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Saturday, May 21, 2011

mel gibson braveheart wallpaper

mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. Carroll Shelby and Mel Gibson
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  • Sgt93
    May 4, 09:10 AM
    I appologize for another thread in advance. I am having a hard time making the final choice. I would like to know owners experience with these drives after some usage. I'm looking at putting one in my late 09 13" unibody, 8GB Ram. I am about maxed out with the 250GB in there now and am an avid user of the CS5 master collection, Aperture 3, Parallels 6, Windows etc. I am also considering the Momentus XT however, I have read several complaints lately about the drive so I am leaning towards the WD Scorpio 750 so I can partition about 250GB to Windows. I would ratehr not purchase an SSD to save a few bucks however; the Intel 320 Series 300GB is tempting. Thx -Steve

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. mel gibson
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  • taeclee99
    Jul 13, 03:45 PM
    I had the same issue regarding vpc image size. The vpc image does not decrease in size even after you delete files or uninstall programs. The vpc image only grows in size it does not dynamically get smaller.

    You will need to manually reduce the size of the vpc image with this procedure:

    This procedure is for Windows 95, 98, NT 4, and 2000 guest operating systems.

    Be sure to backup any important data before beginning procedure, as this directly changes the guest image contents.

    1. Defragment the guest OS hard drive.
    2. Backup any critical data in the guest OS.
    3. Download Eraser, ( and install it in the guest OS.
    4. Run Eraser in the guest OS.
    5. Select Edit->Preferences->Erasing
    6. Select "Unused Disk Space"
    7. Select "New"
    8. Enter the description "Blank"
    9. Select Add
    10. Create a 3-byte pattern of zeros. On the "Custom Method Editor" window, near the bottom you'll see "Pattern" and underneath that, will be "Byte 1" (with 8 zeros), then "Byte 2" with a checkbox by it, and a greyed out "Byte 3". When you check the "Byte 2" box, the "Byte 3" will no longer be greyed out and you can then check it, thus creating a 3 byte pattern of zeros.
    11. Hit Save
    12. Select "Blank" under "Unused disk space"
    13. Hit Ok
    14. Select File->New Task
    15. Select "Unused space on drive"
    16. Select Local Hard Drives
    17. Hit OK
    18. Select Task->run on the previously created task
    19. When finished, close the report
    20. Exit Eraser and shutdown the guest PC. Make sure the guest is not in a saved state.
    21. Use Virtual Disk Assistant on the Mac to reclaim lost space. Pressing "command+d" will start Virtual Disk Assistant.
    22. Select Examine or modify existing disk image, and click the right arrow to continue.
    23. Click Select Disk and browse to the location of the disk image to compact. Generally, this will be the Virtual PC 4 folder.
    24. Double-click the disk image and click the right arrow to continue.
    25. Select Reclaim zeroed drive space and click the right arrow to continue.
    26. Click Reclaim Space.

    Hope this helps.

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. The 20 Worst Mel Gibson Rant
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  • livingsimply
    Apr 25, 06:03 PM
    thanks for the advice. any idea when this year?

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. he looked like Mel Gibson.
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  • titans1127
    Feb 17, 08:53 AM
    I just bought an iPod 2G of eBay for 30 bucks. According to the description it probably just needs a new battery so I bought one and a firewire cable. I assume all iPod generations should work with the current iTunes as my 3G does with no issues. I'm sure if they stopped iTunes support for any older models we would definitely hear about it.

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  • Daveman Deluxe
    Jul 22, 02:36 PM
    A cheap workaround is to stick a straightened paper clip into the little hole on the corner of the CD tray. It sounds as if the ejecting mechanism itself may be toasted, perhaps something is off a rail that it needs.

    If there's an Apple Store nearby, talk to a Genius. Other than that, your best bet is to ship it off.

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  • commad
    Mar 11, 02:00 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    hi, have you seen this thread?

    maybe posting in there would be a bit better.

    I am a narcissist and wanted my own thread, sorry.

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. Actor Mel Gibson
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  • TheEddiePShow
    Apr 16, 10:16 PM
    No avi's are an old file type and require codecs to be downloaded to be played with a windows machine or they can download vlc player to play avi files. But if they're going to do that much work, they can just download quicktime again.

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. jesse james gangster.
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  • joecool85
    Jun 16, 10:09 AM
    My 867 mhz G4 PB takes 15 hours to crunch a unit....I thought that was decent, but if your 450mhz G4's are crunching a unit at 12-14 hrs that would make my PB really slow. huh. And yes, I have it at maximum processor.

