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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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  • sned45
    Mar 11, 07:24 PM
    Any updates from Valley fair San Jose?

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  • Bobbytoad
    May 5, 10:49 AM
    Absolutely no reason to spend any more than �5 on a cradle and �10 ish on an in car charger (dependant upon how fat you intend to travel - battery should last 2-3 hours without)
    This setup has served me for 18 months on a 3GS without issue and iPhone 4 gps reception is even better!

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  • glocke12
    May 6, 01:13 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    It's a paintball kidding. thats even more bizarre as no goes back there but me..that I know of anyway.

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  • California
    Dec 21, 11:58 AM
    Monitor starting to die.

    Yeah, a friend has this same machine -- just put more ram in it -- but it makes a lot of noise in general. I thought it was the 10gig hard drive that needs replacing but if its the monitor -- yikes. How do I test that ?

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  • G5Unit
    Apr 13, 12:31 PM
    Sorry if the title is a little awkward.

    Pretty much want to know if there is a website that has a ton of "640k should be enough for anyone"-esque quotes. Maybe like old articles that had journalists writing new technology throughout history.
    I just think it would be funny as it's always interesting to look back on what we thought was cutting edge 5, 10,or 20 years ago.

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  • molala
    Nov 24, 08:12 AM
    This video has Woz talking about the Apple I.

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  • ste1164
    Mar 24, 01:50 PM
    Eldon Square as I know a lot of the staff there.

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  • enckwanzer
    Dec 18, 01:56 PM
    Bummer deal with the insurance.

    Go for a PB -- you can keep your portability and add firewire HDs for greater storage when you're at home. Of course, if you really can do without the portability (i.e., it won't drive you crazy to not be able to take the tech with you), then it probably makes better financial sense to get the iMac. Personally, I'd go totally nuts if I didn't have my PB ... it goes with me everywhere :)

    Good luck with your decision.

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  • this is funah
    Feb 23, 03:55 AM
    #3. Any suggestions as to how to prevent this from happening again?

    a good way to protect online accounts (in general) is to keep your email password different from all your other accounts. i am not sure how this happened, but if somebody has access to your email, then they immediately control far too much. change all passwords that have the same one as your itunes account as well.

    another good thing is that you didnt have your CC info stored on the itunes account, that is very lucky.

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  • angelwatt
    Dec 18, 03:55 PM
    Have you tried Fast User Switching? I can't say 100% if it's available on the server edition, but it would be in System Preferences > Accounts > Login Options.

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  • Laser
    Dec 27, 11:24 AM
    Check your Apple System Profiler and see what it lists as USB ports/devices.

    Nothing is listed, even though a device is plugged in.

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    May 5, 08:47 AM
    I only want it for operating system, just need something like 60gb

    whats a good SSD drive brand

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  • MacRumors
    Jan 4, 09:35 AM (

    Macworld reports ( that Apple has taken control of a trademark for the term "i-phone" in China after reaching an agreement with the previous holder to resolve a conflict that could have prevented Apple from releasing the iPhone there under its global brand name.Hanwang Technology, a Chinese maker of e-readers and other devices, applied for the i-phone trademark for mobile phones in China in when it also launched a handset by that name that it no longer sells. But the record for that trademark, which several months ago showed Hanwang as the applicant, now lists Apple's name instead, and it displays a new note saying the trademark was transferred.Chinese intellectual property lawyers had previously indicated that Apple would have difficulty launching the iPhone in China under its usual name due to its similarity to that of Hanwang's device and trademark.

    Apple launched ( the iPhone in China in late October with partner carrier China Unicom, which has reportedly exceeded 300,000 units sold ( despite a slow launch weekend (

    Article Link: Apple Takes Control of iPhone-Related Trademark in China (

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  • MattZani
    Mar 13, 06:35 PM
    Maybe you could hold the iPad in front of your face to protect yourself from the radiation, maybe order another online to put in front of your crotch, don't worry about the 3-4 week wait, it will arrive before any radiation reaches you from Fukushima :rolleyes:

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  • WhatAmI
    May 3, 02:15 PM
    I guess it depends which packages you've installed. E.g. fakeclockup and Springtomize (even w/ disabled animation) destroyed the smoothness on 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 on our 4 iP4's.

    If you're running only stock JB w/o restoring to an old Backup you should be fine. Have you tried that also?

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  • ascham87
    Feb 7, 11:00 PM
    Remember guys that this is fully software unlockable. I'd say unlock it, then put it on ebay and get about $500-600 for it.

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  • igmolinav
    Apr 28, 01:42 AM

    Is it possible to attach a Pl mount lens to a DSLR ?? How ??

    I found this web page to be really cool, even though the
    items are way pricey !!!

    I particularly liked this lens, the 17-50 mm zoom:

    Kind regards,


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  • robo74
    Nov 22, 09:39 PM
    well... since you put OBO next to your price.
    You tell me whats the best you can do shipped to me.


    EDIT: Nevermind :-) no longer interested once I searched eBay.


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  • spillproof
    Apr 16, 12:09 AM
    I love Notebook view for taking notes in class. However, I do prefer pencil and paper and my own style of shorthand.

    In writing essays and reports, draft view is best for me.

    Feb 23, 11:23 PM
    welcome, and thanks for folding. i think you already found the two i would've recommended.

    i assume when you say 'pause' you mean a 1 click or right-click 'pause'... nothing that i am aware of, but that's not saying much. EDIT: the current increase release FAQ page says 'You can start, stop, pause, and continue easily from InCrease or its Dock menu.' but since i'm not using it anymore, i can't confirm or deny that...

    first, i guess, what kind of computer, and which client are you using? assume mac, and guessing the command line interface, so increase is about the only way to start/stop without getting geeky in terminal.

    more info, and we can try and get you better answers. best of luck.

    so do you use a controlling program like that?

    Oct 14, 03:54 PM

    Apr 28, 04:21 AM
    This code works for me:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <sys/stat.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    int main (int argc, const char * argv[])

    Apr 16, 03:00 PM
    11-04-16 3:59:50.966 PM QuickTime Player: [15:59:50.966] <<<< RemoteDecode - client >>>> vtrd_StartDecodeServer: New connection to decode service failed immediately, could not be recovered!
    11-04-16 3:59:50.967 PM ([1732]) Job appears to have crashed: Bus error: 10
    11-04-16 3:59:51.002 PM QuickTime Player: [15:59:51.002] <<<< RemoteDecode - client >>>> RemoteVideoDecoder_Invalidate: Lost connection with decode service!
    11-04-16 3:59:51.002 PM QuickTime Player: [15:59:51.002] <<<< VTVideoDecoderSelection >>>> VTSelectAndCreateVideoDecoderInstanceInternal: no video decoder accepted for 'avc1'
    11-04-16 3:59:51.294 PM ReportCrash: Saved crash report for xpchelper[1732] version ??? (???) to /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/xpchelper_2011-04-16-155951_localhost.crash

    Nov 12, 11:06 PM
    Not sure, I have a problem with Mp3's in Final Cut Pro (audio cuts in and sound sometimes).

    If it doesnt work whaty ou would want to do, is convert the AAC to an AIFF -> go to "iTunes -> Preferences -> Importing -> Import To: AIFF" then select the file you want to use, and go up to "Advanced -> Convert Selected File to AIFF..." then it will convert the file to an AIFF that works perfectly with FCP and FCE, just navigate to your Music folder to find the AIFF file.

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