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Monday, May 30, 2011

starving children in africa

starving children in africa. be starving, but it#39;s your
  • be starving, but it#39;s your

  • zombierunner
    Apr 21, 04:45 AM
    Performance and specifications determine whether or not it's a "Pro", not the people who use them. I'm not a professional race car driver, but my car has over 400hp. Does that mean that my car is not the high-performance sports car that the automotive world widely claims it to be?

    And besides, how do you know those people aren't using heavy-duty applications? Is a thirty-second observation at Starbucks enough to justify such a statement?

    dang .. afrwq just got burned lol

    starving children in africa. Why are children starving in
  • Why are children starving in

  • johnwiseman
    Aug 25, 07:23 AM
    Has Dell or any other PC manufacturer started shipping Merom notebooks or Conroe PC's?

    starving children in africa. There are starving children in
  • There are starving children in

  • Tmelon
    Mar 31, 05:02 PM
    The top of it just does not look like it was meant to be a desktop app. makes me think of all the windows software you get how they over do the look of it.

    I wonder if they'll give an option to change it. Or they could possibly scrap the new look completely if all of the developers give negative feedback. It personally doesn't bother me, but I do think they could have made it look at least a bit better.

    starving children in africa. starving children in africa.
  • starving children in africa.

  • Alexjungle
    Apr 19, 12:21 PM
    I can't wait for a white 27" model with an additional rear facing camera to shoot HD video. 3G would be cool too.

    starving children in africa. Starving Children in Africa
  • Starving Children in Africa

  • Hey Jude
    Apr 10, 04:25 PM
    I currently drive a manual transmission car and I prefer them over automatics, but the traffic situation is pretty bad where I live, so my next car will probably be an automatic.

    starving children in africa. starving children in africa.
  • starving children in africa.

  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 26, 01:22 PM
    Pet Store, the trademark, was not a word mark but a Typed Drawing mark. Hence it's the logo itself that was trademarked, not the phrase.

    Try again.

    Its a trademark. Give me a break. What do you think the "typed drawing" said?

    Try again Knight.

    Anyway, didn't Apple again use "We have the largest App Store" in their financials just last week, implying other "App Stores" weren't as large but that the term App Store is quite descriptive and generic ?

    Too bad for them they keep diluting their own trademark. Anyway, until the USPTO is done with their opposition phase, it's not decided yet.

    That is a very weak argument. Apple does not say they are the only app store. They have the largest app store. And their app store is named App Store™​ and the name is trademarked.

    I think you mean App Store™​

    Never forget cmd-alt-2 (or apple-option-2 if you're old-skool) ;)


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  • +of+starving+children+in+

  • Apple OC
    Mar 20, 07:15 PM
    Wow, that is a shocker.

    The U.S. Congress passed a law to prohibit any attempt to assassinate any foreign leader.

    Why, I don't know, but there it is. :confused:

    Not really an attempt to assassinate :cool:... just trying to scare him a bit :cool:

    starving children in africa. feed the hungry children.
  • feed the hungry children.

  • Fishrrman
    Apr 3, 11:16 AM
    celticpride wrote:
    "It worked for me too on DP1. On DP2, I had to install Snow Leopard first."

    and NameUndecided replied:
    "DP2 can't install on a blank disk/partition. Needs to install as an update on top of DP 1 or Snow Leopard. (?)"

    I just installed DP2 onto a blank partition on a spare disk.

    What I did:
    - Booted up in DP1
    - Opened disk image of DP2 onto the desktop
    - Launched the installer. When it prompted me for a volume to install to, I selected a blank partition
    - Installed DP2 onto the blank partition (it requires a reboot after the "preparing to install phase" to get to the actual "install" -- Apple should make this clear to users during the installation process that a reboot is part of the normal installation)
    - After the installer was finished, it automatically booted up to DP2 and ran the "Welcome to Mac" song. It then began the regular process of registration.
    - When it asked if I wished to "migrate over" from another Mac (or volume), I choose to import everything from DP1
    - After that, all is well.

    starving children in africa. hungry children of Africa
  • hungry children of Africa

  • Spock
    Nov 29, 01:45 PM
    Its the Pippin 2!! this time its intel instead of Bandai!

    starving children in africa. The starving children of
  • The starving children of

  • MacinDoc
    Oct 23, 09:08 PM
    AppleInsider ( is posting new part numbers, presumably for new 15" MBPs...