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  • spatil
    Mar 11, 05:05 PM
    Broomfield store will not have the following configurations:

    16gb 3G (AT&T) Black
    16gb 3G (AT&T) White
    32gb 3G (AT&T) White

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  • jozeppy26
    Sep 15, 08:40 PM
    Woohoo!!!!! not

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. mel gibson braveheart.
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  • iHerzeleid
    Jun 22, 12:18 AM
    $60 + Shipping

    its still in the original packaging. the ipod itself that is. look at the pics for a representation


    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. Mel Gibson  William Wallace
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  • wmmk
    Apr 25, 10:41 PM
    cool. where can i see how many points team macrumors has?

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. william wallace mel gibson.
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  • MarkMS
    Apr 24, 02:49 PM
    I'm not sure if this helps, but my MBP with an Intel SSD (G2) is pretty damn fast. I definitely get less than 15 sec boot ups. The only thing I don't get is that deep sleep feature that Apple put into the MBAs where the laptop can last for 30 days. I think that's more of a design/firmware feature Apple cooked up into the MBAs.

    As for instant on, it's fast too. Maybe not as fast as the MBAs, but I get to my login screen in less than 8 seconds. Also shuts down in less than 5 seconds too. I think it all matters about the SSD. Apple doesn't offer the fast SSDs from Intel and OCZ with Sandforce controllers so if you get a MBP now with the SSD option you might not get speeds as those with Intel/ OCZ SSDs.

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. Mel Gibson#39;s Wife Mel Gibson.
  • Mel Gibson#39;s Wife Mel Gibson.

  • OldSchoolMacGuy
    May 2, 04:07 PM
    FileSalvage has always worked well for me. It's the kinda thing you want to keep around as you never know when data loss will occur and it's easier to be prepared than try to figure out what to do once it's happened.

    Stop using the machine right away as temp files can quickly overwrite the lost files. You will need to boot the machine from another drive with the data recovery software installed to recover the files as you can't recover them to the same drive they were on as it would risk overwriting them or others. You also don't want to download the application to the same drive the files are/were stored for risk of overwriting them.

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. At least Mel hasn#39;t lost his
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  • nathangdavis
    Mar 30, 11:56 PM
    Please HELP! I have been racking my brain about this for way too long. I am trying to set a default location and it's giving me an error saying...

    File "MEDIA:iMovie Projects:" wasn't found

    And the folder is definitely there. Have tried with and without using "as alias"

    Without "as alias" it tells me

    Can't make "MEDIA:iMovie Projects:" into type alias

    Here is my code.

    set project to choose file with prompt "Locate the PROJECTS file path and click OK" default location "MEDIA:iMovie Projects"

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. but Mel Gibson
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  • akm3
    May 3, 09:28 PM
    Sorry the document probably needs to be reprotected to make the forms work properly, I probably left it unprotected after editing the document.

    I appreciate you looking at it, if you don't mind flipping the protection back on, the form should be editable again, but the behavior is the same - you can't select individual sentences and such to copy/paste, only giant blocks of the text.

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. Mel Gibson is a dad again.
  • Mel Gibson is a dad again.

  • svkrzn
    Apr 27, 01:56 PM
    It's different now..

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. mel gibson phone rant
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  • funkywhat2
    Jan 22, 09:43 PM
    I think it's for their self-serve ad system.

    What's up with the whole big new relaunch beta thing. When they went down, I started to think they were trying the movie business:confused:

    mel gibson braveheart wallpaper. Pictures of Gibson, Mel
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  • balamw
    Jan 13, 11:36 AM
    but i did not buy it from them, still free? Yeah still under warranty.

    Should be. They can look up the warranty status for you there. Make an appointment online.


    Mar 23, 03:18 PM
    I am video editor and have an Intensity pro card as well. And all its good for is displaying my video from FCP and Motion to a TV monitor. And half the time that is an issue just to get that to work. There own capture software doesn't even work with their own ****. No video just audio maybe.

    So I called them about problems I was having and they said well it works with our setup. Which means that have the most basic setup of a computer and Video Editing software and nothing else installed or attached.

    WOW! thanks for the help BlackMagic. That cleared up a lot.

    May 4, 12:54 PM
    Hi People,

    I have finished editing a short film in Final Cut Pro, i exported to quicktime movie, put that in idvd and burnt a dvd. My project was shot and edited in 16:9 pro res 422 HQ

    So I play it on my computer, and it looks fine; when i play it in my dvd player it appears to have been zoomed in a bit. So i use my remote control to zoom the screen out so that it appears in the middle of the screen smaller, and i can see the full frame as it was meant to be played. Ive tried playing my dvd on a different tv (all widescreen digital ones) and even through a playstation 2 and it still appears zoomed in. Please help!

    Apr 16, 05:04 PM (

    Jul 29, 09:55 AM
    hmm maybe i'll go there tonight.. I was thinking about stopping by 5th ave during lunch and see how long the wait is if i get a voucher by 12pm

    Jan 9, 10:09 PM
    Nice pictures, indeed. Would it be possible to get them in higher resolution?


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