any experience with these? is there a significant difference between them and the creatures? are there any other reccomendations?

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  • AlbertK
    May 16, 11:07 AM
    Well, I'm doing a shool work, where whe had to come up with an product. My idea is an iPod touch phone-case (more information in the link). So if you have an iPod touch, please answer my 4 questions at:

    Thanks in advance

    PS, I know that Apple would do everything to not let me sell this product and ruin my idea, but when you vote, just ignore the reality.

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  • DewGuy1999
    Apr 2, 04:05 PM
    I know that the AppleCare Protection Plan is widely regarded as a must buy in the Mac user community and I'd like to not discuss the merits of that in this thread, but I'm curious to hear of those brave souls who didn't purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan for their Mac and then had a need for it.

    I don't have any experience with this situation myself even though I've been using Macs since '93. Of the 3 Macs I've owned only my current one needed a repair outside the standard 1-year warranty, it needed the logic board replaced during it's 3rd year and was covered under the AppleCare Protection Plan that I purchased. So, if you'd be so kind:

    What did you need repaired?
    When did you need it repaired?
    Where did you have it repaired?
    How much was the repair?
    What Mac needed to be repaired?

    Thank You.

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  • Thomas Veil
    Mar 15, 08:45 PM
    I swear to god, you cannot make this stuff up.

    RNC considers selling TV rights of presidential primary debates (

    Washington (CNN) -- The Republican National Committee is considering sanctioning the GOP presidential primary debates and then selling the broadcast rights to news outlets, two Republicans with knowledge of the idea tell CNN.

    The proposal was mentioned last week during a meeting of top RNC officials and a handful of political operatives representing potential GOP presidential candidates.

    In February, the RNC disclosed it was saddled with more than $22 million of debt left over from the 2010 midterm elections. At that time, newly elected Chairman Reince Priebus acknowledged the committee has "a lot of work to do" to pay off its obligations so it can focus on raising money for the 2012 presidential election.

    It is unclear if it is legal for the RNC to sell the broadcasting rights or whether it would constitute a prohibited political contribution in the eyes of federal law.I'm delighted to hear that the RNC is in so much debt (unions,, etc., get those fundraising campaigns in gear now!), and I should point out that this idea is nowhere past the suggestion stage, but boy, talk about cheapening yourself....

    Maybe the candidates could raise money too by wearing NASCAR-type suits, with brand logos all over them.

    ginnifer goodwin he. ginnifer goodwin he. ginnifer goodwin weight; ginnifer goodwin weight. dedalus. Apr 17, 07:08 AM. Hi I#39;d like to be able to watch a movie on my nano iPod,
  • ginnifer goodwin he. ginnifer goodwin weight; ginnifer goodwin weight. dedalus. Apr 17, 07:08 AM. Hi I#39;d like to be able to watch a movie on my nano iPod,

  • spook2517
    Apr 1, 01:53 AM
    ^ It would be nice to use the iPhone as a phone, but I already have a Blackberry and pay $35 a month for a killer Sprint plan, so I doubt I would switch.

    Some of the apps I have downloaded to the iPhone are...
    -Gobo - Set definitions/references
    -LVRUSA - Instructions for quites a few popular cameras
    -Clinometer - Level app used for syncing shots
    -Aja Datacalc - App used for calculating disk space
    -Keyframe - Keeps track/notes on shots
    -Kodak Cinema Tools - Depth of field calculator for film cameras
    -myGobo - Lighting/grip app

    I'm currently looking at the MatchLens ($9.99), Toland ASC Digital Assistant ($39.99) & Panascout/Panascout Lite ($9.99 or free).

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  • bertomactic
    Apr 5, 01:29 PM
    I just successfully installed Leopard 10.5 on my Quicksilver 933mhz, but
    now I have a new issue, when I try to open/change to a new screen saver I get this message: " Cant load screen saver. Screen saver ."Mac" did not load properly. Please select another. Error-cant load bundle. I tried to change to other screen savers but get the same message on all of them. The only one I get is "Flurry". I hate Flurry!

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  • kjones
    May 2, 08:12 AM
    Thank you for the tip. I have a wireless network that I created. I'm not sure why I need to join one. I also don't have a Mac. The connection has something to do with the d-link setup.

