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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

robert pattinson twilight edward

robert pattinson twilight edward. Robert Pattinson Says Twilight
  • Robert Pattinson Says Twilight

  • hp1xbg
    Mar 13, 04:09 PM
    I had a powerbook G4 1.67 that bit the dust this week after 6 years. No complaints, but I need to get the information off the hard drive. I have a firewire enclosure that I use for my IDE hard drives, but this drive doesn't match up to that adapter. (at least I don't think it does). I've already removed the hard drive from the powerbook. I just need to either get an adapter for it to fit my FW enclosure or some other adapter to USB so that I can migrate the stuff to a new macbookpro.

    The drive is a Seagate Momentus 5400-2 100Gb hard drive.

    What's the best course of action?

    Thanks in advance.


    robert pattinson twilight edward. Edward Cullen aka Robert
  • Edward Cullen aka Robert

  • pulsewidth947
    Jul 29, 09:27 AM
    Can I just suggest you dont do your site in frames? They are fairly outdated now and can ruin the chances of spiders from google and other search engines finding out what is on your site for indexing.

    At least thats what I've been told, but from experience, browsers handle frames differently so its another thing that can make your site look wierd in another browser.

    As you are doing your site in Flash, why not have your films load within that flash player? Look up using External SWFs with your movie (so it doesnt bump up the file size, and allows the movies to be preloaded as an when they are needed). This will help if you want the videos to stream, and Flash compressed videos can be incredibly small. This will also help your content not get stolen.. but if your not worried about that then you can certainly go down the Quicktime route.

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Twilight#39;s Edward, Robert
  • Twilight#39;s Edward, Robert

  • supersean579
    Mar 24, 10:35 PM
    You could also use the strip silence tool. It's found under the edit window. It will let you remove all audio below a threshold with the push of a button.

    robert pattinson twilight edward. edward cullen wallpaper
  • edward cullen wallpaper

  • SummerWind
    Apr 25, 02:06 AM
    You are looking for the same case as me :D
    Some days ago, i also posted such a topic in forum to ask for suggestion on a case with kickstand.

    Finally i bought this one`( and got it. It's a very usefull case with a kickstand on the back, i love it.

    Spent $14.99 on it (including shipping fee and a free screen protector), that's not exactly expensive.

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Twilight-edward-cullens2
  • Twilight-edward-cullens2

  • John444
    Mar 16, 11:21 AM
    Hey everyone I have a problem. I am making a website with 3 frames. two on the top (one being the title frame 15%, the other with a drop down CSS menu 10%). The bottom frame fills the rest of the page(*). When I put it together the drop down menu only drops down in that 10% frame. Is there anyway to make it drop down onto the bottom frame?

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Robert Pattinson and
  • Robert Pattinson and

  • iLikeMyiMac
    Aug 16, 08:41 PM
    Ok. I'll change "post" to "posts" and change the first post. But I kinda like my first one better because I think the logo makes it look too clutered. But since its a vote I'll submit the one that the most people like. Tell which one you like more.

    robert pattinson twilight edward. You can now buy Edward Cullen
  • You can now buy Edward Cullen

  • toypadlock
    Jan 21, 09:11 AM
    hey, i don't know if it still works, but goPod ( always used to work for me. can't test it for you, i'm afraid, as i bought a US iPod classic just for this reason (also it was cheaper!)

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Twilight, 10 things i hate
  • Twilight, 10 things i hate

  • t0mat0
    Jun 19, 04:06 AM
    Just got back, plenty of stock. Queue of around 8 people at 9am, but.........


    Good job Apple., has to be said - Free coffee, cookies, croissants, sticky buns and cupcakes - looks like they'll be well stocked for everyone else today!

    robert pattinson twilight edward. love robert pattinson
  • love robert pattinson

  • blow45
    Apr 16, 02:26 PM
    how much do these two cost? surely they are not free are they?

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Bella and Edward - Twilight
  • Bella and Edward - Twilight

  • -SD-
    Aug 28, 02:36 PM
    An RGB Scart cable will give you the best picture possible from the console itself. How well the TV handles the signal and the actual picture quality is another matter entirely.

    If you have an original MD and you want stereo, you'll need a Scart cable that has a seperate heahphone jack coming from it that plugs into the front of the console. The MD2 outputs stereo from it's AV port so it's much neater. It's quite simple to build your own (


    robert pattinson twilight edward. Robert Pattinson is
  • Robert Pattinson is

  • subsonix
    Apr 19, 10:38 AM
    I started with Fink, then switched to macports because it seemed to have more recent ports. What is the advantage of homebrew over macports?

    It doesn't download and compile packages and tools already present on the system. This makes it smaller and faster, but less robust, since an update from apple could potentially break dependencies. Macports is self contained in the /opt folder.

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Robert Pattinson
  • Robert Pattinson

  • pantagruel
    Oct 30, 09:13 AM
    Interesting, but I don't see any article like that on from the link you gave us? Sure it's there and you werent dreaming?:rolleyes:

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Twilight actor, Rob Pattinson
  • Twilight actor, Rob Pattinson

  • mr evil brkfast
    Oct 4, 10:33 AM
    What happened to all the deals?

    We had the $$$ off the FP screens with a PM purchase- no update to the deal, price deduction or new product after the last day of the deal.

    We had the print and save- ibook/ebook/imac purchase deal- no update to this deal or price drop, product update or other promo.

    Check the savings is still around- I think it is more of a sales generator for OS X.