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  • clips of starving children

  • hansolo669
    Mar 1, 10:23 AM
    haha - luckilly my family dont control my eBay account, and if they complain I find a way of hiding a few more of them in a cupboard (I actually ended up moving a shelf at one point so I could fit a iMac G3 in it) - although it is reaching the point where both my room and my dorm room are nearly full of old (and new) Macs... xD (All of them bar 1 boot, and the 1 that doesnt is only because its HD is on the way out - with a goodun it boots just fine).

    haha- nice ;) , im just waiting till i move out (oh and have that magical thing called money). the thrill of makeing old machines work "just one more" :)

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  • the “starving children in

  • ellsworth
    Apr 26, 12:50 PM

    starving children in africa. Africa are being devoured
  • Africa are being devoured

  • Peace
    Oct 23, 12:01 PM
    Battery and component shortages abound ladies and gentlemen.Have patience.

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  • starving kids in africa

  • dkoralek
    Oct 23, 11:33 PM
    The current Napa64 platform (that is, Napa with Merom as the CPU) does support 64-bit instructions. It can't address more than 4 GiB of physical memory, but it can run the faster 64-bit instructions.

    Here's the download page for the x64 drivers for Dell's Latitude D620 with Core 2 Duo:

    Interestingly, though, the iMac (with c2d) appartently does not include the Napa64 platform (or rather the chipset that belongs in Napa64). Anyone know if it can deal with 64-bit isntructions?


    starving children in africa. starving children in africa.
  • starving children in africa.

  • andrewbecks
    Apr 19, 11:38 PM
    While technically correct, you should provide context.

    While SSDs DO have a finite number of write available, an SSD that's 256 GB (a modest drive size) with 10,000 writes = 2,560,000 GB of writing capacity (or 2.56 * 10^6 ;))

    That means you could write 100 GB of data PER DAY for slightly over 70 YEARS!

    Feel free to be amazed. :D

    That is amazing. Thanks for putting that whole issue into context. I imagine that, all things considered, some SSDs might even last longer than traditional hard drives. How if we can just bring the price down! :-)

    starving children in africa. starving children in africa. Starving+children+africa; Starving+children+africa. Sun Baked. Sep 17, 03:14 PM. Dual channel memory -- requires pairs of DIMMs
  • starving children in africa. Starving+children+africa; Starving+children+africa. Sun Baked. Sep 17, 03:14 PM. Dual channel memory -- requires pairs of DIMMs

  • marksman
    Mar 25, 04:14 PM
    I recall some of the naysayers around here not even a year ago stating that such a device would never be suitable for gaming. And here we are. With HD output to your TV.

    Vision, people. Vision.

    Who would have thought that Apple would be able to start the underpinnings of a mobile console gaming like device, in only its second generation.

    starving children in africa. Starving+children+africa
  • Starving+children+africa

  • PeteyKohut
    Jul 14, 01:22 AM
    The only Mac Pro model that will have Blu-Ray will be the top of the line machine, as was the case when DVD-R was first introduced. If you remember, it was the G4 733 Mhz, right before the Quicksilvers came out. People who buy the top of the line machines rarely care abou the cost.

    starving children in africa. africa, starving children
  • africa, starving children

  • akac
    Apr 12, 09:41 PM
    Ground up rewrite = a whole load of bugs.

    It'll be interesting to see how many shops use this for production work when it's finally released.

    Depends on how long and wide the beta goes.

    starving children in africa. Help children in africa
  • Help children in africa

  • Bonsai1214
    Sep 20, 12:30 AM
    ah, thanks clarifying that. it was kind of hard to tell from some of the pictures. their website said something about "direct access". is it hard to get to the buttons? especially the sleep button?

    Sep 16, 04:41 PM
    The Incipio DermaSHOT would have better quality, right?

    Perhaps, but it's also nearly 20 times as expensive.

    Mar 31, 04:57 PM
    Is address book the same; and can you post a screenshot, anyway?

    Apr 12, 08:56 PM
    50 years ago there were no computers. If you want to go back to the moviola, nobody is stopping you. You seem to think that sticking with outdated metaphors is inherently somehow better.

    You may have never used iMovie but it is foolish to assume that none of us have. That idea that you can't edit in iMovie is nonsense, and absurd on the face of it.

    The basic process of "This is my source, this is my output" has been around as long as film editing. The overall look of video editing, be it tape to tape, or the current (FC7) editing layout is more or less the same. In points, out points, etc.

    Anyway, you know what. Fine. You can have your new iMovie. All yours. I sure as hell can't use it. The trailers in '11 were cute, but beyond that, it's not nearly good enough for polished output. If you want am, there's your option.

    All I'm asking is they leave final cut PRO to the pros who know how to use it and like the interface. I want under the hood tweaks to make it faster. Cocoa?

    May 2, 07:00 PM
    Windows pop ups are always confusing, I agree.

    I guess this is helpful, but for me, I'll probably do it the old way, because I'm so used to it.

    Apr 12, 08:11 PM (

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