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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

jesse james gang weapons

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  • is prolly why Jesse James

  • slipper
    Apr 22, 01:15 PM
    So my MacBook 1,1 is having problems with Wifi dropping and sometimes it can't link to a hotspot. This is an intermittent issue. Is this an issue with the MacBooks airport? And how difficult would it be to replace?

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  • date jesse james the From

  • Tetraeon
    Aug 26, 01:40 AM
    I couldn't vote for myself in good conscience so you got my vote. I really like what you did there.

    Welcome to MR, by the way. :)

    Thanks! And congrats! Your shot was quite deserving of the win :)

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  • superman41091
    Mar 26, 03:57 PM
    ill take it for 300 shipped. I can pay with paypal right away!

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  • shoveland
    Sep 8, 12:43 AM
    I would love nothing more than to do that, but finding academic resources is apparently required for this assignment. I'm not having any luck on the abstract/index search. Maybe I am just usuing the wrong keywords.

    Anything that could possibly be construed as legitimate and academic would be sooo appreciated.

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  • Jesse James is still around.

  • alphaone
    Mar 7, 01:11 PM

    Btw, I bumped it up to 4.6 now just because who doesn't like an extra 100mhz. It handled it no problem. Temps went up a couple degrees under load but I think that's mostly because I'm running into a heat saturation problem with the case right now (it's a pretty small one). Either way the temps remain under 65C and are well within the safe range of the 2600k (TjMax is at 98C).

    Also I just wanted to point out that my 08 13" MBP that I've been using for everything for the past 2 years does the Cinebench OpenGL benchmark at about 5 (FIVE!) fps and this computer does it at 96! It's amazing being able to play games now. It's like, I didn't realize they could be this smooth!

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  • DeadlyBreakfast
    Jul 24, 06:08 AM
    Ive installed Linux (Suse, RedHat, Debian) and BSD on VPC. It is (in theory) a virtual PC so anything that would be able to beinstalled on a PC could be installed on VPC. There are a few issues with some OS's but all in all its pretty decent.

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  • kallyq
    Mar 11, 03:02 PM
    ugh. I'm in Racine. It will take a long time to get there...

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  • ddehr026
    Mar 15, 11:50 AM
    Yeah I would just check manually manage and use as hard disk. Then find the itunes music folder on the computer and drag it over to the ipod. Do not use the itunes program for that. However, that is technically stealing music.

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  • other that Jesse James.

  • iFiend
    May 6, 02:09 PM
    i dont think u can do that, so you will have to buy it outright

    Definitely will.

    Assuming you're in the US it'll be $599/$699. Depending on several factors, however, you could be eligible for a $399/$499 early upgrade.

    All these prices are Apple store prices btw (AT&T is $50 more for the early upgrade)

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  • Jesse James

  • edesignuk
    Jan 22, 11:16 AM
    It links to :confused:

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  • Jesse James Outlaw

  • UTclassof89
    Jan 17, 07:52 PM
    that's the Smooth tool not the Brush tool. If that's what you really get when you click the Brush tool try resetting Illustrator's Preferences:

    Move or rename the Adobe Illustrator Preferences file: Users/[user]/Library/
    Preferences/Adobe Illustrator CS[X] Settings

    Then restart Illustrator.

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  • Jesse James

  • Don Kosak
    Apr 2, 03:22 AM
    Do you know the meaning of the word "NDA"?

    Well, to be fair to the OP, you can get Xcode 4.01 from the App Store for $4.99 on any Mac without agreeing to an NDA or any of the iOS/OSX developer program rules.

    I agree that a patching system would make a huge difference, especially at this early stage of Xcode 4.x's development. I expect we'll see frequent updates as features are finalized and issues are discovered and cleared.

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  • Investigation, gang unit

  • Apple!Freak
    Sep 25, 09:44 PM
    Okay, I have a pair of Klefs that I want to hook up to an iBook. Now, they don't use RCA-connectors; just normal speaker wire. I remember seeing an adaptor for about $50 a while backt which you plug the standard speaker wire into and at the other side it provides a mini interconnect which plugs into the iBook. Anyone know of this? A link would be much appreciated!

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  • Jesse James Gang

  • gkarris
    Jun 26, 01:26 PM
    Kinda interested. Do you have the box and paperwork as well?


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  • R94N
    Aug 28, 03:06 AM
    I know this is terrible research, but a quick Google search didn't bring up much...

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  • TheWedgie
    May 1, 06:06 AM
    My 2010 Ford Fiesta does exactly the same thing, as soon as my iPhone is connected and I select the BT option a song will start playing.

    I don't even have to select the BT input on the head unit though - as soon as it connects, I can see the little Play arrow on my iPhone, and it's already playing - even if the head unit is on FM Radio when I turn the car on.

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  • On February 13, 1866 the James

  • adriantoll
    Mar 1, 09:17 PM
    My iTrip doesn't go through my iPod's battery *too* fast. It's noticeable, but for what it does I'm not too bothered. I'm guessing that the display on this doesn't take too much power unless you're changing stations when there's a backlight. Has *nobody* tried this? :(

    Late edit - my sister bought one of these for her husband's iPod and it was rubbish. If you're comparing sound quality between these two the iTrip wins hands down, and the increase in usability just isn't worth it.

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  • Aero26
    Mar 19, 02:36 PM
    600+ views and no replies. If this is all a work of my imagination, I might need to go patent it now as it's a good idea. If not however, has anyone remembered by chance?

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  • Jesse James Gang Robs The

  • eastercat
    Apr 29, 01:33 AM
    I use iPhone explorer without any issues.

    Nov 16, 07:49 AM
    I'm on CS4, but I have the option, under Preferences>General:

    When Scaling
    O Apply to Content
    O Adjust Scaling Percentage

    Have you tried switching with one is selected?

    Apr 28, 03:41 PM
    Thanks, but i have tried that as well. I can post from another computer, but my comments don't show up on any computer if I submit them from mine. No odea wht is going on.

    Apr 14, 11:51 PM
    Hi all, I have a project I am trying to configure to use a UINavigationController. I have set up my NIB files as suggested in the Apple developer Docs (in the main window nib). I have also sucessfully managed to display my root view controller (that is, the view controller sitting at the top of the navigation stack. However, I cannot seem to display other levels of information. The reason is that my UINavigationController instance is defined in my App Delegate object, but the root view controller is defined in another class, a custom class inheriting from UIViewController. I don't understand how to display different levels of data unless the navigation interface is defined in the root view controller itself. I know I'm not proving an example of what I'm doing, but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks for any info.

    Jun 2, 08:39 PM
    Did you ever think that in thouse case's that they talked about for the "new iphone ad" there could be a new Display with an iSight Camera built into it?

    And Maybe A New Updated Mac Book, And Mac Book Air With More Memory.

    Oh And Maybe There Will Be Camera's On The iPod's If There Are New Ones.

    Just Some Good Thought's.:)

    Jan 5, 05:10 PM
    Per specifics, I can't help.
    But, I can suggest their website forums that have tons of info, as I recently got an interface that is Digidesign and uses the current PTLE 8.
    try digidesign/avid's faqs or forums. I am positive similar ?'s have been posted, maybe even sticked over there.
    Also, gearslutz is a GREAT forum with tons of specific info.
    Best of luck:)

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