    The two software (Adobe InDesign/MS Office) deals are still good deals- but Apple could have these regardless of hardware updates.

    Does this mean Status quo until January for Hardware?

    Well, things are pretty quiet- kind of similar to the End of January to April period this year when the Powermacs we updated and the finally new Powerbooks showed up.

    What are your throughts?


    robert pattinson twilight edward. Robert Pattinson Too Famous
  • Robert Pattinson Too Famous

  • OSMac
    Mar 7, 06:57 PM
    Android 2.2 on a Dell Streak includes a hotspot at least on the Rogers version.

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Robert Pattinson#39;s sexy secret
  • Robert Pattinson#39;s sexy secret

  • Consultant
    Dec 27, 02:12 PM
    That should be easy if all sites combine to 15-20k hits per day.

    I am doing >5k per day hits on a cheap shared plan, although moving to something better.

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Robert Pattinson (Edward
  • Robert Pattinson (Edward

  • yellow
    Jan 15, 02:21 PM
    Wirelessly posted (BB-8830: BlackBerry8830/4.2.2 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/105)

    This kind of like saying "the highway is slow" and meaning in the whole world. Yes it may be slow for your corner of the world.. But not here.

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Robert Pattinson - Twilights
  • Robert Pattinson - Twilights

  • jmufellow
    Sep 28, 12:15 PM
    I have been battling in my mind as to which Mac to get. Portability would be nice (aka powerbook), but it comes at a hefty cost. My major in college is Media Arts and Design and I will be doing a lot of digital video stuff. They recommend you to have a mac and Final Cut Pro. Would an iMac G5 be good for this? How are the innards different than the powerbook or powermac?

    Please only post if you know what you are no "well I don't see why the iMac wouldn't be fine for you" blah blah.. Thanks in advance :)

    robert pattinson twilight edward. Robert Pattinson (Edward
  • Robert Pattinson (Edward

  • benjamin.kelley
    Mar 6, 07:01 PM
    So I bought an iBook G4 1.07GHZ, early 2004 model 12" off ebay. After a day or two, the screen started randomly turning off, the screen would be on, i could see the backlight, it would just go black and the computer would still be on but quit everything.

    And more and more would when I would reboot, as soon as I hit the power button, The backlight would come on, no image, no chime, but the fans would churn like a jet engine and couldn't cut power unless battery removed.

    I was about to return the item for a refund but I found a page about "this known iBook G4" logic board issue and this guy actually found the problem and how to fix it without buying a new logic board. It's not the logic board, it's just one chip on the logic board that was either designed with a flaw or such.

    He describes the problem being after months/years of heating and cooling down, this one chips connectors would crack and loose contact with the logic board, causing these problems. It mainly happened when the system would heat up and the connectors would expand.

    As a temp fix, he said take the bottom case off and Put a rubber shim on top of the chip and replace the case, causing slight pressure down on the chip to maintain contact. With over 600 comments and they all seemed to work for everyone, I tried it, and what do you know, it worked, so far, like a charm. It is a temp fix, who's to know how long it last, Maybe a week, maybe over a year. But the real fix is to solder the tiny connectors again to achieve a new connection. Very simple, it's more skill to disassembled the notebook itselfs as these G4 iBooks are known for the hair pulling repairs due to how they are built and assembled. I replaced the hardrive and it was over an hour job just getting in and popped it in. My old G4 Powerbook, I achieved a drive swap in 10 minutes. Hopes this helps anyone with this problem!

    The link can be found here with intructions and photos to identify the problem. My iBook 1.07GHZ had the same logic board as his photos, my G4 1.33ghz is different, even though people with higher processors than 1.07 have had this problem, It mainly "effected" 800MHZ-1.07GHZ models.

    robert pattinson twilight edward. How to Draw Edward Cullen,
  • How to Draw Edward Cullen,

  • arn
    Jul 10, 09:21 PM
    Thanks to Rower for looking into it...

    but I think it was an odd bug between the MacRumors server mail server and .Mac's.

    You guys should get a flood of queue'd emails just now... and hopefully no more delays.

    People let me know.


    Jan 18, 12:01 AM
    I'm using PS3 Media Server. Works great for movies and tv shows. Horrible for music. Have to figure that out and then I'm all set. But liking it way more than the 360 for media needs.


    Aug 26, 10:35 PM
    A store was robbed?! :eek: Run for the hills!!!

    Aug 5, 08:59 AM
    Isn't the L shaped strip just covering the RAM? is the HD accessible directly below the battery, though I haven't upgraded the HD in my Macbook...

    No, the L shaped strip covers the RAM bays (behind the long section) and HDD bay (behind the short section) as can be seen in this extract from Apple's guide,

    Mar 16, 12:59 AM
    I had that happen to me -- same symptoms -- but the router was within its warranty period and Apple sent me a new one.

    It was really annoying - I feel your pain.

    But I think it might be time for you to get a new router.

    Apr 9, 09:39 AM
    I just received my iPad 2 in the mail yesterday. I have an original iPad which I have given to my wife. I set up my new iPad from a backup from my original iPad and everything worked fine except 3G. I was unable to set up a 3G account with AT&T because there was no cell number assigned to my new iPad 2.

    I thought it was operator error so I restored the iPad 2 and set it up as a new iPad. Same problem. When I look under general settings>about>cellular number it says unknown. Is it possible Apple never assigned a cellular number to my new iPad 2? Anyone else have this problem? Called AT&T and they were no help. I have a genius bar appointment this afternoon, but would like to be able to fix this myself. Please help!

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