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Mar 25, 05:17 AM
    I was in a store a couple of days ago to buy a screen for my father-in-laws new Mac mini. I had my eyes set on a Samsung Syncmaster 710V, but was actually recommended to go with this YuSmart screen (, which had better response time, built-in speakers and was actually cheaper...

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  • skoker
    Dec 16, 06:53 AM
    Yeah, sorry, that's why I'm also looking for just the enclosure on its own. I can't afford anything over $100, and that's really my absolute limit, sorry.

    I thought you said that the drive is dying?

    so if you have an enclosure with a drive that has 100GB+ of space on it... we can deal!

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  • rdowns
    Nov 4, 03:04 PM
    Just a heads up, this forum seems to prefer very colorful signatures and COmic Sans font. ;)

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  • needthephone
    Nov 14, 07:56 PM
    Biffy Clyro are exploding in the UK with am album which is challenging Robbie Williams at the top of the charts.

    No Revolutions is stunning and will make Biffy Clyro Britains and soon the World's biggest band.

    Think of a glorious mixture between Led Zepellin, The Proclaimers, Motorhead, Nirvana and The Eagles then maybe it is something like the unique sound Biffy Clyro has created.

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  • grahamnp
    Nov 16, 07:58 AM
    Lol was just reading the overrated bands thread and whilst I don't think Biffy Clyro should "own", I really like the album, Bubbles is awesome.

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  • suntzu
    Jan 25, 04:02 PM
    I think this could actually mean expansion into the in-car Mac niche. If they have a suitable frontend for a "Media Centre" (nodd to our euro brothers ;) ) they could use the same techniques for an in-car computer.

    I know with the widget intergration you could have a rather custom and sweet looking iTunes interface for your car.

    Anyone know if voice commands work with iTunes?

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  • roland.g
    Nov 19, 10:49 PM
    I personally don't see why not. People put links to their websites, mostly blogs and such, and some list Apps they have developed and sell, so I can't see how this is any different than a developer advertising their apps. However, since I am not a mod, I can only hope one answers your thread prior to your listing expiring.

    And I would format it so that it isn't vague at all.

    Such as -> Mac Pro Nvidia xx60HD graphics card for sale: Ebay listing.

    Then just hotlink the words - Ebay listing.

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  • stoox
    Jul 6, 04:03 PM
    i may pop in.

    i have a 2G iphone that i bought may 21st im may try to see if someone can pull a string or two.

    ill either be at west town or the at&t store in turkey creek

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  • Mattlike
    Oct 1, 10:42 PM
    Every Day Is Halloween - Ministry
    Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
    This Corrosion - Sisters of Mercy
    Black Celebration - Depeche Mode
    Lullaby - The Cure
    Worlock - Skinny Puppy
    Astro Zombies - The Misfits

    to name a few. :)

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  • Howard Borden
    Apr 2, 02:37 PM
    Thanks for the reply!

    ping 176ms
    down 13.38 Mbps
    up 3.97 Mbps
    As tested from the iPad. As I mentioned I've had the same problem on different networks (in different cities)
    I have had the iPad for two weeks and have always experienced the problem.
    On current network, Netflix streams without issue on Mac mini, windows 7 laptop, blu-ray player.


    Mar 26, 10:22 PM
    OH. LOL. uTorrent is for ebooks. ROFL ROFL ROFL /bricked so hard
    I got CS5 from my dad's Uni * n*;;
    No, that would be my friend talking about her accidentally reseting the wireless connection in her house and ranting about her mother bitching about her streams resetting. She wanted to tell her mother to stop stalking around the [house] all angry face and just restream.

    Scratched out my friend's name to keep people from spamming her. :B <3

    Dec 15, 01:12 PM
    Hehehe. Very good! :D

    Aug 9, 03:40 PM
    Okay nice to know they want neutrality, but why are Google and Verizon doing this alone.

    Mar 12, 11:16 AM
    Saturday morning, 9:15. Around 70-100 people in line.

    Sep 3, 03:45 AM
    You need 250 posts to be able to view the marketplace. When you get those amount of posts, sell them!

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